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carlson super omega 3 fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids have become my #1 favorite supplement, and the easiest way to get a good dose of Omega-3’s is with fish oil pills. One fish oil I tried recently is the Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil.

There are two popular brands of fish oil – Barlean’s and Carlson’s. Both Barlean’s and Carlson’s brands get high rankings for quality and value in publications like Consumer Reports. So these are two brands you can trust to get you a quality fish oil that’s not contaminated with substances like mercury.

So I was confident that this Super Omega 3 Fish Oil would be good stuff. The first indicator for this was that the pills had a very light scent. (Some fish oil pills smell nasty.) Second, there is absolutely no taste to these capsules.

A serving size is one pill, and that pill contains 600mg Omega-3’s (300mg EPA, 200mg DHA, and 100mg other Omega-3’s.) The suggested use is “take one or more soft gels daily, at mealtime.” To get a good dose of Omega-3’s, suitable for an athlete, I took 2-4 pills per day.

On the days I was taking 4 pills (which was most days,) I was getting 1200mg EPA and 800mg DHA. That’s the same EPA content as Recoup|90, and actually double the DHA content.

Another factor in favor of Recoup|90 is pill size. Carlson’s fish oil pills are rather large (like most fish oils,) while Recoup|90 is on the small side, making them easier to swallow.

As for price, one serving of Recoup|90 is $1.33 for 1200mg EPA and 400mg DHA.

Three servings of Carlson’s Super Omega 3 totals $0.59 and gets you 900mg EPA and 600mg DHA. (Based on a retail price of $25.50 for 130 pills.)

Three servings of Barlean’s Fish Oil totals $0.57 and gets you 1080 EPA and 720mg DHA. (Based on a retail price of $23.99 for 250 pills.)

Based purely on price, it would appear Carlson’s and Barlean’s are the obvious choices.

* Also, note that that is the retail price for a serving of these Carlson pills. I ordered from VitaminShoppe.com and got 130 pills on sale for the super low price of $12.88, so I was actually getting these at $0.10 per serving, or $0.30 per my daily dose. Sweet deal!!

Testing the Carlson Super Omega 3 Pills

On 4/1/09, after a week or so without any fish oil, I started taking these Carlson pills. Within a week, I could feel the difference. I actually felt more of a difference by taking this stuff than when I started Recoup|90.

On most days, I was taking three of these Carlson’s pills. On light days when I wasn’t not sore from a previous workout, I did just two pills. But one day I went crazy and did four pills.

After a week, I decided to go with four pills per day no matter what.

It seemed I could work out harder, yet be less sore than when I was doing easier workouts! Of course, there were times when I was feeling extra worn out or just plain sore. So the Carlson’s pills certainly didn’t work better than Recoup|90, but they must have worked a little bit, so I’m happy with that.

I used them all of April 2009 and I’m pleased with the results.

My final verdict is…

Carlson’s makes a high-quality fish oil. It might not be as pure as pharmaceutical grade stuff, but it’s cheaper, and I swear it’s still aiding my recovery in a noticeable manner. I’d rank it as my #3 recommended fish oil.

You can’t go wrong with this Carlson’s Super Omega-3 Fish Oil. And if they’re still on sale for 49% off at VitaminShoppe.com, it’s a no brainer!

Official website: www.CarlsonLabs.com

Buy online: www.VitaminShoppe.com | www.Amazon.com

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  1. Wow! I wasn’t paying attention. After your last Fish Oil article I bought some from Trader Joes and just saw it only has 120mg EPA and 80mg DHA. And I was only taking one (but I swear it did help me recover faster πŸ™‚

    Just ordered the Carlson’s from Vitamin Shoppe and also got the Ola Loa since they sell it there as well. With coupon code 3882 you can get free shipping on the order of both (since is it above $50).

    Thanks for the information! Always enjoy reading your articles. πŸ™‚

  2. @Bryant

    If you’re getting the “faster recovery” benefit from one of those, great! And who knows, maybe the Carlson’s will speed your recovery even more!

    Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  3. I just purchased Carlson’s Omega 3 Fish Oil and am confused with the ‘contents’. The front label states ‘1000 mg’. but the specifics on the side panel state ‘600 mg Omega 3’ made up of 300 mg EPA, 200 DHA, and 100 other Omega 3’s. Where are the remaining ‘400 mg’ AND what are ‘other Omega 3’s? Any insights? I can’t seem to find a website for Carlson to ask these questions.


  4. @Dave

    Good question. Starting at the top, the 1000mg refers to the mass/weight of the pill. It’s like saying there is 1000mg of fish in the pill.

    More important is the 600mg, which is the total amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in the pill. The two most popular Omega 3s are EPA and DHA, which is why they are listed (the 300mg and 200mg.) The other 100mg in these 600mg are other less popular Omega 3 fatty acids (they could be ALA, ETA, DPA, etc.)

    The last 400mg could be Omega 6 fatty acids, Omega 9 fatty acids, or other compounds naturally found in fish.

    This is normal for regular fish oils. Having 600mg Omega 3 gives this pill a 60% Omega-3 content. You’d have to get pharmaceutical grade fish oil (like Recoup|90) to get pills that are 70% or greater Omega 3.

    For specifics…

    Here is Carlson’s current contact info page:

  5. Do i take 2 pills at one time or one in the morning and the other at night? it’s easier to take both at once for me, so i wont forget. i guess.

  6. @Christine

    Typically I take four at once. Sometimes I try two at breakfast then two after an afternoon workout though.

    Splitting them up is probably better, but I think you’ll be fine doing two at once. (It’s definitely more convenient that way.)

    The most important thing is taking it at all! You probably get 80-90% of the benefits that way, no matter how you split it up.

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