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homedics pa-100 pro massager

Since the Mini Massager from HoMedics didn’t suit my needs, I had to move up to their PA-100 Professional Massager! This is another hand-held personal massager, but it’s bigger, more powerful, and packed with features.

My friend had one of these, and she used it on my back one day when I was really sore, and I swear it made my back good as new! The next day I ordered one from Amazon.com for just $30. (Looking at it, I thought it would be closer to $100, but luckily I guessed wrong!)

Features, Functionality, and Versatility

This massager really shines in the functionality department. Once you turn it on, you can use the sliding button to pick out just the right speed setting – I always use the highest setting, but if you want a real light massage, you can do that too. Then, to change the spacing between the massage heads, just hold down the bottom button until the heads are positioned where you want them. You can even change the massage head covers between the soft, medium, and hard covers (all included.)

homedics pa-100 pro massager

The various speed settings and massage head options make this very versatile – you can use it on your legs, back, shoulders, and even your shins and forearms. (The key point there is that you can use this on your own legs, and it’s about the only way I know of to give yourself a back massage.)

Just don’t use it while watching TV. When this massager is running, it creates a ton of static on the TV due to whatever electrostatic or electromagnetic force it is exerting.

Portability (Ease of Transport)

The drawback with this full-size, electric model is the lack of portability. Sure, you can take it to a friend’s house, but it won’t do you any good somewhere without an electrical outlet.

In other words, don’t plan to use this in the race parking lot.

The Massage

Now for the important stuff – the massage itself.

homedics pa-100 pro massager

For the most part, this provides a comfortable, enjoyable massage. The drawback is that it is the exact same massage, every time and everywhere, whether it’s on your back, shoulders, or feet. It just can’t compete with the versatility of a human hand.

I have found the best use is for back massages, especially if you have a sore back. You can spread the heads to the farthest setting, set the speed to the highest setting, and run it up and down your back to soothe any aches and pains. The drawback here is that it’s inconvenient to twist your arms around to run this on your own back.

Despite the nice back massage, it didn’t do much for my quads. If you have muscular, cyclist quads, this will probably just tickle you! But if your legs are really sore from a hard ride, it’s easy to use and it helps somewhat.

Tip: You’re not supposed to push on the massager, but to get a worthwhile massage, I put quite a bit of pressure on it. I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but without that extra pressure, it feels like I’m being tickled.

One final drawback is the 15 minute time limit on each use. It says not to run the massager for longer than 15 minutes each time, and don’t use it in the same spot for more than 3 minutes.

What about a real massage?

A real massage feels amazing and totally blows away the massages from this.

But keep in mind that a real massage will probably cost you $30 for half an hour, while this gives you virtually unlimited massages for a single $30 payment. In that respect it’s a great value.

My final verdict is…

I’m not overly impressed with this massager, because it doesn’t feel all that special, and it gets old after a while (since it’s the exact same feeling no matter what.)

But it does help recover from injuries or stiff, sore muscles, and it never says “no, I don’t feel like giving you a massage.”

If you’re sore all the time, this will be great for you. It’s much cheaper than going to a real masseuse, and it’s even cheaper than The Stick, so it’s a relatively good value.

In the end, it’s worth the $30.

Official website: www.HoMedics.com

Buy online: at Amazon.com

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Reviewed by: Coach Levi
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Date last updated: 2008-04-23
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  1. This massager is way more than $30 from Amazon and any other place you find it. They are selling it for $398. What a ripoff. I purchased this very massager years ago for about $40 and it just died. I’m really disappointed that Amazon and Ebay would allow this product to sell at that price. You probably should not endorse this product and advertise it at $30. That is false information.

    • @DT

      The retail price when I purchased this was about $30. The retail price is probably still the same today, but much like hand sanitizer, thermometers, oximeters, and other devices, some percussion massagers are in short supply and people are trying to resell them at absurd prices.

      However, if you go direct to the Homedics website, they have a variety of handheld massagers, with improved features, in stock, for the regular prices of $40-50.

  2. Wondering how to get the handle apart to fix the cord? How do you get the rubber part of the handle off or apart? Just want to shorten the cord where it shorts out. Would appreciate an answer to help with this. Thanks!

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