One of my favorite off-bike training methods is plyometrics. Put simply, plyometrics are explosive jumping exercises.

Plyometrics are extremely intense and provide one of the most gut-wrenching workouts possible. They will build immense speed and power to improve your fitness tremendously.

(Note: Beginners should be able to perform most bodyweight exercises before moving on to the higher impact plyometrics exercises.)

What’s cool about plyometrics:

  • Build explosive power without need for weights.
  • More intense than any other bodyweight exercises.
  • More fun and exciting than simply running sprints.

Technically speaking, plyometrics are about reaching maximum force in minimal time. Does that sound familiar? Perhaps if you’re riding in a group and you want to attack and break away? You need to create a maximum amount of force as quickly as possible to make such a devastating attack.

For more information about how and why plyometrics work, check out these two pages:

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