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natrol omega-3 fish oil

I’m a sucker for cheap stuff. When I spotted Natrol Omega-3 Fish Oil at VitaCost for a measly $6.29 for 150 softgels, I couldn’t resist.

Each of the 150 softgels contains 1000 mg total fish oil, which is good. I’ll take up to 8 pills per day, so at $0.042 per pill, I’m looking at about 34 cents per day. Not bad.

But then I looked closer:

Omega-3 Fish Oil (anchovy, cod, mackerel, sardine) —– 1000 mg
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) —– 180 mg
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) —– 120 mg

Of the 1000mg of total fish oil, only 300mg come from EPA and DHA. That’s not terrible, but it’s definitely on the low side compared to other brands.

Still, taking 8 pills per day would mean I have a 19 day supply. That works out to around $10/month for these pills, which is very low for fish oil.

So I started taking these on 3/14/2013, after going nearly a year without taking fish oil consistently. (I was thinking, “hey, at the very least, having to take 8 of these monstrous pills per day will get me back in the habit of swallowing pills all the time!”)

I wasn’t consistent with taking them, especially around Easter, so the 19-day supply lasted me a full month.

natrol omega-3 fish oil

Did I feel any different?

I don’t think so. It’s tough to say though, since I did change my diet and exercise habits as well. They certainly didn’t make me feel less healthy.

Were they any good?

Surprisingly, yes. The pills are large, but any low to moderately priced fish oil will be a very large pill!

The smell is great for fish oil. You barely notice the fish smell since the lemon is so strong. And this is when I stick my nose in the jar – the individual pills hardly have any scent when you take them.

I did get very slight “fish burps” if I took these on an empty stomach.

Luckily, they were more like “lemon burps” thanks to the added flavor! It was not that annoying, and it never happened if I took them with food. (Good quality pills never give me fish burps, even on an empty stomach.)

What do you think of Natrol now?

You may have noticed these capsules are from the same brand as my beloved AcaiBerry Diet pills. Those were more an exception to the rule though – I hardly ever recommend cheap supplements, and I doubt anything else from Natrol will get my recommendation.

I certainly wouldn’t say Natrol is a bad company, but at these prices, I have to assume that some corners are cut when it comes to quality of ingredients. And when it comes to fish oil, I don’t like to cut corners.

natrol omega-3 fish oil capsules

My final verdict is…

Though cheap, remember this – you get what you pay for. I highly recommend buying a better quality, higher-strength fish oil so you can get more health benefits and spend less time taking pills. Products like Carlson Labs Super Omega-3 (not to mention the even higher potency Carlson Labs Elite) blow this one away.

Official website: www.Natrol.com

Buy online: www.VitaCost.com | Amazon.com

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