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voler campione kit

Based on my good luck with Voler bib shorts (I loved the Voler Elite bibs,) I picked up a pair of the Voler Campione bib shorts. The Campione line had just launched (January 2009,) so VeloWear did a 30% off sale to support it!

So I got a sweet pair of white bib shorts for $55.97! Normally I wouldn’t buy white shorts, but hey, the price was right!

Here are my thoughts on these bibs:


Like I said, the price was right. $55 for nice bibs is a steal, even in the case of white bibs that I probably won’t wear very often.


These shorts are certainly comfortable. They are nicer than the average Voler shorts, but quite a ways behind the Voler Elite DX bib level (only because the Voler Elite bibs were so good to me though.)

If you’re looking at comfort in relation to the price, comfort is excellent.

Looks and Style

One word: White! If you’re looking for white bibs, then I bet you’ll like the looks and style here.

White is flashy and attracts attention from everyone, in good and bad ways. If you have the right body and confidence to wear white, it could attract the ladies, and it could improve visibility in traffic. (Hopefully that means drivers won’t hit you.)

To be stylish with these white bibs, remember…

When Not To Wear White

Much like wearing white after Labor Day or wearing a white dress to a wedding, there is a similar limitation to wearing white bibs. And this has to do with current weather conditions.

The question is, how do they look when soaking wet from rain or saturated with sweat?

My answer is, I don’t know! That’s because I don’t wear these in inclement weather. Furthermore, I have no plans to wear these unless the weather is stunningly perfect.

White gets dirty easily, so one ride in the rain and you could lose that bright white shine. And the only thing worse than stained, off-white bibs is completely see-through bibs (think “wet t-shirt contest” and apply it to bib shorts).


While I’ve had these bibs a couple years now, I’ve only worn them on special occasions (see “When Not to Wear White”.) So I can’t say how long they will last under heavy use. But if they are anything like the other Voler shorts I’ve worn, they’ll last plenty long for the price.

My final verdict is…

These are nice, comfy bibs, that are also stylish. Just remember – you’ll stand out if you wear them. So make sure you don’t wear them unless you have a nice tan and ripped muscles, as well as serious speed to back them up.

Official website: www.Voler.com

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Date last updated: 2012-05-09
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  1. Don’t worry. These babies hold their white even after rain and road grime get ’em dirty. Never had a “show through” issue either. With this deal I’m ordering another pair today.

  2. @Kevin

    Thanks, good to know!

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