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the original palmassager

Growing up, one of my favorite activities was to get into my Grandma’s basket of massage tools. It was packed with all sorts of rollers, knobby balls, sticks, and other weird stuff. To me, these were all toys! While she did teach me how to use them properly and explained the concept of reflexology, I used them whichever way was fun!

That’s what I think of whenever I hold this little gadget, The Original Palmassager. It has no moving parts, but it has that funky look that brings back the memories.

I bought this a while back after seeing something similar called the Vibrassager, which looked super cool, but then I found out it was meant for a relaxing massage. I chose this tool instead since it appeared to be more versatile and more likely to dig in deep. And at only $7.95, I figured “what the heck?”

What’s the point?

If you do enough massage by hand, you’ll quickly wear out your fingers and thumbs. But without using your fingers and thumbs, it’s hard to apply pressure to small areas, so you’re in a catch 22 situation.

With the Palmassager, you are able to replicate those techniques while sparing your fingers from agony! That’s because you use your whole hand, and the three round knobs on the tool act as your fingertips. No more sore fingers or cramped hands!

How does it work?

Now that’s a good question. What I can say is, the Palmassager works however you use it.

See, it’s not something where you press a button and it does the work for you, and it’s not as simple as gliding it across your muscles. It’s a tool that you use in conjunction with your existing massage know-how! (There’s no instruction manual!)

Basically, you hold it in the palm of your hand, and you press it into your muscles. Depending on where you put most of the pressure, you could use one, two, or all three of its smooth knobs to target those knots and trigger points.

If you want to know more than that, you’ll have to find a massage therapist. They can explain the intricacies of all the different ways you can press on a muscle.

Does it work as promised?

Yes, it does. One side fits into your hand, the other side (with the legs) presses into your muscles. The best feature is how it has little finger holds molded into each “leg” so you can easily get a firm, comfortable grasp.

With the tool right under your hand, that means you can put a lot of pressure behind it, even when doing self-massage on your hamstrings. (Know how you can use your elbows on your quads to really dig in there? Well you can’t use your elbows on your hamstrings, so use this to help make up for it.)

Is it anything like the Moji 360?

Though the Palmassager is a good tool, it takes a lot of skill, effort, and patience to use. With the Moji 360 Mini, I can just grab it and roll it around, which is easy, fun, and effective!

Here’s exactly why I prefer the Moji 360 Mini Massager:

  • More easily transported since it’s flat.
  • Easier to use (requires no knowledge of massage technique.)
  • Easier to grip thanks to the strap on the back.
  • Even easier on your hands since the strap holds it onto you.
  • Much more versatile.

Of course, the Moji is $30. That’s 3 times more! But when I’m sore and tired from a ride, I want something that gets results without me having to think a whole lot! The Moji does that.

(In case you missed it, I just reviewed the Moji 360 massagers earlier this week.)

My final verdict is…

For $8, this tool comes in pretty handy (especially if you need to massage someone else.) It’s going to make certain massage techniques much easier on your fingers. However, you need to be familiar with proper massage techniques already, or this isn’t going to help you!

When it comes to self-massage to help you recover from your workouts, I’d skip this tool in favor of the Moji Mini Massager.

Official website: www.PressurePositive.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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