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kooee super snacks

I’ve had beef jerky, turkey jerky, elk jerky, moose jerky, and venison jerky, but this is my first time biting into Tasmanian Devil jerky!

OK, not really. It’s actually beef jerky. But the cows are from Tasmania, and I grew up watching the Looney Tunes, so what else is going to pop into my mind?!

In this KOOEE! Super Snacks Jerky Trail Mix, you get top-quality beef jerky combined with trail mix for one of the best snack combos you can carry along on your wilderness adventures.

It’s not just any trail mix, either. Rather than peanuts and raisins, you’re getting almonds, pecans, cashews, mango slices, goji berries, and other premium ingredients!

Of course, premium beef and premium trail mix carry a premium price tag. If you help fund their Kickstarter campaign, you’re looking at a $9 single pack or a $27 four pack.

Let’s see what makes KOOEE! so special…

kooee super snacks

Food Quality and Nutrition

When I’m looking at trail mix, or snacks for any type of adventure, I’m hoping for something at least a little bit nutritious. What I really like about the KOOEE mix is how it perfectly balances fat, protein, and carbs.

Energy bars are typically high carb, with low fat and low protein. Trail mix is often high fat and high carb, thanks to M&M’s and yogurt covered raisins, but still low in protein. Beef jerky is nothing but protein. This stuff, this is a balanced snack for on the trail.

A package of KOOEE’s lime pepper with mango mix provides 240 calories, 11g fat, 17g carbs, and 21g protein that should give you sustained energy no matter what the trail throws at you.

It’s also Paleo-friendly and gluten-free, if that’s important to you.

kooee super snacks

What about the ingredients themselves?

Well, the jerky is made using 100% grass-fed beef from Tasmania, Australia. Seems this is one of the best places to get quality beef! (Or similar products, such as whey protein – Whey Gnarly for example comes from New Zealand.)

You can even see exactly where your particular jerky was raised thanks to the “Trace Our Beef” feature. Each pack of KOOEE jerky trail mix has a code to track the beef back to the Tasmanian farm where it was raised. It’s fun to find out, but more importantly, it shows how much they care about transparency.

Since you probably don’t have a pack in your hands yet, you can head to http://www.kooeesnacks.com/traceourbeef/ and put in this sample code: 1403240001. (Spoiler alert: looks like Angus Hereford cows that graze in pastures of Rye Grass & Clover. Neat!)

And they don’t add sugars, preservatives, nitrates, colors, or artificial flavors.

It’s a rare case where you can get all the good stuff with none of the bad! Plus, dried fruit tastes so much better when it isn’t coated in the commonplace yet totally unnecessary extra layer of sugar.

kooee super snacks

KOOEE! Beef Jerky Trail Mix Taste Test

There are two flavors out now, with a third one to debut eventually.

Here are my thoughts:

kooee super snacks

Lime Pepper with Mango

There are no limes in here. Rather, the jerky is lime pepper flavored, and that’s combined with nuts, seeds, and dried mango slices. Dried goji berries, too!

The jerky has just the right amount of peppery goodness to give it some kick without overpowering the rest of the flavors, and you can taste the lime juice that’s infused into it. That’s awesome!

There’s pepper flavor, and a little bit of heat, but it’s not hot or spicy at all by comparison to the Smoked Chipotle flavor.

The majority of the jerky is thin and dry, and it takes a long time to chew up. However, there were a few slightly softer pieces/chunks which I loved. (That’s just my personal preference. As with any bag of jerky, each piece is going to vary slightly.)

The mango slices confused me at first because they are also paper thin. Sort of like a mango fruit leather. They were still soft, chewy, and delicious, just not quite as delicious as the big hunks of dried mango I’m used to.

Putting it all together and having a small handful with one of everything, it’s delicious!!

kooee super snacks

Smoked Chipotle and Apple

Oh yeah, as soon as you open the bag, it smells like chipotle powder! It’s the same thin and crispy jerky, definitely hot and spicy, and it has a nice chipotle flavor.

After cooking at home with good chipotle powder, I’ve realized that a lot of chipotle-flavored foods offer no true chipotle flavor. Well, KOOEE is not one of those imposters. Their chipotle is the real deal!

The apples look really dry but they’re surprisingly moist and chewy.

The nuts and seeds are a similar mix as in the other flavor, with the only difference being that walnuts replace the cashews. The apples replace the mango, and the goji berries get replaced with cacao nibs.

And yes, the addition of cacao nibs was a very good idea to complement to this! The only downside is that the nibs are tiny and like to hide in the bottom corners of the pack. If I hadn’t read the ingredients, I’d never have known they were in there, and I would have had a pile of them at the bottom of the pack after eating the rest of the mix. (And that taste of a pile of nibs on their own is not nearly as pleasant.)

Again, the beauty is when you mix it all together and take a bite. This way, you only get a hint of heat, while still experiencing that smoked chipotle flavor.

Both flavors were great.

I handed some out to a group of hikers from the ECP (Explorer’s Club of Pittsburgh) and it got great reviews all around!

Of the two, I think I like the lime pepper best simply because it’s different than the usual flavor options. And really, with dried mangos and goji berries, how could it not be awesome?

The lime pepper jerky is actually perfect as is, on its own. It doesn’t even need a trail mix with it. Whereas the chipotle jerky is best when complemented by the whole mix.

If you get both flavors, I recommend trying this: mix the chipotle jerky with a slice of mango. That is a winning combo! (Similar to the chile spiced mangoes you can find at Trader Joe’s.)

kooee super snacks

How does it do in the woods?

It’s both nutritious and tasty, but practically speaking, does it work?

Yes. For me it does. I carried the jerky for 25 miles of backpacking this past weekend and have nothing but good things to say.

The unique RIP>PEEL>MIX pouches function mostly as described. You rip the top off, peel apart the center divider, then mix it all together. The packaging opens and pulls apart really easily, but I found that mixing the two sides together is easiest when done by hand. (Closing the pack and shaking it all around was surprisingly ineffective.)

I was a bit wary of the big flat pouch, but didn’t have any trouble carrying it, whether that meant fitting it inside my pack or attaching it to the outside. The empty pack will take up a lot more space than an energy bar wrapper, though, so keep that in mind. (On the flip side, the empty pack could be turned into a sealed garbage bag.)

It lives up to its name!

Originally, “KOO-EE!” was a call made by Indigenous Australians to communicate across vast distances. Today, the call of “KOO-EE!” is used by adventurers to express their awe on a breathtaking mountaintop, or reveal the wild exhilaration of running deep into the woods. It’s this raw energy of the outdoors that first inspired us, and is what we want to share with you in every pack of our snacks.

When you’re really testing the limits of your endurance, sometimes energy bars just don’t cut it. Those are the situations that call for beef jerky trail mix like this.

KOOEE vs Steve’s Original Paleo Kit

KOOEE! is not the only beef jerky trail mix out there, and there are bound to be more in the future. One that’s been around for a while is called the Paleo Kit, which is also a mix of jerky and fruit, but they do it much differently.

The Paleo Kit is a gooey concoction of dried meat and nuts, all stuck together with juice-infused dried fruits. It’s delicious – almost like a dessert treat – but boy is it messy!

The KOOEE mix, on the other hand, is dry trail mix. It’s not messy nor gooey, so it’s more convenient.

For flavor and experience, both are good. But the messiness factor decides when I would want which one.

The only real downside is the price.

An energy bar is about $1 for a regular one, and $3 for something fancy and organic, perhaps also packed with protein. But even the $1 ones can provide 220-240 calories and energize you during a hike.

Even the Steve’s Original Grass-Fed PaleoKit, which offers 360 calories and 28g protein, is $7.49.

So the KOOEE snacks, at $9 per pouch, are on the upper end of the premium selection. Even if money is no object, it could be a tough call when you could get a fresh, hot sandwich at a restaurant for $9 post-hike.

snakes like kooee snacks

My final verdict is…

Due to budgetary constraints, I won’t be chowing down on $9 bags of beef jerky all too often, but this is excellent stuff! You’re actually getting what you pay for! It’s expensive, but not overpriced. Great for a special treat on an extra-tough day outside.

Official website: www.KooeeSnacks.com

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  1. I enjoy both soft and tough jerky but usually opt for the tougher pieces because I can put a single piece in my mouth and leave it there so it softens up gradually until I can easily chew it. More flavor that way. The soft kind I just gobble up too quickly and it would never last through a hike! KOOEE sounds like my kind of meat.

  2. There are more expensive Paleo jerky brands out there.

    • @Chris

      You do have a point. I’ve seen $11 bags of beef jerky. I think having “Paleo” in the name adds at least a couple dollars to the price tag. 🙂

      The fact is, even regular beef jerky is expensive, and premium beef jerky like this is even more so. That’s the price you have to pay for quality meat.

  3. Did you share with the snake?

  4. @Zachary

    Nah, he was on a raw food diet.

  5. The price is $6.25 🙂

  6. @Stephen

    I just caught that on their Facebook page yesterday and I’ll be updating my review!

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