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jones organics tea

From the Jones Soda Company comes… tea! Jones Organics are ready-to-drink teas are organic, come in nice 14oz bottles, and you know what, they’re pretty good!

They do lack the obscure flavors of Jones Soda (such as green apple and fufu berry,) but they also lack the high fructose corn syrup, so it’s a fair trade.

These Jones teas are a little higher in sugar than Honest Tea, but there is way less sugar than Steaz green tea soda. This gives them a good, natural tea taste that’s just a little on the sweet side.

To give you an idea of the ingredients, here is the short list from the label…

White Tea – Cherry Ingredients: Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, White Tea Solids Brewed From Tea Leaves, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid.

All the calories come from the cane sugar. With 15g sugar per serving, you get 60 calories per serving, for 105 total calories per bottle.

And of course, a few more details on the taste…

Jones Organics Taste Test

For this test, I tried two white teas and a red tea.

White Tea – Cherry – This starts off with a very powerful, authentic white tea flavor. Then there is a very strong and sweet cherry flavor on top of that.

The cherry is so sweet that it makes the bold white tea kind of bitter, but I really like how you’re tasting the true ingredients. It really does taste natural.

I wouldn’t mind if it was a little less sweet, but overall, it does have a good natural taste that I’d love to drink again.

White Tea – Strawberry – This tea has a pleasant taste that’s definitely not as strong as the cherry. The white tea was less pronounced, and the strawberry flavor was much more mild than the cherry.

It reminded me more of a home-brewed white tea with strawberry flavor than a ready-to-drink tea, but that made for a very easy-to-drink beverage. I went through the 14oz bottle in no time. Normally I really like strawberry white tea, but in this case, I think I’d choose the white tea cherry over this.

Red Tea – Tropical – I’m really not a big fan of red tea, but I tried this anyway… and it made for a good combo!

The red tea has a stronger flavor than white or green tea, but it’s not quite like black tea. That robust flavor means it goes great with the lighter, fruity flavor they call “tropical” (I’m thinking pineapple, mango, and something else.)

So I was kind of surprised how good this was! Certainly an interesting choice if you’re used to white and green teas!

Other flavors I haven’t tried include: Red Tea – Peach, Green Tea – Mandarin, and Green Tea – Berry.

My final verdict is…

Health-wise, this is pretty decent for a ready-to-drink tea, especially from a soda company. If you are weening yourself off soda, this tea could help you switch to healthier drinks.

But if you’re already brewing your own tea or drinking Honest Tea, Jones Organics might be a tad too sweet. Stick with your regular tea unless you need something sweet on a special occasion.

Official website: www.JonesOrganics.com

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