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bluebeards revenge

If you’re sick of girly razors and flowery, botanical shaving creams, I think I just found the ideal shaving cream for you – The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream. It’s billed as “the ultimate shaving experience for real men,” and with a skull and crossbones on the box, it does make me feel a little better about shaving my legs!

The last shaving cream I reviewed, while awesome for my legs, had a picture of a girl and lots of rose petals on the container – that didn’t fit too well in my bachelor pad!

With Bluebeards Revenge, not only is the logo manly and adventurous, but with the logo stamped into the actual lid of the container and printed on their brushes and razors, everything has a classy appearance that I’m happy to put on display beside my chamois cream and saddle sore ointment. 😉

The ingredients list contains no parabens, which is nice, and they use something called Decelerine that’s supposed to slow hair growth in 30-60 days, but the most important matter here is shave quality.

Let me start by saying this is unlike any shaving cream I’ve ever used! This is a glycerin-based shaving cream, so it’s not going to be anything like the cheaper shaving foam (i.e. Barbasol) or gels (i.e. Gillette, Edge) commonly found at the drug store. I don’t know the science behind it, but every time a shaving expert talks about getting the perfect shave, they explicitly list glycerin-based shaving cream as a key ingredient.

I tried this on my face, and the first few times I used it, it was definitely a learning experience. It took a few tries to figure out the right amount of cream and the best brush technique, but even the very first time, this stuff gave me a super close, smooth shave! Best of all, not a hint of razorburn!

That was all with a plain old Gillette Fusion razor, too. No fancy pre-shave oil or anything.

It felt like a whole new shaving experience – like going from a hybrid to a carbon fiber race bike! A more fitting analogy would be going from Gatorade to Hammer Perpetuem for endurance fuel or from cheap hand lotion to Assos chamois cream.

bluebeards revenge

The only part I didn’t care for was lathering up with the cheap brush – the bristles were a little stiff and sharp, rather than smooth and soft. But since I can’t bring myself to pay $60 for a true badger brush, I guess I’ll just deal with this one. (You can’t find a cheaper brush, so value-wise it’s pretty good.)

I did try lathering up with my hands once, but that was a big mistake! This stuff is so slippery I could barely hold my razor! And yes, this was after rinsing my hands! Wow! But this does explain why the razor glides across your skin so easily!

I can’t wait to try using this with a very nice razor.

Shaving Tips from The Bluebeards Revenge

Need any shaving tips? Just watch this video:


The Big Question – Does It Work As Well On My Legs?

Since it worked so well on my face, I was really excited about using it on my legs.

See, I’m constantly fighting off razorburn. My calves are no problem, but my hamstrings are very sensitive, and I could never totally avoid razorburn there. Even with a good exfoliating scrub, a fresh razor blade, and fairly expensive shaving cream, I’d always have a little razorburn or a few little red bumps on my hamstrings.

At least if I wanted a close shave!

So, I started using Bluebeards Revenge on my legs. On my first use, I was surprised by how little cream is necessary. Using just the little dab that I use for my face, that was enough to lather an entire leg!

The next thing I noticed is that my razor slides so smooth it’s incredible!! (You really notice this on your legs because the strokes are so much longer compared to shaving your face.)

Did it result in a closer shave?

I’m not positive. Probably yes, but it’s hard to say. I mean, it’s close enough, so that’s fine with me. If the ease of shaving is any indication, well then yes, it’s a closer shave!

Since you also have to consider the variables such as type of razor and freshness of the blade, it’s hard (and more importantly, impractical) to do anything resembling scientific testing!

Was there less irritation?

Now this is the important part! I must say, I get less irritation after shaving with this stuff. Even during the shave, it’s much easier shaving against the grain on my hamstrings, no matter which razor I’m using. With cheaper shaving creams, it’s uncomfortable to shave against or across the grain. It’s like I can feel the razorburn setting in instantly!

With Bluebeards Revenge, the blade glides so effortlessly, I can finally get a close shave without irritation! Yes!

My final verdict is…

While I haven’t used the other top-of-the-line products such as Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort or The Art of Shaving shaving creams for comparison, I can say that The Bluebeards Revenge is a darn good shaving cream that’s going to outdo the cheap stuff (a 6oz container of this will cost you $24-28).

If you’re willing to invest in a good shaving cream and a badger brush, or you just want to feel more manly when shaving your legs, The Bluebeards Revenge lineup deserves serious consideration!

Official website: www.Bluebeards-Revenge.co.uk

Official website (US version): www.Dreadnought-Shaving.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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P.S. If anyone can explain the whole “bluebeard” folklore in three sentences or less, please do so in the comments!

P.P.S. For anyone who doesn’t know anything about bluebeards and doesn’t care, the company also has a version of shaving cream named for us. It’s called Dreadnought Shaving. (A “dreadnought” is a person who fears nothing. Or an “alpha male,” if you will.)

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