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sensibly natural veggie chips

If you spotted Sensibly Natural Veggie Chips (or Veggie Sticks) on the shelf, what would you assume they were?

Sliced, dried vegetables, right?


Despite the name, they’re not made of veggies. At all. They’re potato flour and rice flour based chips.

I still bought them, though, for two reasons. First, the reason I noticed them, was that they were on clearance at Big Lots for 45 cents per bag. Second, despite the lack of veggies, they still contained all natural ingredients.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

So there’s good news – thanks to the choice of rice and potato flour, rather than wheat flour, they might be gluten-free. And they use safflower oil, which I eat on occasion. Finally, they also include tomato powder, spinach powder, and beet powder, so that’s where the “veggie” aspect comes in. The only other ingredient is salt, which is practically unavoidable when you purchase something that comes in a box or bag.

The ingredients add up to 130 calories per serving (390 per bag). That’s definitely not bad for snackers (like myself) who eat out of the bag and can’t stop till it’s empty. With these chips you’d get fewer calories than usual. You’d take in 930mg sodium from the bag, which sounds bad, but it’s actually less sodium than is found in a can of Libby’s green peas!

I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m 99% sure the veggie powders are only in there for the coloring. A serving of these chips is in no way comparable to a scoop of Greens+ powder!

sensibly natural veggie chips

So if you’re ever wondering “what are veggie chips made of?” – you now know the answer is – “not vegetables.”

No matter. I fully realize this is a snack food, so let’s move on to the taste test.

Taste Test

They taste like regular snacks. A bit like Funyuns, with less onion flavor. Mainly like those potato chip fries with that cartoon guy on the bag (anyone remember the name of those?) You can’t taste any health food here!

Both products tasted pretty good, but enjoyment-wise, I found the chips’ texture much better. The chips were more fun to eat and less greasy than the sticks. The chips are like light, airy chips… the sticks are more like eating air.

I noticed slight taste differences between the white, green, and orange chips, but couldn’t identify specific flavors. Even more proof of the superficiality of the veggie powder!

So, the chips are fun to eat, and at 45 cents per bag, they make a great snack if you must have some processed food. I’d buy them again.

At retail price, though, they’re probably too much money to be worthwhile. If they cost something absurd like $3.79, like a normal bag of chips, I’d get something else instead. Or save up for a NatureBox.

sensibly natural veggie sticks

My final verdict is…

These certainly aren’t the worst snack you could buy. I just don’t like how they are made to look like “veggie chips,” when in reality, they’re nothing more than potato chips that are colored to look like vegetables! Be very skeptical of any product like this, and only eat them sparingly.

Official website: N/A

*Why no website? These are probably a knockoff of the more popular brand Sensible Portions, which sells veggie straws, veggie chips, and veggie crisps, all essentially the same thing (and suffering from the same problems).

**You could make the argument that potatoes are vegetables, so these are indeed “veggie chips,” but no one with any sense will actually buy that argument.

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  1. Just found these the other day, and I have to say I like them a lot. My wife & I are trying to eat healthier, but sometimes miss having chips. I read the label, but decided to try them even though they weren’t as healthy as I’d like. Mostly because of what they didn’t contain. We don’t however eat the entire bag at one time. We only have half the serving size for an occasional snack on those days we are missing a crunchy snack. They are great with salsa for a low calorie, satisfying indulgence.

  2. @Dave

    Totally agree. I’ll have to try them with salsa some time if I see them again.

  3. Dave,
    You might want to amend your post – the chips (not the sticks) have no rice flour or rice powder in them, but do have the following: Potato flour, potato starch, expelled pressed safflower oil, salt, sugar, tomato paste, turmeric,spinach powder and beetroot powder.
    For an off the shelf snack that you can get at the 99 cent store, they are not half bad…for a conventional diet, but should be left alone more than not for those seeking a pure eating regimen.

  4. @Linda

    I’ll assume you’re referencing my post since Dave’s comment doesn’t mention ingredients.

    I was referring to the products collectively in that you’ll find rice and potato flour, rather than wheat flour. The point I was trying to make is that these are not based on wheat flour, which is the more common offender for food intolerances.

    Odd that the products use different ingredients, though.

    But yeah, we seem to agree on the product. 🙂

  5. Many people who are in kidney failure or on dialysis need to know the potassium count for all food items. Could you please add that to the things you analyze? Thank you!

  6. Usually I stay away from all products, which say, “distributed by” instead of where it is made. I started searching for this manufacturer and instead came across multiple sites only telling me that this business is 23 years 5 months old, that there are 4 people with Asian names, all the same, running it, etc. One site says there were no comments in 23 years. Came across your website, which terrorizes me to death with animated garbage, from which it is impossible to get rid of, offering me to beg you not to sell me out… Just what do you eat to trash your own website while writing good reviews? It blocked my text here half a dozen of times. What did you achieve with this sickness, how does it support your website if a visitor is aggravated from never-ending satanic pop-ups?

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