Doing the shoulder bridge with one leg off the floor is a great exercise for your back and glutes.

one leg shoulder bridge

Step 1: Start by lying on the floor, on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor.

Pressing your elbows and shoulders into the floor, press your pelvis upward to form the bridge position. As before, your body should form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

Then, tense your glutes and lift one leg off the ground so it is straight out in front of you.

Hold this position.

one leg shoulder bridge

Step 2: Lower your leg back to the starting position, and repeat the exercise, lifting the other leg this time.

Do at least two reps, alternating legs each time.

One-leg Shoulder Bridge video:

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  1. How long do you usually hold it for? As long as possible?

  2. You could do one per leg, holding as long as possible, or do multiple sets.

    For example, say you can hold the pose for 60 seconds max. Then you could do two 60 second reps for a total of 2 minutes of exercise.


    Do 3 sets where each rep is held 30 seconds. That would give you 3 minutes total exercise (since each set would have two reps, one for each leg.)

    And of course, you can increase the duration as your fitness increases.

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