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elite man multivitamins

Yeah, the label imagery makes it look like some sort bro-science testosterone booster, but it’s not. It’s a multivitamin.

Is it just another multivitamin? Not exactly.

It’s called Elite Man Multivitamins for Men, made by Vitamin Elite.

In addition to providing 33 essential vitamins and minerals, these contain eight proprietary blends (of various herbs and supplements) that you’d normally have to buy separately. You would rarely, if ever, see a multivitamin tablet that contains all this stuff.

Since that’s what this is all about, let’s get straight into the details…

Elite Man Multivitamins Ingredients

For starters, the “33 essential vitamins and minerals” are basically what you’d expect. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and of course the B vitamins. Vitamin K is missing, but other than that, the list looks pretty solid. There’s good stuff like lutein and quercetin; even stuff I’ve never taken, like hesperidin complex (which sounds like it’s for improving blood circulation).

The real problem I see is that these are all rather low doses, even for a multivitamin. For a sedentary person, sure, but I’d think for even a moderately athletic man (let alone an elite man), you’d create a max potency type of vitamin.

Just look at the Nature’s Way Alive Men’s Multi Max Potency vitamins. In some cases, those contain double the dose of what’s in the Elite Man multi.

That means the custom proprietary blends better be good! Let’s see what they’re all about…

Elite Digestive Enzyme Blend

A bunch of good stuff I’ve supplemented with individually. You’ve got basic digestive aids like amylase and protease, generally taken to prevent upset stomachs, as well as Betaine HCl, which is something that may improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, taken as a way to get healthier and maybe even build muscle.

Elite Colon Probiotic Blend

Not to be confused with those “colon cleanse” scams, this blend contains common probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus. I certainly recommend probiotics like these, but you might want to take even more (whether from other supplements or even real foods).

Elite Omega Oils Blend

Basically flax seed powder. This is not a replacement for your Omega-3 fish oil supplements.

Elite Green and Whole Foods Blend

Wheat grass, spirulina powder, chlorella, and a few others. That kind of thing. It contains quite a bit – more than you’d expect to find blended into a multivitamin – but not as much as you’d get from an actual greens supplement.

Elite Energy and Focus Blend

This one was a surprise. I’ve never seen an energy-boosting multivitamin before! And there’s good stuff in this blend – ginseng and ginkgo biloba. I’m pretty sure than any energy boost or feeling of well-being you may get from this multivitamin comes purely from this blend.

Elite Liver Cleanse Blend

This is basically another greens powder that also contains powdered vegetables (garlic, beets, carrots, broccoli, etc..) That’s neat. It’s especially good if you don’t normally include garlic in your everyday diet.

Elite Detox Blend

This one is a bunch of powdered fruit (apple, papaya, blueberry, etc.), most likely for the antioxidants. The actual fruits taste better, but it would be tough to get such a variety of fruits in your diet each day.

Elite Immunity Blend

A few different types of mushrooms. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday! Heck, I never even mentioned it when writing about not getting sick.

So yeah, there is lots of good stuff in one jar. No doubt about that. That would explain why it costs nearly as much as buying a regular multivitamin, Ginsana, and Greens Plus.

On the flip side, if you go that route, you do get A LOT more nutrients than what’s found here in Elite Man.

Vitamin Elite Quality and Credibility

Any time I come across a supplement company that’s not a big brand like Bayer, NOW Foods, Nature’s Way, etc., I’m skeptical. I want to research the company and make sure they’re legit. I want to know where they manufacture their supplements, why the company was founded, stuff like that.

I also like to see a phone number.

Well, this is a new company, the website is very low-budget, and there is no phone number on the website or even on the pill bottle itself. None of that inspires confidence!

The only useful info on the website is this statement: “Every Vitamin Elite product is manufactured in the United States at a Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility.”

If you look at the reviews on Amazon.com, very few of them say anything useful.

Given the price of the supplement, I’d really like to see more background information. It’s $39.95 for a month supply!

elite man multivitamins pills

My Testing Results

I opened up the jar and they smelled nice, so we were off to a good start.

But then I looked at the size of the pills (they’re big) and thought about how many I had to swallow (three per day.) That’s going to be a chore!

On the first day, much to my surprise, I quickly swallowed all three pills.

The pills are big and rough so they appear hard to swallow, but with the slick coating on the outside, they’re not so bad.

Plus, you can break them in half very easily.

They don’t even taste bad if you’d happen to bite one in half!

That first day, I felt incredible all day long! Energized, happy, and focused. It really took me by surprise! It was almost like I had taken that Ginsana ginseng supplement. (I hadn’t analyzed the extra ingredients at this point, so I wasn’t aware of the intended energy boost!)

Of course, I couldn’t get to sleep that night…

So I started alternating days and lowering the dose, which worked to moderate the energy boost, but it also meant that I was only getting one third of the dose of vitamins and minerals!

For people like me, you don’t want to combine a multivitamin and an energy supplement into one!!

My final verdict is…

Going by the label, the pills are fairly impressive! But once you get into the nitty gritty details, there’s not a large dose of any one particular ingredient. And I’m still a little sketched out about the small company with no background and no phone number. (In the supplement industry, you can’t be too careful!)

While they made me feel great initially, perhaps even “elite”, these aren’t for me. Especially at this price range. I’ll buy liquids, which are better suited for my needs, and I’ll go with a brand I know and trust. Greens Plus Advanced Multi Raw Superfood powder is what I’d choose (and it’s considerably cheaper at Amazon.com).

Official website: www.VitaminElite.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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