Bicycle kicks are a great exercise for cyclists because the movement is very similar to pedaling a bicycle. This is a great exercise for your hips.

bicycle kicks

Step 1: Lie back on the floor, legs elevated, hands beside ears. Bring your left knee back toward your head and rotate your torso so your right elbow almost touches your right knee. (This is the start of the cycle.)

bicycle kicks

Step 2: Quickly extend your left leg and bring your right knee in, and rotate your torso so your left elbow goes toward the right knee. This should be done in one fluid motion, and your legs should move as if you were pedaling a bicycle.

bicycle kicks

Step 3: At this point, you should have your left elbow brushing your right knee.

Keep moving, with your legs going in circles and your torso rotating so your opposite elbow and knee come together during each rep.

Bicycle Kicks video:

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  1. Just a small adjustment that I make to help work the torso more effectively: instead of reaching your elbow to the opposite knee, keep the elbows back (out of your field of vision) and reach with your *shoulder* .. it won’t actually touch your knee but working with that intent actually gives you a better workout in the obliques and prevents “cheating” and using momentum by rocking your hips.

  2. @Matthew

    I did not mean to imply that you should reach with your elbow. But when you “rotate your torso” your elbows do come towards your knees.

    If you like to think of it as “keep the elbows back and reach with your shoulder,” that works just as well!

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