Would you like to get better posture with no work involved on your part?

If you answered “yes,” I have news for you! You can buy instant improvements! I’ll even give you the simple instructions. With pictures!

Rather than going to the chiropractor, doing yoga, strengthening your core, and doing mobility exercises each and every day, just do this instead.

1. Sit on This

Do you slouch when sitting in a chair?

backjoy chair posture before

If you sit down, slouched, with terrible posture, you might be unhappy (just look at me.) You really don’t want to sit like this for very long.

Instead, you probably want to sit like this, with a big smile on your face:

backjoy chair posture after

My poor posture was no problem for a little device called the SitSmart Posture Plus. See that little red strip under my butt? That’s the edge of the SitSmart, which is like a miniature chair that sits on top of your existing chair.

There’s not much to it, but it does something that tilts your pelvis a certain way, which in turn helps you sit up straight and makes your back feel much better.

2. Wear This Shirt

Do you have hunched, tight shoulders? A lot of people do. Cyclists are especially prone to this problem. Just look at me – I’m terribly uncomfortable all hunched over in my regular t-shirt.

backjoy shirt posture before

But then this shirt helped me to stand up tall and proud:

backjoy shirt posture after

This is a PostureWear shirt. For the most part, it looks like any other compression shirt. Except that the special sections around your shoulders help to pull your shoulders back into proper alignment.

Rather than focusing on proper posture, just put this shirt on and it will gently force you into using proper posture, leaving your mind free to focus on more fun topics like what you’re getting for Christmas.

3. Roll Out with Roller Balls

Surely you’re familiar with the wide variety of massage tools out there. This stuff requires a little effort on your part, in hopes to fix any problems that are causing your bad posture.

Now, these BackJoy roller balls, they’re a little soft and lightweight. I prefer something more substantial when working out the kinks in my muscles.

backjoy roller balls

So, you could use them for myofascial release, or just practice balancing them on your nose like I did.


OK, OK. Let’s back up for a moment.

Obviously I’m kidding about skipping the hard work. That’s a bad idea. But buying some products to improve your posture, it does have potential. I’ll be publishing a real review of these products after I test them fully. Then we’ll know.

In the mean time, check this out, and you might be able to win some FREE products to help improve your posture!


givebackjoy giveaways


BackJoy, the company who makes the products pictured above, is currently doing two cool promotions.

The first, which began last month (for Veteran’s Day,) involves them donating up to $5000 worth of pain-relief products to chronic pain and rehabilitation centers (such as the Wounded Warrior Project.) So, my goofy pictures posted above were for a good cause!

The second part, which is your chance to win some products for yourself, is the Give Back, Spread Joy campaign. It’s super easy to enter.

All you have to do is share how you are giving back this holiday season, and use the #GiveBackJoy hashtag. Tweet to @backjoy if you have any questions.

They’ve been doing a giveaway each week. Last week they gave away a SitSmart Posture Plus. Tomorrow (Monday) they’ll probably have a new drawing to enter, so get ready! (Again, check with BackJoy on Twitter to see what the current prize is!)

If you haven’t been giving back, now’s a good time to start!

If you need any inspiration, take a look at what these great bicycle charities are doing.

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