Are you sore from an unexpectedly hard race or group ride and don’t have an ice pack on hand?

No problem! There’s no need to run to the store searching for one, because you can make your own ice packs at home!

Here are three ways to make one on short notice:

frozen peas for ice pack

Method #1: Frozen Peas

This one is quick and easy, requiring virtually no effort. Just go to your freezer and grab a bag of frozen vegetables! Frozen peas are a good choice because they will conform to your body nicely.

Then just use that bag as an ice pack. When it warms up, put it back in the freezer and grab a fresh bag.


frozen water bottle roller

Method #2: Frozen Water Bottle

This one caters to cyclists! Just take one of your water bottles, fill it with water, and freeze it. Once it’s frozen, you can take it and use it almost like a massage tool for rolling on your quads, calves, and hamstrings.

You could even place it on the ground and then roll your legs on top of it, kind of like you’d do with a foam roller.


homemade ice pack

Method #3: The Zip-lock Bag

This one isn’t so quick, but it’s still easy to make on your own.

Start with a Zip-lock bag (one that will seal very well) and fill it with one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water. The alcohol keeps it from freezing completely, so you end up with a bag of slushy liquid, which is ideal for placing around your joints.

This might get a little cold, so put a towel between the bag and your bare skin when you use it! (That’s one thing that’s awesome about this pack. It stays colder much longer than a typical store-bought ice pack.)

Bonus tip: Put some blue food coloring in there and it will look just like the ice packs you buy at the sporting goods store!

Bonus tip #2: To make this one even easier, skip the water/alcohol mixture. Instead, fill the bag with dish washing soap (such as Dawn or Palmolive) and freeze. The soap won’t freeze, either, so it will conform to your body nicely!

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