The pistol squat is a very challenging exercise – it is basically a one-leg squat. Many people who can squat hundreds of pounds cannot do a single pistol squat! (So don’t feel bad if you can’t get this one the first time out.)

pistol squat

Step 1: Stand on left leg. Hold right leg out in front of you so that your heel is just off the floor.

pistol squat

Step 2a: Using leg strength and balance, lower yourself down to the floor, keeping your right heel just above the floor the entire time. Keep your hands out in front of your body to help balance.

pistol squat

Step 2b: Squat down until your hamstring touches your calf. Your right heel should still be about an inch off the ground.

Then stand back up. Repeat.

Be sure to do at least two sets, one for each leg.

Pistol Squat video:

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