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Retailer Name: FRS
Website: www.FRS.com and www.HealthyEnergy.com

Continue reading for my thoughts and opinions on the FRS online store, which sells FRS energy drinks and merchandise…

Product Selection and Availability

This is simple – the FRS store consists of FRS products (liquid concentrate, cans, powder, chews) in every flavor. They offer the products on an individual basis as well as in a few sampler packs and gift packs. To top things off, you can buy FRS baseball caps and aluminum water bottles.

Availability is usually not an issue, but sometimes the more popular flavors (such as low cal peach mango and pomegranate blueberry) do sell out temporarily.


These drinks aren’t cheap! Prices range from about $1.25 to $2.50 per serving.

However, I don’t think it’s any cheaper if you buy them at a local store like GNC. You could save money on shipping, but I don’t think you’ll find FRS at a discount anywhere.

Discounts & Coupon Codes

This does not happen as often as some retailers, but FRS does send out coupon codes to existing customers.

I have been treated well as a regular customer. Any time a new product comes out, I get an email about it with a “25% off your first purchase” coupon that applies to the new product. Also, there were two super sales this year – a 50% off sale for their 5-year anniversary as well as a 50% off holiday deal.

There are also some 10% off and free shipping coupons that come out on occasion. Just be on the lookout.

The only problem I’ve noticed here ties in to availability. Whenever FRS offers a discount or coupon code, the more popular flavors tend to be sold out already.

The FRS Free Trial Offer

The other discount option is the free trial, but it’s so popular I figured it deserved it’s own section…

[Note: If you go to www.FRS.com, you go to the store, and if you head to www.HealthyEnergy.com, you get the free trial offer.]

If paying full price doesn’t sound fun, FRS offers a free 14-day trial (for a $5 shipping and handling fee.) The catch is that you have to enter your credit card details to pay for the shipping charge and agree to their terms, which allow them to auto-enroll you in their autoship program if you don’t call and cancel.

Here’s a small excerpt from their terms: “By signing up for the free trial offer, if you don’t cancel before the end of your trial period which is 14 days after receiving your free trial, you also agree to receive and authorize us to charge you $64.95 (plus tax if applicable) each month for a 30 day supply of FRS.”

I had no interest in the free trial since it was composed of the low calorie products. (I don’t eat or drink anything with sucralose, so that would have been a waste.)

But I have seen comments that indicate many people are getting angry over the terms. I’m kind of surprised how few people knew what they were getting into when signing-up for the free trial, but maybe no one has ever done a free trial before.

I grew up with all the “get 7 free cassettes from Columbia House today… when you agree to buy 20 more at an outrageous price over the next 12 months” kind of offers. (I think they still exist, but with CDs and DVDs now.)

Some consider it a shady business practice, but it is legal. So let that be a lesson – you should always read the fine print!

Ease of Use (Website and Shopping Cart)

The FRS website is easy to use once you find the store. The layout is pretty simple since there is only a small selection of products, so there shouldn’t be any issues finding what you want.

To order, find the item, enter the desired quantity, and click Add to Cart. Then click on View Cart and you can see the items. Then you can easily update the quantity, remove the item, or switch to an autoship of the item. Finally, clicking Check out takes you to the next steps of entering shipping and billing information, then you’re set to place the order.

Shipping & Handling

The shipping isn’t cheap, but that’s what happens when you’re buying liquids through the mail. Especially with the cans, the weight adds up.

I have paid about $6 for a small order (a bag of chews,) and $16 for heavier orders that included a couple bottles of concentrate and some cans.

I’ve had some serious variation on shipping time though. Most orders took over a week (more like 10-14 days) to get here to the East cost. But the worst was my last order in October – the order shipped out mid-November, and got here in December! The shipping time wasn’t too too bad, but it took over two weeks to “process” the order.

The redeeming factor is that you can setup an “autoship” where you get a shipment of a specific item on a monthly basis. When you do that, the shipping is free, and it probably arrives consistently.

Customer Service

Luckily I’ve never had to deal with anyone in customer service since my orders always arrived. Unfortunately, I haven’t read many stories of good experiences with their customer service. It sounds like they outsource to a call center in India, like Dell does (and if you’ve ever called Dell customer support, you know the potential problems.)

Let’s just say I don’t get a good vibe about their customer service.

My final verdict is…

I like the drink and I have had no trouble ordering from the online store. The coupons for existing customers are great and keep me going back.

Just watch out for the free trial. If you do the free trial only to find out you don’t like the drink, you’ll have to call and cancel within 14 days.

(I do highly recommend the all natural FRS drinks, though, so you could still try the product either through the online store or from an offline retailer such as GNC.)

Official website: www.FRS.com and www.HealthyEnergy.com

Product Review Details
Company: FRS
Product: FRS.com
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Date last updated: 2008-12-31
CoachLevi.com Advertiser: No.

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1 Comment
  1. Don’t be fooled by the marketing scams of the FRS Company. After trying their product, and purchasing some additional auto-delivered purchases, I decided the product was not making any difference and that there were a number of less expensive options out there. After calling to cancel their services, I in my own ignorance, allowed them to talk me into remaining on their mailing list for a future order. I was not informed however that they would be keeping my credit/debit card number on file.

    Three months later, a $19.95 dollar bag of soft chews arrived and was billed to my credit card. I immediately sent them a very explicit email cancelling my service. I instructed them via email never to charge my card again, and never to send anything to my home address again.

    I received a one sentence response with a 1-800 number attached.

    In the state of Michigan, items not specifically agreed to for purchase may not be sent through the mail, and if they are, then they do not have to be returned at a cost of the recipient. A business can not charge a credit card, debit card, or checking account once they have been instructed not to by the account holder. A business is also required to allow this notification to be received via the means the original transaction took place (ie. online or through email).

    Three months later, I received the same charge to my bank card account, causing additional bank fees since the charge was unauthorized and unexpected. This account was seldom used. I never provided them an updated account because I had ALREADY cancelled their service. The product has not even arrived at my home yet, and it’s been days since the charge.

    This company is disorganized if they are unable to cancel account transactions when provided notice of cancellation months in advance or they are simply dishonest by charging accounts they are no longer authorized to charge. Either way, the company is hurting consumers.

    Don’t let Lance Armstrong’s endorsements fool you. In my opinion, his association with this company has only damaged his reputation.

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