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sleeperzzz natural sleeping pills

Millions of Americans are faced with sleep problems, yet it seems most people try to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. How so? Energy drinks!

Everyone is looking for energy drinks. Few people are looking for ways to sleep better! But that’s where you can really make a difference.

And if I do say so myself, the energy you get from a good night’s sleep is far superior to the energy boost you get from an energy drink!

So, aside from the standard ways of getting better sleep, what can you do? You could try a natural sleep aid like Optimum-FX SleeperZzz.

Sleep aids aren’t that expensive. This one was about $20 for 60 capsules, which is 1-2 months of daily servings, depending on how potent of a dose you need.

What do you get in these pills?

Proven ingredients like L-Theanine, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), Phellodendron Root, Mucuna Pruriens, 5-HTP (5 hydroxytryptophan), and Melatonin.

Most of these are common supplements to help you to relax or get to sleep. You’ve probably heard of some of them.

I’m not familiar with Phellodendron Root or Mucuna Pruriens, and when researching them, didn’t find anything about them helping improve sleep. But I’m a huge fan of L-Theanine, and I know the others are reported to have some sleep-inducing effects, so let’s give this a shot!

The actual doses are as follows:

sleeperzzz sleeping pills ingredients label

The supplement is made in the USA, and as far as I know, all the ingredients are relatively safe (at least in small doses for short amounts of time). So I’m not too concerned about negative side effects.

Since this is a special mix and not just an individual supplement, the only thing to do is put it to the test!

I started by taking one pill at night.

Since I’m very careful with new supplements, I began by only taking one pill each night.

For reference, if I take one Benadryl allergy pill, I’ll pass out for the night and be groggy and drowsy the next day! So yeah, I’m going to be extra cautious with sleeping pills!

I did this three times over the course of two weeks, and I simply could not tell if the pills were making a difference. The results were inconsistent, much like my sleep patterns!

Sometimes I was asleep within 30 minutes of taking the pill, other times it was two hours before I fell asleep! Sometimes I slept the full night, other times I woke up multiple times during the middle of the night.

Naturally, there were mornings I felt great, and mornings I felt tired and worn down.

I don’t think the SleeperZzz changed anything, one way or another. Apparently there are other factors in my life that have more bearing on my quality of sleep than these pills do!

But then I upped the dose to two pills each night.

Since one wasn’t doing much, I switched to a dose of two pills.

Wow, what a difference! That dose put me to sleep! Yet I woke up refreshed – not drowsy!

That was the case, each and every time. So I finally got my conclusive results!

Do they help me fall asleep?

Yes. They help me fall asleep by helping me to relax.

However, they do not put me to sleep. What I mean is that I can take the pills and go to sleep in 15 minutes, or I can wait two hours. They don’t seem to take affect until I decide to lie down and want to go to sleep.

Which is awesome!

Do they help me stay asleep?

Yes. Almost every single night when I was taking the full dose, I slept straight through the night. Occasionally I’d wake up momentarily, but I never had a night where I was tossing and turning.

Do I wake up refreshed or drowsy?

I wake up refreshed and ready to go! It’s great!

If I’m sleep-deprived, I may still be a little tired (the SleeperZzz aren’t a miracle,) but I’m never drowsy.

I’m very pleased!

My final verdict is…

These are awesome! And that’s coming from someone who never liked the idea of sleeping pills!

See, these are a sleep aid, and it totally makes sense now. The SleeperZzz help me relax at night, which then allows me to get to sleep easily! And then I wake up refreshed!

I’m going to keep taking these on evenings where I’m feeling stressed out or wound up. (If you have evenings like that, I encourage you to try these!)

Official website: www.Optimum-FX.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Are the pills hard to swallow?

    • @Hattie

      The pills are a common size – they’re the standard veg capsules filled with powder.

      If you hate swallowing pills, as I do, then they’re certainly on the moderate/large size. But they’re not oversized.

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