I eat banana smoothies all the time. They’re delicious and packed with nutrients. Plus, they are so refreshing after long days out in the sun!

My typical smoothie goes together like this…


  • 1-2 cups Almond Milk
  • 1 Banana (chopped and frozen)
  • 2-3 Eggs (organic)
  • 1/2 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp Flax Seed (powder)
  • Dash of Vanilla (optional)
  • Dash of Orange juice (optional)

Notes on the ingredients:

Milk – I usually use almond milk, but you can use skim milk (dairy) if desired. Ideally you can get raw milk from a local farmer.

Banana – I like to eat bananas when they are yellow with maybe a few tiny brown spots. When they get brown, I cut them up and place them in the freezer, which I then use for these smoothies. This is great for post-workout smoothies because you want higher-glycemic carbs, and bananas (especially once they turn brown) are full of high-glycemic sugar.

Eggs – Yes, I use raw eggs. That’s because I get them either from my own chickens or a local farm. And I use the whole egg, because the yolk contains many, many nutrients.

But beware, this could be dangerous! There is a risk of salmonella! Try this at your own risk! (If you can’t get fresh, local eggs, you could try something like Egg Beaters instead, but that’s pasteurized and processed, so I’m not a big fan.)

Yogurt – Greek yogurt is the best since it’s packed with protein. At the very least, make sure you get plain yogurt. This is the stuff that is not flavored nor sweetened. (Most yogurt, even a vanilla flavor, contains way too much added sugar.) I often get the Trader Joe’s or other private label brand, but Fage is my favorite.

Flax seed – Flax is a tasty way to get some Omega-3 fatty acids. I grind up flax seeds in the blender and then dump some in my smoothies, oatmeal, etc.

Vanilla – Used very sparingly, this can sweeten up the smoothie if you went overboard on the yogurt (which is a tad sour.)

Orange Juice – I really like adding a dash of OJ to my banana smoothies. Maybe just one or two tablespoons. It adds a neat flavor without taking away from the banana. (Less is more, in this case.)


First, I put everything but the milk in the blender. I don’t actually measure anything, but the proportions I listed are about right. (You can adjust as necessary.)

Then I pour in enough milk for the smoothie to blend. More milk gives you a thin smoothie, less milk gives you a thick smoothie.

Blend till you achieve the desired thickness. Add more milk if necessary.


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  1. Coach, I’m glad you mentioned the salmonella risk as it is more real than the egg industry leads you to believe. There is a great solution in pasteurized shell eggs — the whole egg in the shell is gently heated in warm water. I use Davidson’s and the quality is exceptional.

  2. P.S. Fruit juices (like the POM Wonderful I just read about) are pasteurized too.

  3. @Bette

    Thanks for the egg recommendation. I’m sure many, many people don’t have pet chickens and do need to find good eggs like that 🙂

    Definitely a better solution than Egg Beaters, which is not just pasteurized, but basically demolished into processed goop!

    And yep, fruit juices and other drinks are pasteurized, but they don’t contain an abundance of nutrients like egg yolks do, so I don’t worry about them (and since my diet is probably 0.01% fruit juice, I don’t even think about them actually.)

  4. Liquid eggs are made from the waste (that’s what they call it) from farms and packagers — eggs that get broken or cracked. There are additives like citric acid, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does alter the taste of the eggs. Liquid eggs, and other “egg products”, were first sold as prison food — low cost for the prison system and a way for farmers to make some money off their waste.

    Just a little egg trivia…

  5. Smoothies are one of my favorite recovery drinks and breakfast food. Unfortunately, life in Washington DC, we don’t have many farms around to get fresh eggs. However, when I travel to our weekend house in the Blue ridge Mountains, our neighbor owns a farm where we can get organic fresh eggs, chicken, and steak. Its amazing how much better it tastes than buying from Whole Foods. I may try putting eggs in my smoothies but it sounds like it would taste weird. Recently, I have been drinking Naked Juice after a ride. The bottle says something like 50% protein or something. The coconut flavor is amazing.

  6. @Bette

    More good info 🙂


    It’s great how you can tell the difference between the regular stuff (Walmart,) the good stuff (Whole Foods,) and the real good stuff (local organic farmers.)

    In smoothies, I have not actually noticed a change in taste when using eggs. The yolk adds a bright yellow color, but that’s it.

    And Naked Juice does taste amazing! I’m a huge fan of the “green machine” flavor.

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