If you want to hurt badly, this is for you! The bear run has you running on your hands and feet (like a bear,) and it’s intense!

Step 1: Get down on hands and feet.

Step 2a: Start running! The idea is to run on all fours like a bear, although you will look funnier doing it.

I usually start by moving my right arm and left leg forward.

Step 2b: Continue with the stride. Next I would have my left arm and right leg going forward.

Try to keep your back straight, and make sure you are gliding along smoothly to minimize the impact on your joints. Also, I prefer to do this outside on soft ground, which is easier on my wrists.

And I highly recommend starting slowly, or else you will ache all over the next day!

[pictures coming soon]

Bear Run video:

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  1. An excellent exercise, sounds simple but a real challenge! Here’s a video for those who would find it useful:


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