Since I first started doing the Cyclo-Core workouts from back in 2005 (over three years now,) they have become a staple in my workout routines. I thought it might get old, but it turns out there are so many different routines which can be done in different combinations and sequences, it’s like I’m just getting started!

Every time I pop in the DVD, it’s as good of a workout as ever. Here are the three reasons I still love it:


1. The workouts are quick and effective.

When it comes to getting “bang for your buck” out of your workouts, Cyclo-Core routines are unbeatable. Each routine provides a phenomenal core workout in a limited time.

From the Cyclo-Zen 8 minute power routine to a full set of Cyclo-Core bodyweight conditioning circuits (about 28 minutes,) anyone can fit them into busy schedules. If you can’t spare eight minutes, you need to get your priorities in order!

So you get a serious butt-kicking and it takes less than 30 minutes!

2. You can do the workouts anywhere.

Another big time saver is the fact that you can do these workouts wherever you want to (or have to.) You don’t need to go to the gym, nor do you need expensive home gym equipment. So you save time and money.

You could do these workouts in a cramped apartment, dorm room, or hotel room. Virtually anywhere with enough space for you to stretch out.

3. It’s almost like having a personal trainer right there.

Workouts can be boring and tedious. And you usually need some motivation to get moving. Once you get going, some exercises are nerve-racking since you don’t know whether or not you’re using proper form!

But with a personal trainer by your side, it’s much easier to stay motivated, committed, and safe.

That’s why I like Graeme Street being right there on the screen in front of me, keeping me motivated and educated. Unlike reading a book and guessing if your motions are correct, you have someone to watch.

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