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sigma sport bc1106 computer

After riding for a full season without any speedometer or odometer (since my Sigma Sport BC1600 broke down,) I finally caved in and bought a new computer last year.

Despite the past problems, I’m still a fan of Sigma Sport (to an extent,) and the display and button setup on this model looked good, so I grabbed one. Plus, the Sigma Sport BC1106 “team edition” color was on sale for $19.99 at Nashbar, and I couldn’t pass up a good deal.

(The team edition is red, which looks weird on my silver/blue Trek, but perfectly matches my white/red Cannondale.)

Installation and Setup

Setting up the BC1106 was as simple and straightforward as any wired computer can be. The only problem is the time consuming initial installation, thanks to the wire that must be wrapped around the brake cable.

The instructions involving setup were clear. After easily setting the time and wheel diameter, it was time to roll.

sigma sport bc1106 display

In Use

I really like the interface of Sigma Sport computers. It’s nice and simple. And the fact I was familiar with it already was a big plus.

This computer was on par with my BC1600 from years prior, with two minor differences. First, this one takes an extra two seconds to reset everything before a new ride. Second, the “sweet spot” on the buttons is a little different and took some getting used to. (The buttons are big, but there is a certain angle where you have to hit them.)

The display on this one is a tad bigger and brighter, which I like.


The BC1106 offers 11 functions:

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Comparison speed / average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Clock
  • Trip distance
  • Total distance bike 1+2
  • Trip riding time
  • Total riding time bike 1+2
  • Memory function
  • 2 wheel sizes programmable

I only set this up for one bike, so I can’t speak to the multi-bike and wheel size functions, but all the features I used seemed to work fine.

We Have a Problem!

Well, the computer worked fine for a few rides. Then one day I’m descending a 4 mile hill at 40mph. I tucked down to go faster, checked the computer, and it said 28mph! Next thing I knew, it said 0mph!

Since I was still cruising down nicely, I was sure the magnet had fallen off, because I thought I heard a little “ting” on the road. Nothing else seemed to happen, so I just rode calmly to the bottom (there was no way I could stop on that steep downhill!)

Once I had a chance to slow down, I stopped and checked, and everything looked perfect! The sensor and magnet were still lined up as before, the wire was still hooked in, and the clock function on the computer still worked.

It must be another case of the mysterious burnout of Sigma Sport computers!* This is the third computer I’ve had from Sigma Sport, and the third one that failed mysteriously! But while the others lasted a couple years each, this one lasted for about a week! The total time was about 7 hours and total distance just about 109 miles.

*Keep reading to see what happened…

The Sigma Sport Big Magnet

As luck would have it, a few hours after that fateful ride, the mail arrived, and there was my big magnet I ordered from Sigma Sport. I had ordered it mainly to test my BC1600 Wireless computer, but it will make a good test here…

As I went to remove the old magnet, I noticed something… the plastic case was still firmly attached to my spoke, but there was an empty hole in it! The actual magnet must have ejected on the downhill! Now it makes sense!

sigma sport bc1106 sensor and magnet

But man, talk about a poorly built magnet. It fell apart while cruising down a smooth road!

Anyway, the big magnet solved the problem and has worked well for six or eight months now.

Customer Service

I never bothered doing anything with a warranty since the computers did last a couple years each, but after three failures, I decided to email them my story about all the mysterious failures.

A Sigma rep responded the next day thanking me for the information and said she forwarded it to the service techs. I can’t say how good they are with warranties, but they are kind and courteous at least.

sigma sport big magnet

My final verdict is…

I used to think Sigma Sport was so great, but now I have had two Sigma computers mysteriously quit working, and the third one I get falls apart within a week!

So… “fool me once, shame on me. Fool me three times, well, the point is you won’t be fooling me any more!” Actually, the joke is on Sigma Sport’s competitors, because I’m finding these computers so cheap it’s still a better value to replace them consistently than to switch brands!

If you don’t mind replacing $20 computers every year or two, this is a good option.

Official website: www.SigmaSport.com

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  1. The best value for quality and function that I’ve found in a cyclometer is Schwinn. Never had a single problem with them and I used them for three riding seasons, logging at least fifty rides and at least 2,000 miles.

    Though I’ve seen claims that Schwinn makes a version that measures cadence I’ve yet to come across it. So I’ve sadly switched to Cateye, which I’ve had several problems with in less than 700 miles of riding.

  2. Wow, I just took a few minutes to figure out how much time and distance I really logged on my Schwinn cyclometers (I had one for the rear and one for the front, so I could use them on my trainer and read them easily on the trail). It’s just short of 200 rides and just over 3,000 miles. For a total investment of about $35.00 (I think I paid $20 for one and $15 for the other) I’m not sad with the results.

  3. @Tom

    Very interesting, I never considered Schwinn computers. I just found a 17-function Schwinn computer at Amazon.com for $9.99 – I might have to test one out someday.

  4. I have a Schwinn cyclometer and I think it is not accurate based on design: The sensor moves the distance to 0.01 mile after 8 times passing the magnet with a 700/25c wheel size, but the real 0.01 mile is after 7 1/2 wheel circumference, and so on. On a ride of 20-30 miles the error of distance it is completely unacceptable.I made measurement marks on THE asphalt and I check the accuracy of this Schwinn spedometer. I am curios how accurate are Sigma, Cateye, etc, wired cyclometers. I don’t consider wireless because the price and mallfunctions.

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