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edwin jagger de89lbl razor kit

After many years of using electric shavers and cartridge razors (which included periods where I got fed up with them and just grew a beard,) I decided to see what these double edge (DE) safety razors were all about.

Having grown up during the “two blades are better than one” and “three blades are better than two” eras, I didn’t know a darn thing about these razors. I only knew that today’s cartridge razors are ridiculously expensive by comparison!

And something in the back of my mind kept telling me that, despite doubling in cost, the latest Gillette Fusion cartridges were no better for me than the older Mach3 variety!

So, I did my research, and in the end, it was the Edwin Jagger De89lbl just edging out the Merkur Model 180. I almost went with the Merkur, which cost about $33, but the Edwin Jagger went on sale for $34 (instead of the regular $44,) so I had to snag it instead.

Side note – don’t you just love how Amazon’s shopping cart alerts you to price drops like this?!

I’m glad I went with the EJ! It’s beautiful. Plus, it included 5 Derby safety blades free.

You can get it with a smooth handle or a lined handle. Both look good; I chose the lined handle for a little extra grip if I’m shaving my legs with it.

It’s a whole new experience, even before your first shave.

When I looked at the box, I wondered how they fit the whole razor in there! The box was tiny.

Well, this razor has a short handle! Some DE razors have longer handles, but on average, it seems the handles are much shorter than on the Gillette Fusion and similar.

It’s also much heavier. That’s a good thing, but it’s different nonetheless.

The weight is easy to get used to, since it makes your job easier, but the short handle took a while to figure out!

edwin jagger de89lbl razor

Learning to use it takes commitment.

After assembling the razor (very easy, just be careful with the blade) and watching a couple Youtube videos, I went for it.

I was going all in, of course, and made sure to use this in conjunction with my Bluebeard’s Revenge shaving cream and brush.

My first shave, back in January of 2013, turned out surprisingly good!

Must have been beginner’s luck, though, because the next couple shaves weren’t so great.

However, I kept learning and improving.

For one thing, I learned that getting the right blade makes a huge difference! Some blades are sharper than others, some work for my face while others don’t, and some only last for one shave.

Case in point – the included Derby blades only lasted me for three shaves maximum, with significantly worse results after the very first use. That was a big reason my first ever shave was so much better than subsequent attempts. I highly suggest picking up a variety pack of razor blades if you buy any DE razor.

I was also reminded that metal gets slippery when wet!

With the razor wet at all, it becomes hard to hold at the weird angles I need to use because my facial hair grows in four different directions. Your results may vary.

What does that mean for leg shaving?

Not gonna lie – shaving my legs with the Edwin Jagger DE89 was a chore! Despite getting pretty good at using it on my face, I was terrible at getting a good shave around my knees and ankles. I really missed the pivoting head of my Gillette Mach3!

Not to mention the rubberized handle! If you’re shaving in the shower, the metal handle is going to be very slippery. And you don’t want to drop it on your bare feet!

I did get better at this, too, but even now, I feel that shaving my legs with a DE razor is too much hassle.

My final verdict is…

The Edwin Jagger De89lbl is a great quality razor that I expect to last for years (even decades) to come. If you want a DE razor, it’s a great choice. You’ll save money on blades and definitely feel more manly when using it.

However, I still don’t suggest you buy one for shaving your legs. I find that it’s too slippery and takes too long due to the extra caution required during use. It certainly can be done, it’s just not for me.

Official website: www.EdwinJagger.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. I got one of these and apart from the occasional nick (as i’m stil learning) it is pretty good. One thing is bother me though – you shave your legs!?

  2. @Kieran

    Yep, that’s what cyclists do. Men might even use – gasp! – women’s razors for it!

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