50 fab fitness gifts under $50

Despite numerous upcoming commercials and sales flyers claiming the contrary, there’s no dire need for super-expensive fitness gadgets. Anyone can get fit, healthy, and have lots of fun doing it without spending a lot. (Often it’s the cheap, simple items that work the best anyway!)

All these items, carefully selected by a panel of judges (me, myself, and I), are priced under $50. Yeah, some just squeaked in at $49.95, but most are only $10-20 or even less.

The goal was to list items that are both fun and exciting (so the recipient jumps for joy upon opening the gift) as well as practical and useful (so they keep using it for years to come).

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gifts for cyclists

Perfect Gifts for Cyclists

If anyone on your gift list spends more time on their bike than in their car, here are some ideas for them.

doc's chamois cream

Doc’s Natural Chamois Cream

There is almost an endless array of butt butters to choose from, yet very few that strive for an all-natural formula. Doc’s has one of the best ingredients lists, and it’s a spectacular value, too. It’s one of those creams that isn’t that widely known, yet those who have tried it, almost always say it’s the best they’ve ever used. Which is probably Doc’s is willing to offer a guarantee where if you don’t like it, they’ll replace it with a tub of your preferred brand!

Price: $20.95 (8oz jar)

More information can be found at www.DocsSkinCare.com, and the chamois cream is also available for purchase from www.Amazon.com.

sweathawg shorty skull cap

SweatHawg Skull Cap

In my opinion, this is the best skull cap money can buy! For anyone that sweats heavily, it will be like a gift from the heavens! The cap comes in two sizes (depending on if you want your ears covered or not) and is also available as a headband or helmet liner if you prefer. Available in black, gray, green, yellow, and red, it’s sure to suit anyone’s color preference.

Price: $25

Read more and purchase directly at www.SweatHawg.com.

camelbak podium ice bottle

CamelBak Podium Ice

Designed especially for cyclists (and recently redesigned to be even better than before), this is what I consider to be a luxury water bottle! Not only does the insulation keep water cold 4x longer than a regular bottle, but it’s really the ease-of-use that makes it worth the money. It just feels so nice to hold and squeeze! Even though most cyclists have drawers full of water bottles, this would be a welcome addition!

Price: $25

See all the details at www.Camelbak.com and purchase at www.Amazon.com.

waterproof smartphone mount

Satechi Pro RideMate Waterproof Bike Mount

For the casual rider or bicycle commuter, this is a simple way to mount a smartphone on your bicycle’s handlebar. It’s not exactly sleek, but it’s versatile and convenient for someone who will occasionally carry their phone on their bike. It will hold any smartphone, and shouldn’t require you to remove any existing cases.

Price: $29.99

See more pictures at www.Satechi.net and purchase at www.Amazon.com.

bokos sandals

Bokos Sandals

These sandals were not even on the market for a year when they got featured on the front page of Bicycling.com and received shout outs from pro cycling legends Tyler Hamilton and George Hincapie! They would make for great apres-ride footwear whether at a race or just on the back porch. The one-piece design means they won’t fall apart, and the non-porous rubber material blocks out dirt and odor. These come in a variety of colors (including “lime” and “flame”) and both men’s and women’s sizes.

Price: $18

See all the colors and purchase at www.BokosUSA.com.

craft wicking base layer

Craft Cool Concept Wicking Base Layer

You can find wicking base layers for $10… or you can find a Craft base layer. Craft makes some of the best base layers around for all conditions, and I don’t know a cyclist who wouldn’t want one. Which explains why their lowest priced offering is nearly $50! (Want to spend more? They have an amazing $75 base layer, and if you want one for winter, plan to spend $125.)

Price: $49.99

See the product details at www.CraftSports.us and look for deals on www.Amazon.com.

bike fit book

BIKE FIT by Phil Burt (the book)

For the aspiring coach, or for anyone who fiddles with their bike position all the time, this book is a great idea. It’s one of the most useful books I’ve ever read. Perhaps you know someone who complains about hand problems or a back ache? They might be able to fix the root of the problem by adjusting their bike fit – and this book will teach them how!

Price: $18.75 (paperback)

You can find this book at www.Amazon.com.

faster cycling book

FASTER by Michael Hutchinson (the book)

Do you know a cyclist who pushes themselves to the extremes in hopes of marginal gains? Someone always buying the fanciest new gear no matter what it costs? Someone who will skip the pies and cookies, even at holiday parties? Then this is the book for them! I learned quite a bit but I laughed even more!

Price: $16.43 (paperback)

You can find this book at www.Amazon.com


gifts for runners

Ideal Gifts for Runners

Running is addicting. If you know anyone that’s just getting started running, they will greatly appreciate these gifts that will make running more fun (and less painful) as they put in the miles.

lovey's chafestop stick

Lovey’s ChafeStop

Cyclists need chamois cream, but runners need anti-chafing lube all over the place! The Lovey’s brand offers the most natural formula I’ve ever seen, which makes sense, because the company was started by a mom who wanted safe products for her baby. It just so happens that the same ideas can work for endurance athletes, especially runners who are prone to chafing on their inner thighs, arm pits, feet, nipples, etc. It’s a little more expensive than BodyGlide, but it’s something different that will surprise the gift recipient.

Price: $17.99 (2oz stick)

Learn more about the product at www.Loveys.ca, and for your convenience, the product is sold on www.Amazon.com.

hydrapak softflask

HydraPak SoftFlasks

Water bottles have been learning a thing or two from hydration bladders over recent years, so much so that soft, collapsible water bottles are catching on! These bottles from HydraPak can be carried in a backpack, pocket, or in your hand thanks to the little finger loop on the side. When it’s empty, it collapses into itself! SoftFlasks are guaranteed leak proof, ultra durable, and will not break with normal use. They come in three sizes (12, 17, and 25oz.) This style of water bottle is not for everyone, but if you’re going to try a soft bottle, try this.

Price: $19.99

See the sizes and colors, and watch a demo video, at www.Hydrapak.com. Available for purchase at www.Amazon.com.

FuelBelt Tech Fuel Handheld

The Tech Fuel Handheld combines tech storage and hydration to provide a hydration option that keeps your mobile device secure. This lightweight handheld features a top-shelf dishwasher safe, BPA free bottle with an ergonomic comfort grip design. Its one-of-a-kind secure holder fits standard devices for on-the-run phone access.

Price: $14.99

Learn more at www.FuelBelt.com and purchase at www.Amazon.com.

fuelbelt super stretch race belt

FuelBelt Super Stretch Race Belt

I have a FuelBelt waist pack and it’s great if you want to carry keys, phone, small camera, GPS, etc. when running. It’s like a sleek version of a fanny pack! There are many different belts out there, but this one is simple and it works. I suggest this “race” model, which will hold your number if you’re participating in any organized races. (That’s very handy when you plan to adjust layers due to changing temp – the number stays on the belt the whole time.)

Price: $19.95

Learn more at www.FuelBelt.com and purchase at www.Amazon.com.

feetures running socks

Feetures Elite Running Socks

These are socks that will actually be appreciated! Feetures makes a highly-regarded, innovative sock, and these come in an even greater variety of fun colors than any other sock I know of. These are anatomically constructed using patent-pending Sock-Lock technology to provide targeted support where it’s needed most (not to mention excellent blister protection).

Price: $14.95

See all the features at www.FeeturesRunning.com and purchase at www.Amazon.com.

Balega Silver Sock

Balega has upped its tech game by incorporating silver ions into its brand-new Silver Sock, providing lasting antibacterial properties. This means you can wear these socks more – and wash them less. And since the silver is woven into the thread, you don’t have to worry about washing them out.

Price: $15

Discover how they work at www.Balega.com and purchase at www.Amazon.com.


gifts for gym rats

Fitness Equipment, Gym Workout Gear, & Accessories

This is the time of year where most athletes will stay inside and focus on off-season cross training. These gifts will help any athlete start next season fresher, stronger, and faster!

hydroflask wide mouth water bottle

Hydro Flask Coffee and Tea Mug

There is a never-ending debate about which material is best for water bottles – plastic, aluminum, glass, stainless steel, etc. What’s not up for debate is that insulated bottles that keep your drinks hot or cold for hours are a luxury! I’ve used most of the big brands and Hydro Flask is my favorite – the bottle looks beautiful, the insulation works, and the lid is both easy-to-use and trustworthy enough to toss it into your bag without worry of leakage. There’s also a slightly textured finish which offers a good grip, even with sweaty hands.

Price: $27.95

See all their shapes and sizes at HydroFlask.com and buy online at www.Amazon.com or your local REI.

perfect push up handles

Perfect Push-up Elite

These have been around for years now, but I still use them, and I recommend them to anyone who doesn’t yet own them! Using these works more muscles and is easier on joints than regular pushups – great if you have lingering wrist injuries. And having them around reminds you to do push ups! (Many cyclists and runners conveniently forget about this upper body exercise!)

Price: $29.95

Available at www.Amazon.com.

pilates flex bands

STOTT PILATES Flex-Band Two-Pack

Whether or not you do pilates (or even know what it is), these bands are great for rehab exercises. This pack makes a good gift for those people who think, “I don’t need no stinking rehab,” but in reality they very much do need to use these!

Price: $14.99

These can be found at www.Merrithew.com and www.Amazon.com.

tasc performance bamboo shirt

tasc Performance Bamboo Workout Shirt

tasc Performance uses a natural process to combine bamboo with either wool or cotton and the result is a breathable line of apparel with moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties – something fellow gym-goers will appreciate. This shirt would be a good gift for anyone that exercises, but it would be especially well-received by someone that’s eco-conscious and works out in close proximity to other people.

Price: $35

They offer a full line of clothing, but I suggest this fitted t-shirt you can see on www.tascperformance.com and purchase on www.Amazon.com.

rhino shield iphone case

Rhino Shield iPhone Case

If you know anyone with an iPhone that doesn’t have an awesome case, consider getting them one of these brand new Rhino Shield cases. It’s a slim, lightweight case, but offers tons of protection (if you can believe their videos of big drop tests). It’s available for the 5, 6, SE, and 7 models. I got one as a present last year and it’s the best case I’ve ever used!

Price: $25

All the details can be found at www.EvolutiveLabs.com and these are now available for sale on Amazon.com.


gifts to help post-workout recovery

Everyone’s Favorite: Massage and Recovery Tools

Girls and guys will both love this stuff! And all athletes need this stuff to perform their best! And for you, bonus points because this helps people feel better (where as the workout gear leads to soreness!)

moji 360 mini massager

Moji 360 Mini Massage Tool

Why not start with my favorite massage tool ever? This massager is small and easy to carry, easy to use, and you can use it on any body part. It’s super versatile. I even prefer it to the full-size Moji that costs much more! I’ve never met someone who didn’t like this, so I think it’s safe to say it’s a superb gift idea!

Price: $29.95

See it in action at www.GoMoji.com and get the best price at Amazon.com.

rock tape with rock sauce

RockTape + RockSauce

Want to recover faster, feel better, and delay fatigue? Want to support joints without wearing a bulky brace that inhibits movement? Then RockTape is just the ticket! This tape is nothing short of magical, especially when it’s soaked in the RockSauce pain relieving cream! The tape comes in many colors and patterns, is loved by both male and female athletes, and helps virtually everyone. (But if you’re purchasing it for a cyclist, get the blue argyle color scheme so they can look like part of Team Garmin Sharp.)

Price: $20 per roll of tape; $19.95 per 4oz tube of sauce

Both the tape and the sauce are explained at www.RockTape.com and also available for purchase at www.Amazon.com.

salonpas pain relief patch

Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch

Know someone with aching joints or muscles? Of course you do! Get them a box of these patches, which are easier to apply and less messy than creams and gels, and they last longer, too (8-12 hours).

Price: $8.49 for a box of 5 patches

You can find all the details at www.Salonpas.us and buy online at www.Amazon.com.

topricin anti-inflammatory cream

Topricin Cream

Topricin is known as the pain relief cream that professionals use. I wouldn’t call it pain relief cream, though, because it’s quite different from products such as Salonpas. It’s actually an anti-inflammatory, which means it can relieve pain but also promote healing – and that’s what’s important! An excellent gift for someone who has “tried everything” to relieve their pain.

Price: $16.95 for 2oz tube

Learn more at www.Topricin.com and buy online at www.Amazon.com.

triggerpoint grid x foam roller

TriggerPoint GRID X Foam Roller

This new and improved foam roller from Trigger Point (just released last year) is an extra-firm roller. Twice as firm as the original, in fact! You really do feel the difference with the textured, shaped rollers as compared to smooth foam rollers. This is ideal for someone who loves their plain foam roller but needs more excitement! The compact size (13″ long x 5.5″ diameter) is travel-friendly.

Price: $49.99

Check out the details at www.TPtherapy.com and also find it at www.Amazon.com.

pedicure in a jar

CeeCee & Bee Pedicure in a Jar

Endurance sports, especially running, are tough on your feet. Some people care about this type of thing, pampering their feet often. Others don’t think they care. Then they get a nice foot treatment like this and feel better, relaxed, and more motivated. Those stubborn people need one of these! It’s also a great gift for mom!

Price: $14

See how it works and purchase at www.CeeCeeAndBee.com.

backjoy posture band

BackJoy PostureBand

Let’s face it, most people have poor posture, and athletes typically end up with muscle imbalances that actually make us worse off than the general population. This simple strap will help keep your body in alignment with little effort on your part. Makes a great gift for anyone who sits a lot, especially cyclists, or anyone that’s hunched over a desk or keyboard.

Price: $19.99

See how it all works at www.BackJoy.com.


gifts in the kitchen for chef

For In the Kitchen

If you are serious about sports performance, you better be serious about your nutrition. And that usually means you spend some time in the kitchen. These gadgets will make your life easier and/or more fun.

prodyne fruit infusion water pitcher

Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

Infused water is absolutely delicious. And healthy. And cheap. And with an infusion pitcher like this, it couldn’t be simpler. If you know someone who likes flavored water, but would really like it without any crappy sweeteners, colors, and preservatives added, this is the perfect gift. It’s also a great gift for couples, pending that they can agree on what flavor of water to make!

The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher ($19.99) is available at www.Amazon.com.

*Already have a favorite pitcher? Or just want to spend less? Try a Jokari Water Infuser Ball which is only $6 at www.Amazon.com.

camelbak relay pitcher

CamelBak Relay

This is, without a doubt, the best water filter pitcher EVER. I guess it’s not that exciting of a gift, but when they use it everyday, they’ll realize just how much it improves their life. That’s how it’s been for me this year. This could also be a great gift for couples and might put an end to the fights about who did or didn’t forget to refill the pitcher!

Price: $36.99

See how the dual-filtration technology works at www.Camelbak.com. It’s also available at www.Amazon.com.

tofu xpress


There are many vegetarian foods that I enjoy… Tofu is not one of them! But this device could change that! So I think if it catches my attention, someone who actually uses tofu on a regular basis would love it. The TofuXpress presses excess water out of tofu and many other foods, allowing you to add flavor and create different effects in your recipes. A great gift for someone who is both a vegetarian and loves to cook with tofu!

Price: $39.95

See how it works and find recipes at www.TofuXpress.com. Also available at www.Amazon.com.

zoku slush and shake maker

Zoku Slush & Shake Maker

If you’re a slush connoisseur, and putting ice in a blender doesn’t cut it, consider this dedicated slush maker. It’s a very simple design, but it’s also more portable than a blender. Not everyone will put this gift to use in the middle of winter, but hey – cold drinks are still refreshing after indoor workouts and could possibly aid post-workout recovery.

Price: $19.99

Find the details at www.ZokuHome.com. Also available for purchase at www.Amazon.com.

multi flask bottle system

Multi Flask

Though it’s not what you might picture when you hear “flask,” it is the ideal flask for endurance athletes. This system is made up of 6 bottles in 1, allowing you to carry hot or cold beverages, use it as a tea strainer or fruit infuser, or mix up protein powder shakes. Basically, take your kitchen on the go! (In other words, a gift idea for the frequent traveler.)

Price: $39.99

See everything you can do with it, and buy online, at www.MultiFlasking.com.


gifts of food

Edible Gifts Anyone Will Appreciate

Here’s a selection of gifts that can be eaten. Don’t worry, they’re more fun than common energy bars! (These are all going to be excellent gifts for men!)

omni bars meal bar


I thought I had seen it all, but apparently not! This is a savory bar that’s based on beef, nuts, and fruit, and some flavors even contain dried sweet potatoes. It’s not beef jerky, it’s not trail mix, and it’s not a bunch of stuff stuck together. It’s actually shaped like a standard energy bar for convenience. It comes in four flavors, with the two interesting ones being mango curry and chipotle barbecue. Best of all for gift-giving purposes, you can get a sampler box with three of each flavor, for the same price as a box of a single flavor! (Normally companies tack on a few extra dollars for their variety packs.)

Price: $36 (box of 12 bars)

To discover more about these raised-in-Montana meal bars, click on over to www.OmniBars.com.

steve's paleokit mango

Steve’s Mango PaleoKit

I’ll never forget my first experience with a PaleoKit. It was a little messy, but lots delicious! Now they come in a mango flavor! Who doesn’t like mango?! If you know someone who likes beef and tropical fruits, but hasn’t tried them together, get them a PaleoKit!

Price: $7.49

All the PaleoKits can be seen and purchased at www.StevesPaleoGoods.com.

steve's paleo jerky grass-fed

Steve’s PaleoJerky

Buying for someone conservative? Not sure if they’d like a sticky mess of fruit and nuts with their beef? Then stick with plain beef jerky, but make sure you get a high-quality, grass-fed beef, like you get with this jerky (also from Steve’s Paleo Goods.) A great gift for dad!

Price: $6.95

PaleoJerky can be seen and purchased at www.StevesPaleoGoods.com.

pure provisions orange ginger turkey jerky

Pure Provisions Orange Ginger Turkey Jerky

Not everyone is a fan of beef. For those who prefer turkey jerky, here’s an interesting one from a company that just launched this year. It’s only available online and in a few small stores, so it’s unlikely that anyone on your gift list has tried it! I’ve long been a fan of orange ginger drinks, so it’s cool to see that flavor making it’s way into the snack food market.

Price: $5.99 for a 2oz bag

Find out more at www.PureProvisions.com.

trader joe's dried flattened bananas

Trader Joe’s Dried Flattened Bananas

It might sound odd, but it is utterly amazing! I just found this treat earlier this year thanks to a group of mountaineers, and I’m extremely happy that I took their advice. It’s fun to eat, packs way more calories than an energy gel, and it’s much easier to carry than a bunch of bananas (but nearly as natural.) It’s not stocked in all stores, so cross your fingers and hope your local TJ’s has it. (In case you were wondering, no, it’s nothing like banana chips.)

Price: $1.29

Find a local store at www.TraderJoes.com.

righteously raw maca chocolate

Righteously Raw Chocolates Maca Bites

Righteously Raw products are all based on fancy, natural chocolate, but this one also contains Maca root for extra energy that can be applied to your workouts. It’s probably a better energy boost than you’d get from sugary milk chocolate! These are expensive, but since you’re getting a box of individually-wrapped bites, you can give them out to a whole group of people! (Perhaps you’re a coach and doing stockings for each of your athletes?)

Price: $25.25

See all the chocolates and learn more about the company at www.RighteouslyRawChocolate.com.

honey stinger waffles

Honey Stinger Waffles

What a treat! I’ve never met anyone who did not like these European-style energy waffles. Sure, they’re based on honey and cocoa, and overall, mostly just sugar and fat. But hey, it’s Christmas! At least they use natural, organic ingredients (and not the imposter stuff like agave nectar). Want a holiday flavor? Try the gingersnap!

Price: $22.24 (box of 16 waffles)

Learn more at www.HoneyStinger.com or pick up a variety pack from Amazon.com. (Oh, you can get a gluten-free variety pack, too.)

Want even more holiday flavor? Let me suggest a Peppermint Stick Clif Bar. It’s one of the seasonal flavors that should appear on store shelves closer to Christmas. Grab one at your local supermarket if you need last minute stocking stuffers!


gifts for women

A Few Gift Ideas Just for Women

If you need a fitness gift for her, this is the place to look.

undress mobile changing room

The Undress

The Undress allows you to change clothes in public without ever getting naked. It’s hard enough for guys to do this in race parking lots, but it’s at least 10x harder for women! (Watch the video and see all the features in the Undress and you’ll understand!) This product is actually over the $50 limit, and there’s limited availability since it was funded on Kickstarter, but it’s so darn amazing I had to list it! It will be worth the wait! This is a great for your wife!

Price: $79

See how it works and order today at www.TheUndress.com.

hips-sister accessory belt


This is the perfect accessory for every female fitness enthusiast who needs to fashionably store her essentials hands free. It looks like a fashion accessory rather than a fanny pack, yet it allows you to store your phone and other small items when you don’t have pockets. (And no, your sports bra is not considered a pocket.)

Price: $24.99

See all the styles and order at www.HipSsister.com.

*Guys, if you want something like this but with a more masculine name, check out the DBelt. It’s slimmer and looks like fitness gear, and comes with a $39.95 price tag.

ellie yoga tank top

Ellie “Om Sweet Om” Tank

Forget the bright and fancy workout clothes, the black tank top is a staple that’s always in fashion. And that’s especially important when you’re buying clothes for women as a gift! This top earns praise for its subtle style, moisture-wicking UPF50 fabric, and a striking power mesh panel down the back.

Price: $46.99

See how it looks at www.Ellie.com.


stocking stuffers for cyclists

Stocking Stuffers

Fill up those stockings with neat gifts! These are all small, neat items to fit a range of price points.

gu gel salted caramel

GU Gels

It takes a truly dedicated endurance athlete to get excited about an energy gel. But GU makes it easier when they release decadent holiday flavors like Salted Caramel and Caramel Macchiato! Both flavors are interesting, delicious, and at the very least, the packaging shows some holiday spirit! You can’t go wrong with these!

Price: $11.60 (box of 8)

Find all these flavors online at www.GUenergy.com as well as www.Amazon.com.



Safety is a top priority for runners and cyclists out on the roads, even in broad daylight. Flashing lights are a must, but sometimes the clips and straps just don’t work that well with your outfit, limiting the light placement options. That’s solved with these AthLights – they’re magnetic, so they fit on your clothing anywhere! They’re small, light, inexpensive, and bright. A great gift for any outdoor exerciser.

Price: $9.99 for a 2-pack

Find them at www.Athlights.com as well as www.Amazon.com.

athabasca ice jam

Athabasca Ice Jam

Ice Jam is an organic, hand-made healing salve used to soothe aching muscles and joints. Many other products claim to do the same thing, but this one is 100% natural and comes in a beautiful tin! (Unlike Salonpas or Topricin, your gift recipient probably hasn’t seen this stuff!)

Price: $18

See the ingredients and place your order at www.WildMoonOrganics.ca.

waxelene not vaseline


Waxelene, the natural petroleum jelly alternative, is made of only four ingredients: organic soy oil, beeswax, natural vitamin E, and organic rosemary oil. You could use it any way you’d use Vaseline – skin care, lip balm, a layer of skin protection in windy conditions, anti-chafing lube, maybe even chamois cream. The awesome name makes it a great gift idea.

Price: $8.99 (2oz jar)

Learn more at www.Waxelene.com. Also available on www.Amazon.com.

bioterra herbs

BioTerra Herbs

What do you get when you take excellent herbal combinations and combine them with fun names and goofy pictures? Supplements from BioTerra Herbs! Going by the ingredients, I think these supplements will work, and going by the boxes, I think people will love pulling them out of their stockings! For endurance athletes, consider the Energy, Sleep, and Stress formulas.

Price: $19.99

See the full product line at www.BioTerraHerbs.com.

my eco lips

My EcoLips Customized Lip Balm

Lip balm always works as a stocking stuffer, but if you’re shopping for a special treat, you can order through the My Eco Lips store, which allows you to customize the ingredients and the label! A great gift for your girlfriend.

Price: $6.99

See how it works at www.EcoLips.com.

*Just need a lip balm that you don’t see everyday? My personal favorite lip balm is the Eco Lips Hemp variety. There is also Mint Leaf Active Lip Balm from Beyond Coastal, which happens to be the #1-rated non-mineral lip balm by the Environmental Working Group.

organic india tulsi tea

Organic India Tulsi Tea

I’m extremely happy with this tea and glad I started drinking it. It’s delicious, soothing, and relaxing. It also comes in a wide variety of flavors, so there’s something for everyone. For the holiday season, consider Sweet Rose (loose leaf tea) or Cinnamon Rose (in bags).

Price: $5.99 per box or less

Most flavors are also for sale at www.Amazon.com.


unique ideas for gifts

Stuff People Don’t Realize They Need, But Do!

This last section is packed with a few items that are either very, very important, or just super cool. The gift ideas that make me think, “hey I hope my friends and family are reading this list!” πŸ˜‰

road id options


This is a well known product, but I still feel that not enough athletes have them. So, it’s up to you, the loved ones of these athletes, to make sure they have (and wear) one of these ID’s. Show someone you care by getting them one of these wrist bracelets (my preference,) ankle bracelets, or shoe attachments. You will need to know their personal information and preferred emergency contacts to get it properly printed, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

To make it extra special, you can also engrave a special message that makes them think of you (assuming you’re getting this for someone who thinks highly of you). I’d suggest that over the generic motivational ideas they have, like “never give up.” For example, if you were purchasing one for your husband, you could have your kids’ names listed on it.

Price: $19.95

Customize your ID at www.RoadID.com.

headblade full body razor kit

HeadBlade ATX All-Terrain Razor Kit

For anyone who shaves their head (which does happen to be a popular look for triathletes), this is a must-have! You have to see the video to appreciate the product. It’s like a little Matchbox car that attaches to your finger and you just roll it over your head.

Don’t know anyone who shaves their head? Well, you could gift this anyway – just tell them that shaving their head would save grams and make them more aerodynamic on their bike! Or you could tell them how this was recently redesigned for use anywhere on the body (hence the “all-terrain” name). It probably makes quick work of leg shaving!

This box includes the HeadBlade ATX All-Terrain razor, a 5oz bottle of HeadSlick mentholated shave cream, and a pack of HB4 (FourBlade) replacement cartridges.

Price: $29.99

See how it works at www.Headblade.com. Also available at www.Amazon.com.

backblaze cloud backup

BackBlaze Computer Backup

This is what’s called a cloud backup service. It’s computer software that allows you to store backup copies of all your files remotely, in case your computer gets damaged or you break your smartphone in a crash. If you have important files, documents, photos, training logs, etc., you need this!

It’s not directly related to your health, fitness, or training, but if you have photos from cycling vacations, spreadsheets and training logs, GPX files from your Garmin Edge GPS, or anything like that, this will keep them safe.

Price: $50 (for a one-year gift subscription)

You can purchase BackBlaze as a gift at www.BackBlaze.com.

beardski ski masks


On the complete opposite side of the hair spectrum, we have the Beardski, which is gigantic fake beard designed to keep your face and neck warm during the winter. It’s mainly aimed at downhill skiers and snowboarders, but there’s no reason you can’t join in on the action! A Beardski would work just as well to keep your face and neck warm during winter cycling or XC skiing or snowshoeing.

And it would be absolutely hilarious to wear one during a cyclo-cross race! I’m not sure what the weight penalty is compared to a regular balaclava, but I think it’s worth it. Get one for anyone who likes to have fun!

Price: $34.95

See the full line of beard styles at www.Beardski.com.


And there you have it! Over 50 items that are under $50. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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*Prices current at time of publication but subject to change.
Photo credit: Kevin Dooley

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  1. Looks like my wish list alright!

  2. Could the Waxelene be used for chamois butter?

  3. @Chris

    According to their testimonials page, there’s at least one person out there using it as such! So it’s probably fine as a chamois cream. Can’t be worse than using petroleum jelly that’s for sure!

    It’s one of those personal preference issues though. One person likes Waxelene and hates Enzo’s Buttonhole, then the next person is the opposite.

  4. Only 3 gifts for women on this entire list?! There are female athletes you know.

    • @Kathryn

      True, there are only three items under the women’s section. I’ll give you that.

      To be fair though, I’d argue there are the same number of gifts for women as there are gifts for men. The vast majority of the products are either totally unisex or come in both men’s and women’s models. Hopefully there is something for everyone! πŸ™‚

  5. I would love a powermeter this Xmas. Its only slightly more than $50, though. πŸ™‚

    • @Kevin

      Haha, yeah we are still many years away from a good $50 powermeter I think! Let’s get them within the $500 range first. There is the 4iiii power meter starting at $399 which I believe is about as close as you can get at the moment. Or wait for the Watteam PowerBeat that I’ve been hearing about.

      Any particular one you’re hoping for?

  6. soo… which pain reliever would be best? for a husband with arthritis?

    thanks πŸ™‚

  7. I swear by the Feetures Elite Merino — that’s all I’ve been wearing for 2 years Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! Can’t go wrong!

    A pedicure — that I could use!

  8. You cann never have too many anti-chafing products. Don’t ask me how I know.

  9. Needs moar bacon!

  10. I was provided a Tasc Performance Carrollton running shirt through the Amazon Vine program. It is easily the most luxurious t-shirt I’ve ever owned! Buy someone a closet full of these shirts (undershirts, sleep shirts, workout shirts) for a gift!

  11. @Jenny

    The best option is almost certainly going to be Topricin. That’s a safe bet.


    Yeah I’ll take your word for it!


    I bet you’d like to get the Bacon PaleoKrunch Cereal! Or how about a bacon every month club subscription?

  12. Levi, what are your favorites here that you’d recommend again for Christmas in 2015?

    • @Stacy’s mom

      There are so many good ones!

      The ones that really, really stand out to me are:

      • FASTER by Michael Hutchinson (the book) It’s so much fun to read.
      • Feetures Elite Running Socks Super comfortable, perfect fit, colors for everyone.
      • Moji 360 Mini Massage Tool Upgraded to stainless steel rollers, this thing just keeps getting better.
      • OmniBars These are incredibly good.
      • The Undress It still solves a serious problem for women.
      • GU gels They keep releasing new flavors.
  13. Nice addition of the Balega silver socks in 2017!

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