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feetures elite running socks

Most people will tell you that all you need to get started running (assuming you have some basic athletic clothing) is a good pair of running shoes. Well, that’s not exactly true. You need good running shoes and socks.

If you’re running in white cotton gym socks, you might as well be running in a pair of loafers, too. That’s the analogy I would use when you consider just how incredible some running socks are. Some, like the Feetures! Elite Running Socks.

Feetures calls them their “most innovative sock.”

I got a couple different pairs of these to review at the end of last year. At $15, these are probably the most expensive running socks I’ve ever worn!

Other fancy socks are usually $12 or less. Not a huge difference, but I think $12 is my cutoff – above that, I get really, really picky!

The question is, are these worth it?

At first glance, they seem to do a lot of things right. Like so:

  • Sock-Lock technology and Power Arch compression provide targeted support where it’s needed most.
  • Anatomical right and left foot design enhances fit, resulting in maximum support and blister protection.
  • A seamless toe (“The Perfect Toe”) eliminates irritation and discomfort.
  • iWick fibers wick moisture to keep the foot cool and dry.

Plus, they look high-tech, and come in neat color combos like Graphite/Brilliant Blue and Olympian Blue/Orange.

With all these features, Feetures should appeal to cyclists and triathletes, who are often “gear junkies.” I don’t get too caught up in gear, but I make an exception for socks!

feetures elite socks for trail running

Putting Feetures! To The Test

So far my testing has consisted mostly of 3-5 mile trail runs, with the occasional run on pavement.

I definitely haven’t put them through the wringer yet, but part of the reason is that I save them for special occasions, and I don’t wear them for anything but running. (OK, I did bike in the ultra light pair, but only that one time.)

Here’s what I know:

The socks feel incredible.

If you remember my reviews of RockTape and KT Tape, I mentioned how you feel the relief as soon as you apply the tape. Well, that’s how these socks are. As soon as you put them on, you know they’re working! They hug your foot and definitely provide real compression (the most compression I’ve felt outside of dedicated compression socks like those from CEP.)

feetures socks

You don’t have to go running to realize how high-tech these socks are.

They are comfortable, but not cozy.

These socks are comfortable in the way that a race bike is comfortable. They’re not meant for lounging around the house, being warm and cozy, just like you don’t want a pro race bike for leisurely riding. Comfort takes a back seat to performance.

So, if you want tight socks that fit perfectly, prevent blisters, and don’t irritate your toes when running, these socks are comfortable. If you want socks to wear all day long, these socks aren’t the ones.

Anatomical fit is annoying.

While the anatomical fit is one of the reasons the socks fit so well, it’s sort of annoying. It sounds easy enough, but some days you just don’t feel like looking at the labels on your socks to see which one is marked “L” and which is marked “R.” (Especially when you wear size large, and there’s an “L” for large somewhere on the right sock!)

For quick runs or everyday use, I actually prefer something simpler.

feetures socks ankle

I never realized how genius the ankle cutouts are.

If you’ve purchased low-cut athletic socks the past couple years, you probably have some with ankle cutouts on the sides. My Balega running socks and Darn Tough running socks are like that. I thought it was a gimmick.

Now, it all makes sense. The idea is that your ankle bone is free and unencumbered, like an ultra low cut sock, but the sock is high enough to protect your skin from your shoe in the front and back.

I was only able to recognize this thanks to the Feetures! Elite, which wrap perfectly around my ankle. Other socks fail right here. They either cover part of my ankle bone, or they don’t cover enough of the front and back of my ankle where my shoe rubs.

I prefer wool.

I already knew this, but it comes to mind any time I wear socks that aren’t wool. All else being equal, I prefer wool.

Fortunately, there is the Elite Merino+. For only $1 more, you can get the technology of Feetures! Elite with the comfort and insulation of wool! If you’re a trail runner, this is definitely the way to go!

These merino wool socks are also much softer than the regular Feetures Elite.

Durability is questionable.

My socks are still fine, but for all the more I’ve used them, the gray ones look pretty beat up and the blue ones have a few threads pulling out. Also, the heel on one of the blue socks bunches up on one side, like it stretched out. Stuff like this makes me a little skeptical of the long-term durability.

[Check back later to see how the socks held up!]

There’s actually a lifetime guarantee, but it’s one of those “lifetime of the product” guarantees that says the product will hold up to use for the life of the product. Essentially, “it won’t fall apart until it does.”

In the case of these socks, that’s actually a useful guarantee, because I’m more worried about the fit and support getting saggy than I am about the socks getting holes in the heel.

I probably don’t need Elite performance.

The regular Feetures! “high performance” socks are a slightly more reasonable $11.99 per pair. With those you get just about everything except the anatomical fit.

I’ll save the Feetures! Elite socks for the day I decide to enter one of the 25k trail races my friends are always trying to take me to!

feetures elite running socks

My final verdict is…

Feetures! Elite just might be the best running socks I’ve ever worn. It’s fitting that I would get these after wearing almost all other possible socks, because these really bring together all the good features from other running socks into one. Anatomical fit, compression, the ankle cut-out, moisture wicking, lifetime guarantee – all here.

I still prefer Darn Tough overall, and definitely for hiking socks. If I could only ever wear one brand of sock, it would be Darn Tough. But Feetures! Elite are really, really special when it comes to running! Highly recommended for hardcore runners, especially for ultra-marathons!

Official website: www.Feetures.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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