Today’s question is about getting an ab wheel workout without the stress on your elbows…

I got my ab roller today and can do between 15-20 without stopping but my arms hurt after i’m done. I think i’ll do it with the wheel a bit closer to my head, instead of with outstretched arms. It’s not the muscles in my arms that hurt it’s the joints in my elbows. Would this still be as effective?

-Elbow Ellen

Hi Ellen,

I think that would still hit your abs and be effective. Not exactly the same since the leverage is changed, but still a workout.

However, it seems like an odd position to be in. I tried it, and it felt awkward and harder to stay balanced. Plus it didn’t seem like it would be any easier on your elbows.

I’d have to see a video of your form to be sure!

The good news is, I have a better idea.

What I’d recommend instead of the ab wheel is getting a set of Valslides or the cheaper alternative – furniture sliders. You can do the ab roll out on these, but put your forearms/elbows down on the pads.

This way your weight is on your forearms and your elbows don’t move. It really takes your arms out of the equation. I tried it and it still felt like a pretty good ab workout.

The set of furniture sliders will also allow you to do the reverse ab roll out where your arms stay still and your legs extend backward. This should also ease the stress on your elbows.

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  1. Best of all, you can rearrange the living room while you’re at it!

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