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pedros tire levers

If you are new to cycling and haven’t found the right tire lever yet, let me save you the trouble…

The Pedro’s tire levers are hands down the best tire lever available. You don’t need to know anything else, but if you insist, I’ll continue my review…

With any tire lever, you want it to be easy to use, which means it must be comfortable in your hand, and it must be strong enough that it won’t break when you need it.

These Pedro’s tire levers give you all that and more.

First, they’re pretty big and ergonomically shaped, so they’re comfortable in your hand. That’s very important if you have to change tires often.

But the tip is still pretty thin, making it easy to slide it under the tire bead. Some levers are too fat to fit between the tire and rim, making them completely useless.

The Pedro’s levers are also super strong – I’ve never broken one! I’ve used them on the tight Neuvation M28 Aero3 wheels and some super-tight BMX rim/tire combos, and somehow they do the job while other levers bend and snap.

Last but not least, they are bright yellow. So whenever you drop one on the side of the road or trail, it will be easy to find!

You may be wondering if it’s a downside getting two levers instead of three, like some other manufacturers package together. Well, when you have a good tire lever and a little bit of skill, you only need one lever to do the job! They’re so good, I keep one in my seat bag and one in my workshop.

pedros tire levers

My final verdict is…

If you only have one set of tire levers, it should be these Pedro’s tire levers. These are the standard by which all other tire levers should be judged!

Get some, you won’t regret it.

Official website: www.Pedros.com

Buy online: www.PerformanceBike.com or www.JensonUSA.com

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Date last updated: 2008-10-18
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  1. What my bike shop do and what I am slowly getting there at is not using tyre levers at all. Just using your thumbs to get tyre’s on and off, it’s though but worth it.

  2. @Nathan

    Tire installation and removal without tire levers is indeed a very handy skill to have. However, there are certain situations where it is either impossible to do that, or not time-efficient, making tire levers very useful 🙂

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