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ola loa packets

This past winter, I was getting content with Emergen-C for my powdered multivitamin needs. It was giving me quite a few vitamins and minerals, tasted good, and didn’t contain too much sugar (although it was more sugar than I would have liked.)

Now I have found Ola Loa, which is another powdered multivitamin supplement, but it contains more vitamins and minerals, adds amino acids, and cuts way back on the sugar. Sounds like a win-win-win!


Also, just the fact that it’s a liquid vitamin gives me reasons to like it. Here are a couple general reasons I like taking my vitamins as a liquid:

  1. Easy to take. Just drink it (you don’t even have to stir.) No pills to swallow.
  2. Easy to absorb. You never know how well your body actually absorbs the vitamins from those hard tablets that are compressed and/or glued together.

Now let’s take a closer look at Ola Loa…

The Ola Loa Formulas

Ola Loa comes in multiple varieties. They are all a similar multivitamin, but the ingredients differ slightly. Here is what Ola Loa says about their formulations:

“Providing hard to get nutrients like TMG, NAC and CoQ10, plus vitamins A through K, 1000 mg of Vitamin C, 40 mineral complexes and 6 amino acids, Ola Loa’s nutrients are pleasing to taste and provide almost instant benefits. Ola Loa ENERGY provides quick recovery for stress, sports and the rigors of daily life.”

“Ola Loa provides B-Vitamins and Carnitine to help turn carbohydrates and fat into useable energy, Vitamin C, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Copper to provide Antioxidants, and Electrolytes with Osmolytes for the best hydration possible.”

“Ola Loa REPAIR is a great tasting effervescent multi-vitamin powder that provides unparalleled nutrient support for bones, joints, cartilage and the aches and pains of everyday life. REPAIR is recommended for daily bone and joint health, as a general anti-aging vitamin and is a comfort to those concerned about Osteoporosis, Arthritis and regular wear-and-tear on joints.”

“With Ola Loa KIDS multi, it’s easy to give your kids proper nutrition by making it fun. Just add one packet of the delicious Ola Loa vitamin powder to water or their favorite juice. This fizzy drink will tickle their taste buds; and the Cran-raspberry flavor will make them look forward to drinking it everyday. Ola Loa KIDS is doctor formulated, and based upon the most up to date research on pediatric nutrition. Most importantly, you can be sure that your kid is getting the right nutrients in the right amounts.”

My Ola Loa Taste Test

I tested out the flavors in the Energy and Sport formulas. Here is what I thought:

ola loa orange

[Energy] Orange

This has a nice orange scent to start things off. The orange flavor is nice, too. It was kind of creamy, somewhere between Hammer Heed’s Mandarin Orange and EBOOST’s Orange flavor.

I watered it down a bit too much the first time, but when mixed strong enough, I really liked it!

ola loa cran-raspberry

[Energy] Cran-Raspberry

Now this is good stuff! Cran-Raspberry is a great flavor and you can actually taste the cranberry and the raspberry in the mix. And even though the texture isn’t creamy, it has a great creamy taste.

This is definitely my favorite flavor.

ola loa tropical

[Energy] Tropical – Tropical is a little mild, but still tasty. It is a lot like the Emergen-C tropical flavor. I’d say it’s a mango/pineapple combo, but I’m not positive.

Emergen-C tastes a little sweeter, but after I tried this a couple times, I started to like it just as much.

ola loa lemon-lime

[Sport] Lemon-Lime

This flavor is drinkable, but not great. It’s kind of like the lemon-lime FRS powder, where it has a decent lemon-lime flavor, but then there’s an unwelcome tinge of weirdness thrown in.

I usually like lemon-lime sports drinks (like in PowerBar Endurance,) but this flavor is a little different. The more times I had lemon-lime, the more I didn’t like it! (With every other flavor, I liked them more each time.)

ola loa mango-tangerine

[Sport] Mango-Tangerine

This flavor was pleasant enough. It’s somewhere between Orange and Tropical. There is a predominant tangerine flavor (which is kind of like orange,) then there is a hint of tropical flavor (which must come from the mango.)

This was better than the Lemon-Lime flavor, but not quite as good as Orange and Tropical (and definitely not as good as Cran Raspberry.)

ola loa mixed berry

[Sport] Mixed Berry

This one is good thanks to the strong berry flavor. It’s not amazing, and not quite as good as the Cran-Raspberry, but if you don’t like tropical or citrus flavors, it’s your best bet.

Mixed Berry offers a very natural taste, like you’re eating real berries. There’s even a fraction of a second of a sour taste in there to make it more realistic (since we all know that not every real berry tastes like candy!)

Taste Test Summary – As with most drinks of this nature, I enjoyed some of the flavors while I disliked others. I actually disliked most of the flavors the first time around, but after a second taste, I really started to like these.

When I purchase this in the future my top choices will be Cran-Raspberry and Orange.

Overall, the taste is slightly different than competitors’ products because Ola Loa uses stevia. If you’re addicted to sugar and don’t like stevia, you probably won’t like these drinks the first time around. But they might grow on you, like they did to me.

Preparation (i.e. Mixing)

As you can imagine, Ola Loa is super easy to prepare. You just tear open a packet, dump the contents into a cup, and pour a little water in there. The Ola Loa effervesces on its own (no need to shake or stir,) and then you drink it.

The only thing to worry about is using the right amount of water. You will probably find the right amount within the recommended 4-6oz range. (I went slightly over 6oz a couple times and the drinks tasted like watered-down medicine, so from then on, I erred on the strong side.)

Ola Loa’s Energy Boost and Health Benefits

While I never expect to get any sort of energy boost from vitamin drinks like this, I abstained from energy drinks for a few days before this test, just to set myself up for a possible boost.

I started out taking one packet per day, each morning. There was no discernible energy boost.

Next I tried adding a second packet in the evening, which I think did perk me up a tiny bit.

Finally, I took three packets consecutively in the morning. I think this may have given me an uplifting feeling that lasted most of the day. It was long-lasting, but very gradual (nothing like a caffeine rush.)

In general, I felt pretty good while testing these. That could be due to any number of factors, but at least I can say that these did not drain my energy and make me feel weird. (i.e., there were no negative side effects.)

It’s possible you’ll feel a little boost with this drink, but I don’t consider these to be energy drinks. If you get a big boost with one of these, I’d be willing to bet that you have an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, or some other issue, and just getting a few vitamins is such a shock to your system that they’re giving you an energy boost. But hey, if it works for you, great!

(Actually, I gave some of these to my dad and he reportedly felt increased energy on the days he used Ola Loa.)

The big reason to take Ola Loa is for the health benefits.

Just read about the Ola Loa formula and you’ll see the great vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in there.

Just to list a few key ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • B Vitamins
  • Selenium
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Glycine

And more…

Ola Loa Pricing

Let’s see how the price stacks up:

Ola Loa Energy, 30 pack – $34.99
Ola Loa Sport, 30 pack – $24.99
Ola Loa Repair, 30 pack – $31.99
Ola Loa Kids, 30 pack – $24.99

That comes to $1.17 per packet for Energy and $0.83 per packet for Sport. That’s not bad. (Yes, it’s quite a bit more than Emergen-C, but you get a wider variety and greater quantity of healthy ingredients.)

Good news! Sometimes you can find 20% or 30% off coupons for use at DrinkYourMinerals.com. (The other day I saw the coupon code HEALTHY08 for a claimed 30% off when used at DrinkYourMinerals.com) Also, I have seen Ola Loa on sale at VitaCost.com.

My final verdict is…

Ola Loa has a good taste, a reasonable price, many nutrients, and very little sugar. That puts it ahead of Emergen-C in my book.

I don’t absolutely love the stuff, but I can see myself using it on many occasions. At the very least, I’ll drink it in the winter when I’m exposed to more cold and flu germs.

If you’re in need of a good multi-vitamin, definitely consider Ola Loa.

Official website: www.OlaLoa.com

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  1. I’ve never heard of Ola before, but from what I read here it looks like a great drink. And I don’t know if I’ve ever run before across drinks that mention that they provide Alpha Lipoic Acid. That is a very important nutrient everybody can benefit from!

  2. I swear by the stuff. My wife has noticed that I simply seem to feel better overall when I’m on it. It’s true, the effects are almost immediate!

    I mix the orange flavored powder in with orange juice – it’s really good!

  3. I tried it for the first time and the next day my bowl movement was normal for the first time in 10 years since my cat died. I have done everything under the sun to fix it and nothing ever did. I had loose stools forever. Probiotics, eating tons of veges, stopped gluten, took too many supplements to print here..nothing ever fixed it, including digestive enzymes.. This morning though it was normal..weird. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not but I guess I will know in the coming days.. I didn’t sleep any differently as I had hoped but hopefully in time this will be fixed as well.

  4. Are there any possible side effects? I took my 1st packet this morning, and 30 minutes later had to make 2 runs to the bathroom. Cleaned me out for sure.

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