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sticker on mitscoots running socks

While looking up companies with charitable operations one day, I stumbled upon Mitscoots. It might be a funny name, but they rival Bombas (those super comfy socks I reviewed earlier) when it comes to charitable giving.

We’re not just talking socks, though. Mitscoots Outfitters makes a range of clothing, and whatever you buy, they donate one equivalent item to someone in need.

It doesn’t end there. Mitscoots goes a step further than Bombas and their donated socks or Tom’s donated shoes; Mitscoots also provides employment for the transitioning homeless. (Don’t get me wrong – I applaud all these companies for their charitable endeavors. I just want to stress that Mitscoots is “all in” when it comes to giving back. They’re not doing this to be trendy or use it as a marketing gimmick.)

Anyway, back to the socks!

Mitscoots just so happens to offer running socks. And I happen to run. So, I’m reviewing their running socks.

I wore the socks both for running and for hitting the gym. Here’s what I think.


I found these socks to be supremely comfortable.

Comfort is a subjective thing, though, so allow me to explain it a little better.

These socks are sort of a cross between a soft, comfortable cotton sock and a slick, form-fitting running sock made out of Coolmax or a sweat-wicking, polyester blend. They have the slickness of polyester, but somehow they offer a lot of the comfort of cotton. I describe them as slick and cozy as well as soft and silky.

I’m not sure how they do it, because the socks comprise 78% spun-poly (Wicking), 21% nylon, and 1% lycra. They contain neither cotton nor merino wool, yet they’re quite comfortable!

mitscoots running socks in black and green color scheme

That comfort remained whether I was relaxing on the couch or out on a run. I could wear them all day long.

On no occasion did I even think I might get a blister when I was wearing the Mitscoots socks. Even when trail running!

Part of that is because the socks are almost slippery. You can feel that characteristic while holding the socks in your hands (as well as on your feet). You should actually be careful walking around inside on wood or tile floors!

When I first slipped into my shoes, the socks even felt slippery in them, but it was not a problem when running.

mitscoots running socks labeled as one size fits all

And they were a perfect fit, despite the “one size fits all” size. I’m impressed.


I haven’t punished these socks yet, but after a handful of trail runs and general fitness wear, their toughness and durability seems fine so far.

The big question is if they can maintain their excellent comfort after many uses and trips through the washer and dryer.

Because the socks are made in the USA, I have high hopes!


These definitely look like running socks!

They’re made of different materials – more cushion on the bottom, mesh on top for ventilation. And then there’s the logo and other green accents all over them.

coach levi wearing mitscoots running socks

So even though there are only two color options – white and black – the socks look neat.

This is one area where Feetures socks take the win though – you can get red, blue, orange, pink, pretty much any color you want.

I’d classify these socks as low-cut, but they’re pretty close to being a ‘no show’ sock. They’re just tall enough to be seen above my running shoes.

At least you won’t be tempted to buy 30 different pairs so that you can get all the colors! (Save some coin for creating a collection of running socks and other running accessories that could improve your safety, like a reflective vest or ankle lights.)

Compared to Bombas Socks: Are Mitscoots Better?

I really like these Mitscoots socks! But, I really like Bombas socks, too. The two share similarities, but when it comes down to it, they’re different socks.

The material is a totally different feel. The Mitscoots Margaret are closer to a technical running sock. The Bombas are closer to a cotton sock. Both are comfy in their own way.

When I put on the Bombas, I feel like I have a super comfortable sock to wear all day, even if I also go to the gym for a workout.

But if I’m planning to run or workout, I’m totally going to wear the Mitscoots running socks! When I put them on, I feel fast.

Both have a type of arch support. Mitscoots is more ribbed, Bombas is more a honeycomb pattern.

Bombas socks are more expensive, but neither are a low-priced sock. Bombas socks are about $12 per pair while Mitscoots are closer to $9 ($9.33 per pair in a 3-pack).

Last but not least, there is one big deciding factor. Mitscoots are made in the USA. Bombas are made in China.

A lot of people are choosing not to buy Bombas socks because they’re made in China.

I don’t blame them. I try to mainly buy socks made in the USA, especially because there are so many good ones!

There’s Darn Tough, which are made in Vermont. They are AMAZING socks! Thorlos are made in North Carolina. Those are excellent if you need some extra cushioning. And of course, these Mitscoots socks.

mitscoots mission statement

My final verdict is…

The Mitscoots Margaret running socks are great running socks that are also comfortable enough to wear all day. So they’re good socks from a good company that supports those in need. And they’re made in the USA.

They might not be my #1 favorite sock ever, but I’d say they’re a good choice to add to your sock drawer.

Official website: www.Mitscoots.com

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  1. Mitscoot sells designer socks and then gives the homeless a pair of .99 plain white socks, which are NOT of equal quality. Bomba sells a pair of Bomba socks and gives away a pair of Bomba socks. Mitscoots is misleading in its claimw.

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