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fullbore fitness workout towel

Towels are one of those accessories you don’t really want to spend money on. They’re not particularly high-tech or exciting, nor do you wear one all day long. But for those moments you’re using one, you expect it to be soft, absorbent, and luxurious! And when carrying it around, you expect it to be lightweight and fast-drying!

With expectations like that, maybe it’s time to put some thought into your choice of workout towel? One to think about is the Fullbore Fitness Microfiber Sports Towel which I am reviewing today.

It claims to be fast drying and super absorbent, two outstanding qualities! At 26″ x 40″, it’s pretty big, but certainly not as big as a regular bath towel. (It’s just barely big enough that I can wrap it around my 30″ waist and have the ends tie together.)

To begin, let’s consider why you might be purchasing a sports towel:

  • Hot yoga classes
  • Gym workouts
  • Riding the indoor trainer
  • Camping and backpacking

For hot yoga, what you really need is a towel the size of your mat. This towel is not going to be that towel. It’s simply not big enough.

But if you want a towel to wipe off your hands and face during yoga class, or to carry around the gym, this towel definitely can do that!

You could also use it while riding the indoor trainer – it would be a perfect sweat catcher over your handlebar. (Though an old bathroom towel would work nearly as well.)

If you ask me, this towel really shines as a camp towel (for backpacking). You need something lightweight that folds up really small (normal bath towels take up way too much space in your pack). You also need something that dries fast, so that you don’t have to put a soaking wet towel in your bag of dry gear!

fullbore fitness workout towel


I just got the towel this fall, so I can’t speak to the durability yet. But I’ll talk about the quality of its construction.

The main part of the towel is a single piece of microfiber, which doesn’t seem like it will rip apart under normal use. The logo is embroidered nicely, and best of all, the edges are very nicely finished (as you can see in the picture above).


This towel is listed at $29.95, but it was on sale for $16.96 last month, and I just checked again and found it discounted even more (down to $13.99) on Amazon.com.

So let’s say it’s around $15. That’s an expensive bath towel, but about what you’d expect for a camp towel.

If you do some comparison shopping, you’ll find other towels that are cheaper. But if you’re looking for a well-known name brand, you’ll pay more.

(Most yoga mat towels are more expensive, but remember that they are about twice the size too!)


Unless you live in a fantasy world, you understand that a small and light towel like this will never be as comfortable as a soft, fluffy bath towel at home.

But you don’t want it to feel like sandpaper!

When I first held this towel in real life, I was skeptical. The dull gray color might be partially to blame, but it just didn’t look or feel comfortable at all.

But I gave it a chance anyway…

And it feels pretty good! It’s way softer than expected! It’s not something to cuddle with, but I found it pleasant against my skin.

If you rub it between your fingers, it’s not particularly soft. But if you rub it on your body, as it’s intended to be used, it’s nice!

fullbore fitness workout towel


Oh yeah, this thing absorbs water!

I was worried because I’ve dealt with my fair share of “microfiber” dish towels. Those things never work. They just smear water around (and make me very aggravated).

This towel, on the other hand, absorbs water. Lots of water.

I started using it after my daily showers and it absorbs every drop of water and looks like it could absorb far more! After one shower, it’s barely damp, not even close to the point where you might need to wring it out.

[Eventually in the warmer weather I’ll do a test to see just how much water this thing soaks up!]

Dry Time

How long it takes to dry is hard to say, because so much depends on the amount of water it soaked up, temperature, humidity, air flow, etc.

But if you hang it up at all, or drape it over your pack, it will dry!

It’s not like a cotton towel that might still be damp 24 hours later!

fullbore fitness workout towel

My final verdict is…

This is a great towel, depending on what you’re looking for. It’s excellent for working out and traveling, good enough for a backpacking towel, but not a beach towel nor yoga towel. (To be a great backpacking towel, I’d prefer it have a little hang loop on the corner.)

I guess the point is, it’s soft and absorbent just like it claims!

Official website: www.FullboreFitness.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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