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simbree energy bites

Who would have known that the energy foods market is full of multiple variations on the tried-and-true “bar” format?

I recently reviewed the Chunks, have mentioned Bloks, and now have to try some Bites.

You have to love the “out of the box” thinking! Energy bars are so 2005!

That’s why I’m testing these Simbree Energy Bites, which are small, bite-sized versions of the quintessential cycling treat, the energy bar.

The best way to describe these is… taking healthy energy bar ingredients, mixing them up together, and cutting them into little bite-size squares. Imagine taking some rolled oats, nuts, and seeds, and mixing them together with some honey. (Yes, these are quite similar to the “Chunks of Energy” I reviewed earlier.)

How do they look?

They look very moist and chewy, and the pistachio flavor (pictured below) looked best because of the green pistachio pieces in there. All of them have a similar ‘bird seed clumped together in honey’ look. (I’m not sure how that sounds, but it entices me!)

simbree energy bites

They also look like they’ll stick to your hands. Well, if it gets warm, they will stick to each other. But luckily they didn’t make my fingers all sticky on the journey from bag to my mouth.

And the taste?

They taste just like they look. Moist overall, but with plenty of texture from all the little goodies in there. They are sweet, too, thanks to the honey in them.

How about the price?

The price seems to come out somewhere around $1 per serving, which is basically the same price as most energy bars. However, you can buy these in various size containers, so you have some bulk discount options. (Bags pictured above are 6 ounce bags.)

For something of this quality (i.e. an energy bar with healthy ingredients,) it’s not bad at all.

Any health benefits?

These bites are on the healthy side for energy bars. The ingredients are all-natural (no processed crap in here) and some are organic. Just take a look at the pistachio ingredients list below:

Rolled oats, wild blackberry honey, dry-roasted peanuts, ground soybeans, brown sugar, oat bran, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios.

Coolness – wild blackberry honey! I had to do some research on this, but it looks like high-quality honey that is only found in the Pacific Northwest! (Good thing Simbree is based in Seattle.)

Note: Simbree made some changes to their ingredients since my review was first published:

1) They have upgraded from regular brown sugar to organic brown sugar. Great news if you like to buy organic products.
2) They are removing soy from the product. If you are allergic to soy, that’s great news!

Now it’s time to do a taste test!

The Taste Test

simbree energy bites

Oat Bites with Peanut, Almond, Pistachio

Tastes like a mix of rolled oats and honey, with some peanut pieces in there. I could only taste the pistachio if I took a small bite that had a large Pistachio piece in it. I love pistachios and anything pistachio flavor, but these didn’t really deliver that pistachio knockout. (They’re still good, just don’t buy them looking for a solely “pistachio bite.” They’re more of a “mixed nuts” flavor.)

Oat Bites with Walnuts and Maple

Starts off with that familiar maple walnut aroma. Then the taste is a mix of sweet honey with a hint of maple, and then some walnut flavor. The first try, these seemed to hit my taste buds with a little bland flavor and sweet flavor, which kept alternating back and forth. That was kind of odd, but they were still pretty good.

The second time I had these, the flavor seemed much more powerful, and really had that maple walnut goodness! (Maybe my taste buds were worn out the first time?)

Oat Bites with Cashews and Coconut

I popped these open when I wasn’t even hungry, but then I couldn’t stop myself from eating them! There wasn’t an overwhelming cashew or coconut flavor; they were just plain “good.” The coconut was noticeable, and I guess even cashews themselves won’t have an overwhelming cashew flavor, but this cashew/coconut combo just had it. (Whatever “it” is, these had it, and they sure were good!)

My favorite?

It’s hard to say. Something with the Cashew Coconut had an overall goodness, so I’d say it’s my favorite, but the Maple Walnut is a nice, sweet flavor. I guess that puts Peanut/Almond/Pistachio in last place… it’s not bad at all, but the mixed nuts flavor wasn’t as exciting for me as the other ones.

simbree energy bites

My final verdict is…

These taste good and are quite healthy. Get some! (At least give them a shot as something to rotate in with your current energy bar choice.)

Official Website: www.Simbree.com

*This product has been discontinued.

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  1. I agree! These are so tasty and convenient! The best energy bar-type product out there… I’m especially impressed with the unique idea of making them into bite-sized pieces. It’s nice to be able to just pop a few into your mouth here and there. I highly recommend this product to everyone, especially bikers looking for some energy!

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