Here’s a question about artificial sweeteners, but it’s one I did not expect…

I feel sorry for you that you think artificial sweeteners are ok. Have you ever heard of Dr. Russell Blaylock? Just put his name in any search engine. You’re blinded by the mainstream media. Wake up and go to

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in with your comments, although I have to wonder if you got me confused with someone else. I absolutely hate artificial sweeteners! Like virtually all artificial ingredients, they have no place in my diet.

I’m familiar with many of the natural health type of doctors (Russell Blaylock, Joseph Mercola, Andrew Weil, etc.) and I also read,,, Mark’s Daily Apple, etc.

I do mention artificial sweeteners on my site, though, so let’s make sure I’m clear on this…

Sometimes I test products that contain artificial sweeteners, but I mention in the reviews that I would not normally consume nor recommend anything containing aspartame, sucralose, etc.

The only time I ingest artificial sweeteners is when doing a taste test of a certain product that happens to contain them. That’s not very often, so I highly doubt I’m going to die from some sort of aspartame poisoning, even if it does prove to be extremely dangerous in the long-term.

Here are some examples.

– I wrote a short review of Gatorade G2. Just the concept of G2 annoys me, so it got a pretty bad review.

– FRS Healthy Energy comes in all natural and low calorie versions, with the low cal containing sucralose. So for a situation like the FRS powder, where all flavors contain sucralose, I mentioned that I don’t like sucralose (twice!)

– Most recently, I wrote a review of Cytomax sports drink. I was especially disappointed in this one, because a sports drink that already contains sugar should NOT need sucralose in there, too.

Then there are drinks like Sobe Lifewater. I reviewed that years ago, when it used fructose (and had 50 calories per serving.) These days, I’m pretty sure it uses sucralose and jumped on the low calorie bandwagon. So don’t equate my review of a 2006 version of a product to a review of a 2009 product.

Heck, in a few more years, sucralose will probably be in just about everything! (Including the public water supply…)

To sum things up, I do not like nor recommend products that contain artificial sweeteners. When in doubt, follow this guideline: If something contains aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, or acesulfame k, I recommend you avoid it.

If you found something different on, where I explicitly recommend artificial sweeteners, please let me know the page so I can correct it.

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  1. Great points Levi!

    Artificial sweeteners indeed have no place in our bodies, regardless of whether one wants to be healthy or not. It is just like we do not put chlorine or ammonia into our bodies, not because we want to be healthy or unhealthy, but because we know better, that these things just do not belong in a human body.

    So for those who are consuming artificial sweeteners, it is just about coming to grips with what they are putting in and stepping away from the mass produced media myths that these products are safe. So is bleach if you ate it in the same amounts…but we are still not going to do that because the media told us not to. It is thus time to wake up and start thinking for ourselves.

    P.S. Thanks for the mention Levi! Do let me know if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions for what you would like to hear about on

  2. Duke University has shown that sucralose has negative effects on our bodies. Many people are stepping forward with the side effects of this insecticide (yes, you read that right).

    Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. Find out what others who are stepping forward have to say about the side effects, don’t take Splenda-bought and paid for lab tests as Gospel.

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