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When I first wrote my “Steel Cut Oats vs Rolled Oats” comparison, steel cut oats were not that popular. Health aficionados were aware of them, but the average consumer either didn’t know they existed or could not find them in popular stores.

And when you did find them, they were very, very expensive!

Steel cut oats have since risen in popularity, and today, you can find them in many stores at a wide variety of prices. Many health food stores carry the Bob’s Red Mill and McCann’s brands, which are good, but rather expensive. But more and more health food stores, large and small, are selling steel cut oats in bulk. This makes the oats a great value!

So if you are looking for the best price on steel cut oats, here is some help:

The Stores and Pricing

Here is a list of stores where you can purchase steel cut oats (mainly stores that offer bulk pricing on their oats.) Stores are listed in alphabetical order. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of stores… so if you know of more, please post them in the comments section below!

Bob’s Red Mill

You can find these oats in the store, but go online and you can get better deals on the bulk packages! I have seen the 25lb bag of oats sell for as low as $11.60 plus shipping. (Unfortunately, shipping is rather expensive – think $30 for the 25lb bag of oats.)


Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn is Canada’s largest bulk food retailer, and sure enough, they offer steel cut oats in bulk at a good price.


Bulk Nuts 4 You

Bulk Nuts 4 You is a website selling a variety of nuts and grains in bulk. Steel cut oats cost about $1.80 per pound, plus shipping.



Costco, the large discount retailer, is now carrying organic steel cut oats at very inexpensive prices in their stores.


Earth Fare

Earth Fare, “the healthy supermarket,” is a chain of stores in the Southeast USA – Florida, North Carolina, and in between. I have heard they offer steel cut oats in bulk.


Earth Origins Markets

With twelve locations in Florida, Maryland, and Cape Cod, you might have one of these organic and natural health food stores near you. Most are in Florida, however. I have heard the bulk steel cut oats sell or $1.29 per pound.

Just watch the name – while the stores are now all “Earth Origins,” some used to be “Mother Earth Markets.”


H-E-B Stores

A chain of supermarkets in Texas that sells steel cut oats in their bulk section. I’ve heard their organic steel cut oats are only $0.99 per pound.


Honeyville Grain

Honeyville Grain is probably the #1 source for bulk steel cut oats online. It is a popular store and offers good prices.



A nice supermarket in Canada that sells steel cut oats in bulk.


Trader Joe’s

You can get Irish style steel cut oatmeal from Trader Joes. The 39 oz size costs less than $3.00.



A large national chain store, Wegman’s sells a few brands of pre-packaged steel cut oats, but also sells organic steel cut oats in bulk at $1.79 per pound.


Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods sells steel cut oats in bulk. I have heard they are priced at $1.49 per pound. The website also lists the 365 Everyday Value Organic brand of steel cut oats.


WinCo Foods

WinCo is a West-coast store chain that sells oats in bulk. The name actually stands for “Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon,” so if you live in those states, check it out. I have seen reported prices as low as $0.68 per pound for Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats.


[Local markets]

Many local markets carry steel cut oats in bulk. Here in Pennsylvania, there are quite a few farmer’s markets, as well as small stores run by the Amish, and most carry oats.

My personal favorite market is Way Fruit Farm in Port Matilda, PA. It’s right outside State College, home of Penn State University. They sell steel cut oats in bulk super cheap – last time I was there, I got them for $0.82 per pound!


Per-Serving Price Comparison

How much less do you spend buying in bulk?

Here is some information on price per serving when it comes to buying pre-packaged oats such as Quaker, Bob’s Red Mill, Arrowhead Mills, etc. This will give you a good idea of the cost savings when you purchase steel cut oats in bulk!

Here is a quick look at the prices from my local Wegman’s in State College, PA:

Quaker steel cut oats – 24oz – $4.99. That comes to $3.32 per pound.

Arrowhead Mills organic steel cut oats – 24oz – $3.79. That comes to $2.53 per pound, much less than Quaker.

Bob’s Red Mill organic steel cut oats – 24oz – $3.49. That comes to $2.33 per pound, much less than Quaker, and a bit less than Arrowhead Mills.

Organic steel cut oats in bulk – 16oz – $1.79. Therefore, $1.79 per pound. That isn’t even a cheap price for bulk steel cut oats, and it’s still a whopping 46% less than buying the Quaker brand!

Clearly, buying steel cut oats in bulk is the way to go. When you consider there are about 10 servings (1/4 cup each) per pound of oats, you can enjoy a bowl of steel cut oats for less than 18 cents!!



Note: When you buy steel cut oats in bulk, they won’t come with cooking instructions. So… just check out my article, How to Prepare and Cook Steel Cut Oats.

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  1. The above-mentioned Winco (“stands for” Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon) sells Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats for 68 cents per pound (as of 10/5/11). Great deal. Far lower price than I’ve seen for any brand in any store … or online.

  2. @Chris

    Thanks for the info, I’ll update the post! And man, that is a steal for name brand steel cut oats!

  3. Wowsers!! Here I’ve been buying the itsy-bitsy size canisters of Quaker steel cut oats!

  4. I’ve been buying steel cut oats in bulk at Sprouts. They can be as low as $0.69 per pound on sale

    • @David

      That’s awesome! A great time to stock up! I really want to go to a Sprouts someday but the closest ones are nearly 10 hours away.

  5. I’ll have to keep this in mind the next time I buy steel cut oats. I think the brand I usually buy is about $2.99 or so (though I should probably take a look at the receipt next time).

  6. I bought Walmart’s Great Value Organic Steel Cut Oats in bulk, 4 24 oz canisters for $11.92. But when I received them, I looked at the nutrition label and it doesn’t say anything about having calcium, magnesium or B vitamins. Have I bought some kind of cut-rate generic?
    PS: Thanks so much for this article and the article about how to cook them.

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