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A few years ago, Voler came out with some very nice shorts called the Voler Elite DX bib shorts. They looked comparable to high-end shorts priced at $200 or more, but they were only $120.

But then VeloWear.com held a “12 days of deals” Christmas sale, giving me the opportunity to snatch up these shorts for $72 (that’s 40% off!) I couldn’t pass it up!

Quite simply, these shorts are amazing!

Price and Value

I’ve always thought the regular Voler bibs for $40-55 were a great value, but these Elite bibs for $72 are the best value I’ve ever seen!

Even at $120, they’re still a good deal. But if you don’t find them on sale, you can also go to the Hammer Nutrition website and get their logo bibs. They are almost this exact same short and chamois, but they sell for $69.95 regularly.


As usual, I picked up a size Medium. Voler shorts fit me (about a 31″ waist and 5’8″ height) very well in a medium.

Not too tight nor baggy. The bib straps are just right for my torso, and the legs are just the right length.


I’ve worn a few pairs of the regular Voler bibs that are like $55, and they’re pretty nice, but nothing like the Elite DX! These are the most comfortable bibs I’ve ever worn.

They just feel so perfect; the fit is spot on, so comfortable. When you’re riding, you don’t even notice the shorts! The 10 panels move with your body seamlessly. The chamois is great, too.

While I don’t like to spend much money on shorts, I have purchased plenty of $100+ shorts on sale before. I’ve had some nice Giordana and DeMarchi bibs, and loved them, but these Voler bibs are about two steps above them!


The extra technology in these shorts probably won’t make a difference unless you’re an elite Time Trial racer, but it’s cool nonetheless. The shorts are made from Quantum DSX material, which has a micro-waffle surface – i.e. built-in dimples like golf balls and expensive Zipp rims have for less wind drag. I don’t have any of my own wind tunnel tests to prove this does anything to improve aerodynamics, but I doubt it hinders you any.

Looks & Style

These Elite bibs are very cool looking if you ask me. I like the design (which is basically how the panels are sewn together.) They’re more exciting than plain black shorts, without being obnoxious like bright shorts covered in sponsor logos.


While I’ve had these for a few years now, I haven’t worn them that often. I save them for long rides on nice days. So far they are doing fine, but I haven’t put thousands of miles on them!

If they prove durable, I’d be happy to pay $120 for another pair.

My final verdict is…

When I need new bibs, you can bet the Voler Elite DX shorts will be at the top of my list. I’ve never seen such technology and comfort offered at such a low price, so I highly suggest you check these out.

Official website: www.Voler.com

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Date last updated: 2011-09-26
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  1. I really like Voler, but you need to find some Louis Garneau Carbon Lazer shorts to try.

  2. @Joe

    I bet those LGs and other $150 bibs are nice, but it would be pretty hard to be twice as nice as these are at $70!

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