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yes4all accupoint foam roller blue

Upon first glance, you might think that the Yes4All AccuPoint Roller is a cheaper alternative to the Grid or Rumble Roller.

After all, it has the solid PVC core for durability and the foam knobs for a deep massage, at a surprisingly low price.

I needed something small and portable for travel, and since I’d be using it on cement slabs, sidewalks, parking lots, etc., I didn’t want to put a lot of money into it. This foam roller fit the bill perfectly!

It didn’t hurt that it was available in four colors – black, blue, pink, and purple.

I was able to get this blue 4″ x 12″ roller for just $14.50 with free shipping. (And I chose to purchase it through eBay so I could use my eBay Bucks, making my actual price around $8. Score!)

They shipped it a few hours after I ordered, and it got here in 4 business days. That’s quick for free shipping!

Upon arrival, I held it in my hand and thought it was pretty darn nice! (Spoiler alert: I should have been thinking, “this seems too good to be true…”)

Then I removed the plastic wrap. Boy does it stink! It smells worse than a cheap yoga mat.

Nevertheless, it looked functional, so I got on it and rolled. And I rolled a little bit, but I mostly dragged myself across the floor. Maybe the 4″ diameter roller was not such a good idea!

I was expecting the smaller diameter to give me a deeper massage. I hadn’t even considered that it wouldn’t hold me high enough above the floor!

I don’t totally drag on the floor, but it’s close enough to be aggravating. It’s similar to using a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. Maybe I should have spent a few more dollars on the 5″ x 13″ size…

The thing is, I bought the smaller diameter for a very specific reason. I had seen some customer reviews saying that the PVC plastic core is brittle and prone to breaking, and I hoped that the 4″ diameter would be stronger [than the 5″ version.] And maybe, just maybe, the people breaking theirs weigh 250+ pounds. I’m only around 165lb, so I was hopeful.

(Another spoiler alert: I was hopeful then. I’m disappointed now.)

The pattern is nice and the “accupoints” dig in.

I’ll admit, the foam is pretty firm, and with the pattern, it digs in nicely. You feel it! You can tell, because if you go back to a regular foam roller after using this, it won’t feel like anything is happening!

It was almost too intense for a general warmup routine (which I use my regular foam roller for.) It’s more for therapy and targeted massage work.

All the knobs and “accupoints” will compress under your weight, but the pattern is still there, so you get more of a massage feel from it. Don’t expect them to dig in deep, just expect to feel them.

I really liked using the AccuPoint on my quads, IT band, and calves. It also worked to target my hips and glutes. (It was too small to target my back or lats, though.)

It is brittle and it will fall apart.

I used the roller sparingly for two months. After the first week, I really got sick of dragging on the floor, so I only used it for my calves, glutes, and then a little for my IT band.

At the two month mark, the plastic cracked. And then it cracked again. And again…

accupoint roller cracked

By the third month, the plastic core had cracked lengthwise in about seven different places. If it wasn’t for the foam stretched tightly over it, I’m sure the plastic would have fallen out.

As it is, the roller maintains it shape if you’re not using it. Looks can be deceiving though…

I can squeeze the roller with one hand.

At this point, my roller is not even functional. It completely collapses under my weight. I can even compress the thing with my hand! So it’s no wonder that the thing starts to flatten out just from the weight of my calf.

flattening accupoint foam roller

The foam has softened up as well. I can still feel the texture and pattern, but the knobs aren’t digging in. They mainly just squish down, as you can see from the photo where I’m compressing one with my thumb strength.

compressing foam roller knobs

“My knee just popped!”

Luckily, it turned out to be a false alarm!

See, when the roller only had two cracks in it, it was still usable. It would just click and pop lightly as I rolled over the cracks.

Then it got a third crack, and one day I must have weighted it just right, that it made an awful creaking, popping sound! It was loud! I think my heart skipped a beat because I seriously thought that was the sound of my knee popping!

Fortunately, it was just the sound of this piece of junk underneath my leg!

So heed my warning – not only will you waste your money on this thing, it could cause extra pain and suffering with scares like that!

foam roller size comparison

What’s a good travel-size foam roller?

The Yes4All roller sucks, and as much as I love my 36″ long foam roller that I use daily, it doesn’t make sense to carry it with me on road trips.

Lacrosse balls are easy to transport, but those are best for working out specific adhesions. I need something to hit my entire body for an easy warm-up.

The Moji 360 mini massager is about as good as it gets, but I just love the feel of rolling out on a foam roller.

Which is why I chose this roller. Sadly, this Yes4All roller is a joke.

The SKLZ Travel Barrel Roller is nice, and at $29.99, it’s a fair price for a nice roller. But that’s expensive enough I don’t want to damage it or lose it.

So, I think another Perform Better Elite Roller is the right choice! The 18″ long version is only $14.95 (and sometimes on sale for $11.95.)

That’s even cheaper than the Ultra Deluxe Yes4All X-Firm AccuPoint Roller ($19.50 at Amazon.com.) Not that it matters. I wouldn’t pay a dime for another Yes4All product!

max with accupoint foam roller
Max is not impressed with the roller either.

My final verdict is…

This thing is a piece of junk and was a good reminder that you get what you pay for with fitness equipment. The only times this small, fragile roller would work would be 1, if you only use it for your calves, and 2, if you’re buying it for a small child.

Otherwise, stick with the name brands. (And by “otherwise,” I mean always. If you care about your calves or your small child, you will not buy them one of these!)

Official website: www.Yes4All.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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Date last updated: 2015-01-06
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  1. Was this a record low rating? 1 1/2 stars?

  2. @Steve

    I feel like I have rated something even lower, just 1 star. But yeah, this is definitely one of the lowest ratings ever!

    The saving grace is that if you look at other self-massage products for $15 or less, many are just as useless.

  3. Are you sure theres not a weight limit on that thing? LOL

  4. @Parker

    If there is, they didn’t tell me! I’d suggest an 80 lb weight limit. (But even then, I wouldn’t recommend it.)

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