The alligator crawl is a variation of the crocodile walk where you don’t use your legs. This requires more work from your arms, and it also makes for some interesting variations.

alligator crawl

Step 1: Get down in a push up position with your chest off the floor, but your shins/feet rest on floor. Your arms and back should be straight.

alligator crawl

Step 2: Crawl forward by lifting your hands (one at a time) and moving them forward. Drag your feet, but remember to keep your back straight.

alligator crawl

Step 3: Keep going, alternating hands.

The best part about the alligator crawl is trying variations. One thing you can do is strap your feet into a Power Wheel (the expensive type of ab wheel) and walk along like that. It negates the need to drag your feet, and it also requires more core stabilization.

Another sort of variation I do is I do this crawl up icy hills in the winter. Your feet slide up the ice nicely! Just make sure you’re wearing good gloves.

Alligator Crawl video:

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