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hammer endurolytes

There is a notoriously big problem on hard rides in hot weather – cramping! When you’re sweating more and riding harder than usual, you have to get more electrolytes. Sometimes sports drinks aren’t enough for endurance races in 100 degree heat. That’s why Hammer Nutrition brings us Endurolytes.

Endurolytes (sometimes called e-caps) are those little capsules filled with electrolyte powder. You may have seen them, and if you regularly attend industry events or bicycle races, you have probably gotten free samples. (I recommend trying the free samples a few times before ordering a bunch of these, just in case you don’t notice a difference.)

But like I said, there’s this big problem with cramping while riding/racing on hot days, and many people believe the cramping is caused by running low on electrolytes, which are lost in your sweat. So that would mean that most sports drinks don’t contain enough electrolytes to get you through hot days.

Hammer decided to step in and fill this need by providing capsules jam packed with electrolytes. It’s a great idea. I sweat a lot, and my clothes are always covered with white streaks from my dried sweat, so I’m certainly losing a large amount of electrolytes when I sweat.

hammer endurolytes

But there’s one thing that’s holding me back from consuming Endurolytes all the time – the practicality of swallowing pills while riding. I don’t care for pills even when I’m at home, so I have no interest in carrying them in my jersey pocket for a mid-ride snack.

That said, I’ve still been able to use these capsules. On hot, sweaty days (the ones where sweat always drips into your eyes,) I will take Endurolytes before leaving and sometimes when I return home. Sometimes I take one the night before an important summer race.

I have found that I can stay properly hydrated and cramp-free by consuming Endurolytes before and after rides, and using a drink such as Hammer Heed or Powerbar Endurance during riding.

And if I do need a little extra kick during the ride, I’ll mix up some of the Endurolyte powder into my water bottle. You can empty a capsule into your bottle, just don’t mix too much into your water bottle, unless you like to taste the salt! I’ve been alright limiting it to one capsule per 20oz bottle of sports drink. (You can buy bulk Endurolyte powder which doesn’t taste so bitter and salty and put a scoop of that into your bottle. I’ll be reviewing it soon.)

Sometimes I’ll even use these capsules for other times, such as when I’m going to be outside in the hot sun all day where drinks will be in short supply. They keep me feeling fresh, when I’d normally end up sapped from the sun’s heat.

It’s hard to argue with Endurolytes. You need electrolytes, and they give you what you need. I don’t think I’ve ever heard complaints about Endurolytes, other than my complaint about taking pills while riding. Earlier this year I saw a review of them in Bicycling magazine, in which they dubbed Endurolytes an “almost-too-good-to-be-true” product! (Sure, they’re not known for giving negative reviews, but that’s a pretty glowing review.)

My final verdict is…

I think the idea behind the Endurolytes is a great one. I can remember quite a few rides and races early in my career where I could have benefited from a few extra electrolytes! Now I have Endurolytes to come to my rescue.

I don’t use these too often (most of the time a couple scoops of Hammer HEED will provide enough electrolytes to get me through the ride,) but if it’s very hot, or just an extremely long or hard race, I make sure to consume a few Endurolytes just to be on the safe side.

If you have problems with cramping during hot days and intense efforts, give these a try.

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  1. I tried Endurolytes after suffering from hamstring and calf cramps, and I didn’t notice a difference. I wonder if they simply don’t work, or if my calfs are just not electrolyte-related? Either way, waste of money for me.

  2. I meant to say “cramps are not electrolyte-related,” not calfs! 🙂

  3. @JR

    The belief that cramps are caused by lack of electrolytes is agreed upon by many athletes, but it’s not scientifically proven (last time I checked.) So while virtually everyone I know likes Endurolytes, it’s entirely possible that they won’t help you with cramps.

    When I get cramps these days it’s usually because I’m pushing myself too hard in a race for the amount of training I’ve done. Endurolytes don’t help me with that, but they do seem to help during certain situations, such as training on extra hot days.

  4. I have serious cramp issues I’ve been fighting for years. Usually they come long into a ride- at the 40 to 50 mile point. I recently did a 70 mile ride crossing 5 passes (gaps) in North Georgia. I took 3 endurolytes at the beginning and three each hour or so for the whole ride, plus some- about 24 total. I also took about a dozen Tums. I was cramp-free which was the goal. And I also felt pretty good and did a short (26 mile) fast ride the next evening. They worked for me!

  5. what bulk electrolyte do your recomend

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