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emergen-c acai berry box

Reading off the Emergen-C packet, it is both a “super energy booster” and a “flavored fizzy drink mix.”

I think I’d go with “fizzy health drink” because it is packed with vitamins and minerals, and it fizzes! Yep, you just pour this in some water and it fizzes together almost instantly.

The first time I tried this was at the 2004 Hyannis Marathon Expo (near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is not really a place you want to be in February!) Luckily the expo was indoors!

Anyway, Emergen-C had a booth there and were giving out free samples. I watched them dump a packet in a plastic cup, pour in some water, and it was ready to serve! Tasted great, too!

Since then I’ve had the chance to try out more flavors and write a review…

Health and Vitamin Content

Emergen-C is absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals! Even better, it’s a liquid, which I highly prefer over pills.

Here’s the info I pulled off the label of the Acai flavor:

Calories   25
Sugars   6 g
Vitamin C   1,000 mg
Thiamin   0.38 mg
Riboflavin   0.43 mg
Niacin   5 mg
Vitamin B6   10 mg
Folic Acid   12.5 mcg
Vitamin B12   25 mcg
Pantothenic Acid   2.5 mg
Calcium   50 mg
Phosphorus   38 mg
Magnesium   60 mg
Zinc   2 mg
Manganese   0.5 mg
Chromium   10 mcg
Sodium   60 mg
Potassium   200 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid   1 mg
Quercetin   1 mg

Other Ingredients: Fructose, citric acid, natural flavors, natural fruit and vegetable color, blackcurrant juice powder, tapioca maltodextrin, malic acid, acai juice powder, silica, glycine, aspartic acid, tartaric acid, and cysteine hydrochloride.

For most of the vitamins, that’s a 5-25% Daily Value. But the Vitamin C content gives you 1,667% of your Daily Value!

As for sugar content, it does contain fructose as a main ingredient. I would prefer it to have a little less, but I think it’s a worthwhile trade off for the pleasant tasting way to get tons of vitamins.

If you need a good, sweet tasting drink to get your vitamins, Emergen-C is probably what you want. Other products offer similar nutrients with less sugar (and fewer calories,) if you prefer.

So it might not replace your pills or expensive liquid vitamins, but it’s certainly not unhealthy like a can of soda would be!

Emergen-C Taste Test

First, Emergen-C fizzes instantly once you pour the water on it. That makes for a great, slightly-fizzy texture. It’s not chalky, nor is it overpowering like sparkling grape juice or anything carbonated.

As for the flavors, here is what I think:

emergen-c raspberry


Raspberry smells great – it’s like opening a fresh carton of raspberries.

It has a nice taste, too – like real raspberry. Not too sweet and not too tart, it’s just right. I could drink this every day and love it.

The flavor was pretty strong with the 4-6oz water mix (a good thing, since some Emergen-C flavors are too weak with 4oz water.) Unfortunately it wasn’t quite strong enough when mixed with 8oz water.

Pink Lemonade

emergen-c pink lemonade packet

This is a new flavor that came out in support of breast cancer research (like other “pink” products have done.) It has a nice smell, like most pink lemonade.

The flavor was surprisingly strong and pretty tart, like a mix of tart lemonade and pink grapefruit. While weird at first, it got better as I had more (or at least I got used to it.) It seemed to taste more like tonic water, unlike the other flavors.

This pink lemonade is definitely best for fans of tart drinks, especially if you like pink grapefruit flavor. (Definitely not one of my favorite flavors!)

emergen-c acai

Acai Berry

I love acai berry juices and acai bowls, so I thought this would be great. Unfortunately, the acai flavor isn’t good at all, and it has a rancid aftertaste. Seriously, each sip tasted like vomit!

The powder smelled bad, too, which was just foreshadowing the awful taste to come! (Yes, the powder smelled like vomit.)

I don’t recommend this flavor at all! It makes the pink lemonade taste great!


Tropical is alright, but the flavor is very bland compared to the berry flavors. You taste a little bit of pineapple and maybe mango.

There is an odd taste in there too. I think it is guava fruit. It’s not bad, just different than I’m used to. (I’ve heard guava described as “a combination of pear and strawberry” flavor, which is probably as good a description as any.)

The more I drank the Tropical, the more I liked it, but it’s not that great.

Mixed Berry

I got excited about Mixed Berry. First, because it might taste as good as raspberry (the box pictures a raspberry and a blackberry). Second, because it is a “Bone Health” formula that contains 250mg calcium.

Unfortunately, the taste and texture leave a little to be desired. The texture is thick and chalky, most likely from the calcium, and there is a weird bite to each sip. Taste-wise, it’s a lot like Kool Aid or some other ordinary drink. It doesn’t have that tangy, sparkling flavor like the other Emergen-C flavors.

I’d say stick with the other, regular flavors, and find a different source of calcium supplements.


Dragonfruit is a new flavor launched around October 2010, available exclusively at Whole Foods. It contains both dragonfruit and strawberry flavor, and I can taste both.

It smells good and tastes good, too. It’s kind of like a combination of strawberry and raspberry Emergen-C. I don’t know if this will take over as my #1 flavor, but it’s definitely up there.

Super Orange

This has a basic orange flavor that’s pretty good. It’s mild enough that I can drink it daily and it doesn’t get old. (And if you get the Immune+ formula, it contains Vitamin D, very important in the winter months.)

Not as good as Raspberry, but it’s good.

Other Flavors.

Other flavors I haven’t tried include Cranberry, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Ruby Lemon Honey, and Tangerine.

Out of those, I’ll probably try strawberry one of these days, but I think I’ll stick with raspberry as my #1 choice.

Mixing Emergen-C

Emergen-C is so easy to mix that there is no mixing involved! You just rip open the packet, dump the powder in a cup, and pour in 4-6oz water. Each step is very simple.

Before you know it, the drink has fizzed and is already mixed together!

This is how it looks:

The only downside is that it leaves a powdery residue in the cup. You should swirl the cup when you’re almost done, or your last sip will be a little grainy. (The powdery residue tastes pretty good, though!)

My final verdict is…

About roughly $9 for 36 packets, you get healthy ingredients, a good taste, and an easy to mix drink. I’m willing to pay that since I enjoy it and it improves my health at the same time.

Try it. I highly recommend Raspberry, but pick whatever flavor sounds best to you.

Official website: www.EmergenC.com

Buy online: Emergen-C Raspberry at Amazon.com
Emergen-C Pink Lemonade at Amazon.com
Emergen-C Tropical at Amazon.com
Emergen-C Acai Berry at Amazon.com

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  1. Since I have been adding Emergen-C to my morning smoothies, I haven’t had any colds, not even a sniffle and I work in a public school where everyone is sick all the time. May be a coincidence but I doubt it, having extra Vitamin C everyday is almost proven to boost your immune system!

  2. This was recommended to me after I told someone I felt like I was getting sick. I figured, “why not?” and bought a package. I really feel like this product has helped me avoid a cold. I have brought it to the office and each day, I’ve been mixing one packet with cold water and stirring.

    The taste is pretty good, for a medicinal sort of product. I can kind of smell a vitamin-y smell, but I really don’t notice that coming through as a flavor.

    I don’t think I’d drink this every day, but it’s proving to be pretty good at keeping me from getting sick, which is definitely appreciated. So I’ll stick with it through the rest of winter.

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