Want to help others? Want a tax write-off? Want to donate to a bicycle-related charity?

There are plenty of them out there. Take the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and League of American Bicyclists (LAB) for example.

But there are other cool charities out there spreading the good news of cycling and helping those in need around the globe. Here are eight lesser-known charities that still have great missions:

The Charities:


re-cycle logo

Re-Cycle is changing lives by sending bicycles to Africa, where many people have no access to transport of any kind. Having a bicycle cuts transportation times drastically, helping families get to school or collect water. Re-Cycle has sent over 26,000 bikes so far and plans to send thousands more with your help.

Link: www.re-cycle.org

Pedals for Progress

pedals for progress logo

Pedals for Progress is putting used bikes to good use. Instead of letting them pile up in landfills, they are collecting used bicycles and donating them to their partner charities in over 29 countries.

Link: www.p4p.org

Can’d Aid

The Treads + Trails program from Can’d Aid is all about getting kids outdoors. If a trail needs maintenance, low-income children need a new bike, or there’s a program to get more people off the couch and ready to explore the outdoors – CAN’d Aid is ready to make it happen.

Link: www.candaid.org

Trips for Kids

trips for kids logo

Trips for Kids provides mountain bike outings and environmental education for kids who would not otherwise be exposed to such activities. Mountain biking is so much fun, I would hate to be missing out on it.

Link: www.tripsforkids.org

The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust

bhit logo

The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust is committed to saving young people’s lives by promoting safe cycling, focusing on the use of bicycle helmets. By advancing the use of helmets, cycle training, cycle lights and reflective clothing,the charity aims to ensure young cyclists are well equipped to take part in this healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport.

Link: www.bhit.org

Safety is Sexy

safety is sexy logo

Safety is Sexy is here to erase the stigma that wearing a helmet is dorky or uncool and to encourage the idea that wearing a helmet is attractive, cool and smart. (Plus, you do look hotter in a helmet.)

Link: safetyissexy.blogspot.com

Wheels 4 Life

wheels 4 life logo

Wheels 4 Life provides free bicycles for people in need of transportation in Third World countries. They partner with local organizations and identify persons who sincerely need a bike to be able to go to school or to work, which could be 10 to 20 miles away. The gift of mobility, in form of a bicycle, can do miracles.

Link: www.wheels4life.org

World Bicycle Relief

world bicycle relief logo

World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 in response to the December 2004 tsunami that swept the Indian Ocean, and now they continue to partner with places in need to provide much-needed bicycles (for example, 88% of recipients depend on bicycles for livelihood activities.)

Link: www.worldbicyclerelief.org

Yield to Life

yield to life logo

Yield to Life is here to help save cyclists’ lives and improve everyone’s quality of life on the road. Donations will be used for awareness campaigns and education initiatives that will target both motorists and cyclists alike, young and old, with the goal of making cycling safe for all.

Link: yieldtolife.org

Wheels of Change International

Wheels of Change collects donated bicycles in the United States to be shipped overseas to Africa. Upon arrival of the container in Africa, local people are trained in both bicycle mechanics and simple business methods. The container the bicycles arrived in is turned into a bike shop, selling bicycles and other helpful tools at a subsidized cost with 100% all profits going back into the community.

Link: www.wocinternational.org

Bikes For Kids

Bikes For Kids is a Connecticut based non-profit organization that brings smiles to children one bike at a time. Since 1989, they have donated over 21,000 bicycles (with helmets) to young people in need!

Link: www.BikesForKidsCT.org

Eight great bicycle-related charities, right there.*

*Actually I ended up listing nine, but “eight” and “great” rhyme, so I think that is just fine.

**Some charities seem to have ceased operating since I originally published this post, so they have been moved off the main list to below.

Bikes To Rwanda

bikes to rwanda logo

Bikes to Rwanda is dedicated to helping the communities of Rwanda by providing much-needed bicycles and bike shops, which will allow for greater productivity from their agriculture industry (coffee farming, to be specific.) So if you drink coffee, check this out.

Link: www.bikestorwanda.com

Leone Cycle For Africa

Leone Cycle For Africa is a community-based organization, founded in Uganda East Africa, by Leone Twaha Matovu, a 22 year old professional cyclist who happens to be the captain of the Uganda National Cycling Team. They use their talents, skills, abilities and love for the sport of cycling to reach out to the needy children and the youth of Africa.

Link: www.leonecycle4africa.org

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  1. have you any info on Cadbury The Bicycle Factory? I am trying to find out if this is a legitimate charity?

  2. @Rich

    There’s one I never heard of! (But that makes sense since I’m not in Canada.)

    It looks legitimate to me, although it’s a charitable action from a for-profit corporation, rather than a charity. But since they’re taking UPC codes as opposed to cash, it doesn’t really matter.

    Looks perfectly legitimate (and normal) to me:

  3. Yes, its legit. I picked up the “coupon” for it at the grocery store. You just enter UPC codes from Cadbury products. Each 100 codes gets a bike and you get entered into a contest for each code you provide (5 per day).

  4. Hey, have you guys heard of jole rider? These guys get African kids to school on refurbished bikes sent from the UK and other places. They also do bundles more in the name of promoting the bike thing. I think they are good to list.

  5. Hi,
    We are Leone Cycle 4 Africa. We use our talents, skills, abilities,experience and the love of the sport of cycling, to bring back a smile on a face of an orphaned child in Uganda East Africa.Our web-site is leonecycle4africa.org This organization was started by Leone Matovu captain of the Uganda National Cycling Team.

    We are looking for Partners,Friends,Sponsors,Volunteers, Trainers, individuals, clubs and institutions to join hands with us.We also solicit for Used and New cycling tools,like bikes, bike frames, tool boxes,helmets, Jerseys,boots and other sports equipments,for the children and youth of Uganda .We work with the communities,Orphanages,and schools in Uganda East Africa.

  6. Hello, did you know that the National Cycle Museum in Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales is a registered charity?
    It is the leading bicycle museum in the UK- over 250 cycles of all ages and types on display.

    The museum would be grateful for donations of unusual bicycles in good condition.

    Please remember the museum in your will.

    Thank you very much
    Freda- job share curator

  7. Also “Village Bicycle Project” one of the longest running and most grassyrootsy: https://www.villagebicycleproject.org/

  8. One of the best kept secrets ( which we are trying to change), in New England is Bikes For Kids in Essex CT. They refurbish and safety check each bicycle before donating it with a brand new helmet. Since 1989 they have donated over 21,000 bicycles to young people in need. I hope you deem them worthy of being added to your list.

  9. Bikes for Kids is most likely the largest non profit in New England to be providing bikes for needy kids. Over 21,000 have been given away to date, with new helmets. Hopefully you find them worthy enough to add to your list.

  10. I have a good-as-new Hollywood bike rack that I would like to give to a local bike charity (Mid San Francisco Peninsula). Can anyone supply the name of such and organization?

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