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push-up pro grip

Like bodyweight exercises? A firm believer in the ‘tried and true’ push-up? Then the Push-Up Pro could be just what you need to take your workouts to the next level without requiring you to head to the gym!

Simply put, these are “rotating pushup grips” and they do exactly what the name suggests. You hold onto them while doing push-ups, and they rotate in half-circles to give you a better workout.

The point of the Push-up Pro is to allow you to do push-ups using a more natural arm motion. Imagine throwing a punch – your arm rotates as it goes away from and comes toward your body. These grips incorporate that natural motion into your push-ups.

A More Natural Motion

You can see the motion in the pictures below. In the up position, my arms are out like normal. But in the down position, my arms have rotated 90 degrees.

using push-up pro

There are two main benefits to this. First, since it’s a natural motion, it’s easier on your joints. Since your arms are free to move naturally, there won’t be undue pressure on certain joints. (Normal pushups really put pressure on your wrists.)

That was a big selling point for me. I used these to improve range of motion in my arm/shoulder while rehabilitating a dislocated shoulder. My wrists have also taken a pounding from years of BMX jumps and aggressive mountain biking, so I liked how my wrists weren’t bent and pressed down into the floor.

Second, these provide a much harder workout. It’s also more of a full-body workout, since these hit all the muscles in your arms and shoulders, plus they bring your abs, back, and core muscle groups into play.

I can’t say exactly, but push-ups with these grips are much harder than regular push-ups. I’d say after 15 push-ups using these, I’m as tired as I would be doing 30 similar push-ups where my hands/arms stay locked. (And I already do a lot of core training. If you aren’t already using a core training program such as Cyclo-Core, these push-ups will be very difficult.)

Potential Problems with the Push-Up Pro

Slipping. The Push-up Pro base has five rubber grippers, and I’ve used these on carpet, cement, and tile floors without a problem. I doubt you will have any problems, but if you have a very smooth, slippery floor, or if you have bad form, or if you try some crazy push-up variation, these grips might slide a bit.

Durability. These grips are made out of plastic and they’re very lightweight. They have held up just fine in my tests (for the past few months,) but sometimes I can feel and hear the bearings inside scraping as the grips move. And I’m only 165 pounds…

New aches and pains. If your joints aren’t used to moving this much, start slow. If you do too much too soon, your joints might get sore.

I actually hurt my elbows the first few times I used these. I could feel a tendon moving back and forth in my elbow which was kind of painful. (Note: Some of that sensation is probably due to the fact that my elbows are hypermobile, or “double jointed” as it is usually called.)

Ease of use. My big gripe with these is that the bearings aren’t very smooth. You can actually do a push-up without the grips moving at all, so they require conscious effort on your part to make sure your arms are moving as smoothly as possible.

Comfort. I wouldn’t say these are uncomfortable, but the handle is hard plastic, so it’s not luxurious. The odd thing is, the underside of the handle is rubberized, while the top (where the pressure is) is still hard plastic. You would think the comfort feature should have wrapped around the entire handle…

So… is there a better solution?

Push-Up Pro or Perfect Pushup?

If you have seen the Push-Up Pro, chances are you have also seen a product called the Perfect Push-Up. It is a very similar device, but it costs twice as much. (The Push-Up Pro is just $20, while the Perfect Push-Up is $40.)

[Update: The Perfect Push Up can now be found for under $20 on Amazon.com.]

Why does it cost more? It is made out of heavy-duty metal and contains smooth bearings, making it feel sturdier and smoother. It would be great in a home gym, or if money is no object.

But the Push-Up Pro has its advantages. Obviously, the price is very enticing. And the low-profile and light weight make it great for ‘on the go’ use while traveling. It would also be perfect for a college dorm room or apartment.

Push-Up Pro Tested On Video

My final verdict is…

These give you a good workout, and the quality is decent, so I think they’re worth it.

If you don’t do push-ups or bodyweight exercises, then these might be a little too tough for you (in which case you could get them later). But if you are in good shape and want a new challenge to add to your workout, the Push-Up Pro and Perfect Push-Up are both great choices.

I was happy to save money by getting the Push-Up Pro, but both are good choices.

Official website: www.PushUpPro.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

(Or go with The Perfect Push-up.)

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  1. Great review. I appreciated the real world aspect of it. I also appreciated the reference to the Perfect Pushup for comparison purposes.

  2. Hello Levi,I’ve read some other people’s thoughts about this product and I got a bit scared when i read someone having a hand surgery because of this device and some say it’s not as durable as the Perfect Pushup.I’m wondering.. are you going to do a review on Perfect pushup or perfect pull up?

  3. @Jed

    I might do a full review of the Perfect Pushup sometime (I’ve been using them,) but I can say this now – it’s way more comfortable and better quality than the Push Up Pro. You can find both products for $20 in some stores, so there’s no reason not to get the Perfect Pushup.

    As for hand surgery, I’ve never heard that story, but I highly doubt using these push up grips was the culprit.

  4. Okay,thanks and I’ll be waiting for your review if you did so =) Do you know besides the steel bearings,the difference between the Original Push up found on store and online(if they have any difference besides that)? and I’m curious,have you heard or tried “Ultimate Push up”? I saw some pictures of it on Ebay,it looks very much like the Perfect Pushup(the expensive type)but it’s cheaper and it looks pretty durable(but i’m a suspicious because it’s another “knock off”)

  5. @Jed

    The Ultimate Push Up looks alright, but I’d still stick with the Perfect Push Up since the price isn’t much different.

    Being a knock off, I highly doubt it would be better than the Perfect Push Up.

  6. Yeah,you’re probably right.. i mean even if the Push-up pro is affordable and travel friendly i still go with Perfect Pushup(Even if I think it’s overprice.. i’m trying to get the mobile version but it’s really expensive)and it’s also a knock-off of perfect push-up. Oh,I want to ask..Does the perfect Push-up really works the back muscles?I can’t do any regular pullups right now so maybe it can help me strengthen my back too(but i’m also doing other back exercises as well)I hope and do you think the Original version is travel friendly? I want the mobile version but it’s too expensive to me right now.

  7. I wouldn’t bother with the travel version. The original version is nearly as portable, so unless you want to carry them around in a purse (i.e. the “included travel bag,”) there’s not much reason to get the travel version.

    It will work your back muscles a little, but not directly like a pull-up.

  8. I see,thank you very much for your great insights. It helped me a lot and i really appreciate it =)

  9. so basicly how many sets of 10 do you have to do a dAY?because i bought them and i vary from 100 to 150 a day

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