The one-leg push up is like a standard push up, except you elevate one leg off the floor. This places more strain on your core muscles for a tougher workout.

one leg push up

Step 1: Start out in the standard push up position. Then elevate one leg off the floor and hold it straight behind you.

one leg push up

Step 2: Lower your body down to the floor until your chest brushes the ground. Keep your elbows tucked in by your sides. Your elbows should go down and back, not flare out to the side.

Then push back up to the starting position.

It is best to use a 2-0-1 cadence for push ups. That is, take 2 seconds to lower your body down, 0 seconds rest at the bottom, and 1 second to push back up.

Do at least two sets, one for each leg.

One-leg Push Up video:

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