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smoothie boost spice mix canister

Have you ever heard of a seasoning to put in smoothies?! Sounds a bit weird, huh?

I mean, maybe turmeric or ginger. If you match the spice to the right ingredients, it could work (orange ginger, for example).

But I mean, it seems weird to use a spice mix. Weird… but also… intriguing!

And that’s why I tried sprinkling Smoothie Boost into my smoothies.

smoothie boost seasoning

With this $6.49 canister, you get a pre-mixed set of spices designed to liven up your smoothies. The ingredients are as follows:



Apparently it’s not unheard of; The Blenderist says that spices make better smoothies, and My Heart Beets suggests 16 spices for smoothies.

Will it improve my health?

A lot of spices offer health benefits, so my initial reaction was, how will Smoothie Boost boost my health or immune system? Especially because it advertises vitamins right in the product description!

Vitamins, ginger, mint, hollyhock, and orange peel add an herbal twist to any smoothie recipe. A surprising and delicious combination destined to become a favorite.

How many vitamins? Who knows – it doesn’t say anywhere!

Realistically, this is all for the flavor aspect! (Because they don’t even tell you how many vitamins are in it. You only get the nutrition facts like calories, carbs, etc.)

smoothie boost seasoning opened

So, let’s try it!

Taste Test: Putting spices in my smoothies!

I tried Smoothie Boost in a variety of smoothie recipes. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it… didn’t.

Apple Banana

Since I had frozen apples and bananas on hand, I made a smoothie using both. (If you’ve never done this, the flavor isn’t much different than a plain banana smoothie.)

The addition of Smoothie Boost was very welcome and enjoyable! It added a unique, complementary flavor.

Banana Berry

We made a smoothie with banana, strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. As well as some vanilla yogurt to sweeten it up. And of course, the Smoothie Boost powder.

But this was not good at all! It was very strange. There were too many flavors together, and they were not complementary. I’ll never make this again.

The odd thing is, this is very similar to the example smoothie recipe that’s posted on the Smoothie Boost website. You’d think if they use it as an example, it would be more palatable to the average person.

Peach Mango

After my mixed berry smoothie didn’t go so well, I went back to the drawing board, and I came up with this idea! This seemed like the best combination, in theory.

So we mixed up a cup of coconut water, some frozen mango, some frozen peaches, a banana, and 1/2 tsp Smoothie Boost. And it was pretty good. It was fairly sweet, you could taste peach and mango, and there was an interesting kick in each sip.

Would I do it again? Maybe.

Which flavor combo was best?

A plain (or protein-packed) banana smoothie is my go-to. The banana provides a mild flavor and just the right sweetness to complement the tart and tangy Smoothie Boost.

Other than that, the Smoothie Boost powder just did not work with my taste buds.

Now, you might be wondering, “how much Smoothie Boost powder do I put in a smoothie?”

It’s a good question. Because on the canister, it says a serving size is 1/4 tsp. Then on the website, it says 1 tsp. That’s a big difference!

a quarter teaspoon of smoothie boost

My suggestion is to use 1/2 tsp of powder per 16 oz of smoothie. Most of my smoothies are two big servings, so I use 1 tsp of Smoothie Boost powder.

The instructions say to start blending your smoothie and then sprinkle in the Smoothie Boost powder. I’ve found it also works just fine to sprinkle the powder on top of the fruit before beginning. (Just avoid a situation where the powder is floating on top of a liquid, because then the power of the blender might send the powder up into the air with a big poof.)

My final verdict is…

I like it. It’s spicy and invigorating!

But, it really only works well with a plain banana smoothie. I find it’s too weird with the more complex smoothies. So, I’d say Smoothie Boost is of limited use, and it does not necessarily offer any health benefits. I’m not going to get too excited here. If you have adventurous tastes, though, you might really like it.

Official website: www.JustSpices.com

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