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recoup90 fish oil

One supplement that has been growing in popularity in recent years is fish oil, due to the Omega-3 fatty acids it contains. After seeing numerous research studies touting improvements in heart health, brain function, and even decreased muscle soreness, it’s no wonder why interest in fish oil is mounting.

With my diet being rather low in fish and algae, I have to start thinking about Omega-3 supplements.

But the problem I have found is that if you just go out and buy the cheapest fish oil on the shelf, you end up with a very low dose of the important Omega-3 fatty acids. A good dose of Omega-3 is 1000mg, but most of the cheaper pills contain about 200-300mg per serving. (And a lot of them also contain Omega-6 fatty acids, which are the ones you want to avoid!)

Once you realize that taking 3-5 servings per day is annoying, you see the value in the higher priced, ultra-pure supplements. That leads me to today’s review of Recoup|90 fish oil capsules, which are possibly the most expensive fish oil capsules available!

These are “premium Omega-3 fish oil capsules.” A one-month supply comes in at $49.95 (discounted to $39.95 for repeat customers.)

Why Choose Recoup|90?

The first big selling point for the Recoup|90 pills is the purity. Each serving (four small pills) is packed with 1800mg Omega-3, which is nearly triple what most fish oil pills contain!

Recoup|90 is actually 90% pure, meaning the Omega-3 fatty acids compose 90% of the pill. You’re getting the good stuff and virtually nothing else.

The big selling point, though, is the claim that these pills reduce muscle soreness. I guess they were created to help people who regularly suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS.) But at the same time, they are great for athletes who want to reduce soreness and speed recovery so they can workout more often.

recoup|90… taken daily after exercise, will help your body recuperate more effectively and more rapidly than ever before, allowing you to get back exercising sooner and performing better!

These claims are based on research studies, so it’s not some hyperbole marketing garbage. There are studies out there showing Omega-3 and fish oil helps DOMS. (So you would think it would decrease the time needed for recovery.)

Not to mention, Germany’s Olympic team uses this stuff, and one of their weight lifters won gold in 2008.

Sidenote: At least one study I found, found that fish oil improved the ability of muscle cells to take up glucose in the presence of insulin. So it’s possible fish oil could help you absorb even more carbs in your post-workout meal, which would help you perform better in your next workout.

Testing Recoup|90

recoup90 fish oil pills

I tested Recoup|90 for one month, taking four pills per day, after my workout. I preceded the test with an easy recovery week to make sure my body was fresh at the start. I was hoping the effects would kick in by weeks 3-4, so I could workout harder even after weeks of hard training.

Note: I had taken fish oil supplements before this, but not on a daily basis, and only the cheaper ones that are much lower in Omega-3.

The test started on Saturday, 2/14/09. I did about three hours of bodyweight exercises (for the bodyweight exercise guide) that day then followed up with a 50 minute indoor bike ride.

The next day I was sore as heck! (I certainly wasn’t expecting an instant cure, but you can always hope.)

During my first week, my recovery times were very good, although that is typical for my first week back after an easy week.

The second week on these pills I seemed to be recovering at the same speed as usual. I couldn’t distinguish anything out of the ordinary.

Weeks three and four were more of the same. I changed up my routine a little bit, cutting back on my weight lifting and increasing the time spent on my bicycle. I was able to recover from the cycling fairly easily, but that’s because of the lower intensity. My recovery time from my weight lifting days did not seem to speed up in any noticeable manner.

My last day on these pills was a Sunday, 3/15/09.

My workout was a little different than usual that day – instead of cycling, I did some pull ups followed by running some sprints and skipping rope. For some reason, I think I felt a little better than usual on Monday. (It’s hard to say if that had anything to do with the fish oil.)

For the next few days (without Recoup|90,) I seemed to be doing alright with my training, and I figured, “boy, I don’t want to spend $40/month for that.”

I took a recovery week right after that and felt great, so I hit the gym again. But guess what? Even though I was fresh, I was getting pretty sore! And for some reason, the soreness didn’t seem to go away.

After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I’m feeling more sore now than I was while using Recoup|90. So even though I didn’t notice a benefit when I started Recoup|90, I sure noticed a benefit being taken away when I ran out of Recoup|90!

Recoup|90 Observations

Here is a roundup of all the stuff I noticed during my testing:

recoup90 fish oil pills

Pill Size

The Recoup|90 pills are slightly smaller than the average capsule, and they are way smaller than cheaper fish oil pills that don’t offer the same ultra-pure formulation. (Note: the cheaper pills are bigger, yet contain less Omega-3 fatty acids per serving.)


One thing that’s awesome is how swallowing four of these little pills is much easier than swallowing even one of those gigantic fish oil pills!

Side Effects

The only side effect I’ve heard of with fish oil pills is “fish burps.” I experienced none of those nor any other health issues.


There is no taste to these pills, at least not from the gel capsule. (I thought about chewing one up, but decided against it, preferring not to know what the oil tastes like!)

There is not much of a smell, either. Other fish oil pills I’ve taken, even the expensive ones, smell really bad when you stick your nose in the jar. Sticking my nose in a bag of Recoup|90 was like a breath of fresh air!


I touched on this earlier, and the problem is – soreness is one of those things that’s very hard to quantify. And even if I had noticed decreased soreness, was it necessarily from these? Even if you keep your workout progression, sleep schedule, and diet the same, it’s still hard to tell.

As much as I wanted super fast recovery, I never once got the feeling, “hey, I’m not sore today.”

The Deprivation Test

What happened once I finished the product and resorted to a lower dose of a lesser quality fish oil? I got the feeling that my recovery periods had become longer than usual!

So while I didn’t notice faster recovery when I started Recoup|90, I’m really starting to notice slower recovery now that I don’t have it.

That could be all in my head, but it’s possible that I am just now realizing that Recoup|90 did help! The reason that led me to believe this (and order another pouch of these pills at retail price) is that I just completed a recovery week yet I’m not seeing the speedy recovery I got accustomed to!


The one thing I didn’t see mentioned on the website was the type of fish used in Recoup|90. I got in touch with the company and they gave me the answer:

The fish in Recoup|90 come from an area in the South Pacific which is a low-pollution area. Also, they use smaller fish like sardines and anchovies. (While salmon is a widely-known source of Omega-3, the small sardines and anchovies are also great sources.)

My final verdict is…

Quality-wise, this is a great fish oil capsule (seemingly one of the best one money can buy.) Other high-quality, ultra-pure fish oils seem to be just as expensive but not quite as pure, so the price actually isn’t bad.

I don’t know if this fish oil will aid your recovery in a noticeable way, but I’m pretty sure it did help me recover faster than usual (hindsight is 20/20,) and I’m positive it will do a better job than the cheap fish oils on the market. At the very least, I believe it has improved my general health, so if you can afford $40 per month for a single supplement, Recoup|90 looks like a great choice.

Official website: www.Recoup90.com

*The site appears to have shut down.

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