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quaker simple harvest hot cereal

I was once a big fan of the fruit and nut bars from the Quaker Simple Harvest line, but you can’t get those anymore, so I tried the hot cereal hoping it would be good, too. I grabbed the vanilla almond honey flavor since it was on sale.

The Simple Harvest hot cereal is a lot like oatmeal, but it offers more than oats. Yes, it’s mainly oats, but they throw in a little wheat, barley, and rye, too.



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The taste is pretty good. It’s like oatmeal but slightly different thanks to the variety of grains. It’s extremely sweet, though. The vanilla flavor is overpowering, then you add the sugar and honey, wow! I’m not sure if the vanilla is a bit on the artificial side or if it’s just because of the sweetness level, but the bottom line is – this stuff if sweet.

To add to the texture, there are big almond slivers in there. I don’t really like big crunchy things in my oatmeal, but if you do, there are quite a few almonds for your enjoyment.

I don’t like rye bread either, but I have no problem with the rye grain in this cereal.

Since it was so sweet (and has way more sugar than necessary,) I found myself dumping one packet of this in a bowl and then dumping in an equal or greater amount of plain rolled oats. It was still sweet and flavorful, but not overpowering.

You’d need at least four packets of this in a bowl to equal my typical size bowl of oatmeal. But there’s more sugar in one packet of this than I put in one of my large bowls of oatmeal!

Quaker Simple Harvest Hot Cereal also comes in maple brown sugar with pecans and apple cinnamon. I’d like to try the apple cinnamon someday as I would probably prefer that one, and hopefully it wouldn’t be overly sweet.

Here is the dry mix before adding milk and microwaving:

quaker simple harvest hot cereal

My final verdict is…

The taste isn’t bad, but it’s so sugary, I plan to stick with my own oatmeal recipe, so I can keep the sugar content in check.

This appears to be slightly healthier than some other pre-packaged oatmeals, but if you’re going to eat oatmeal, make it yourself. It’s healthier that way.

Official website: www.QuakerOats.com

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  1. When I’m traveling I like to toss a few packs of flavored instant oatmeal and a few packs of regular/plain instant oatmeal into my bag along with some spoons. Then all I need to do is get hot water which I can get at any fast food joint of coffee shop. It’s good emergency rations.

  2. @Hannah

    Great idea! Sounds very convenient for traveling!

  3. Hi Levi. You should also check out Nature’s Place Organic Oatmeal. I like it so much better than the sugary Quaker brand. I believe it’s a Hannaford Supermarkets brand.

  4. At least sugar isn’t the #1 ingredient.

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