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e-z dip dipping belt

I started out doing weighted pull-ups by looping a leather strap through a 10 lb cast iron plate, and then looping that strap over a regular web belt (made to hold up your pants.)

It worked, but it was not comfortable nor sturdy. And you couldn’t adjust the weight without untying many knots. But it saved me $35 and bought me some time until the E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt came out!

See, I always wanted to do weighted pull-ups, but I never liked the regular old dipping belts because they didn’t look safe. The price is not too bad ($30-50,) and they can hold 100+ pounds of plates. But they balance on your hips and look dangerous and uncomfortable!

Then there are weight vests, but they’re way too expensive for this purpose – like $50-80 or more just for a 10-20 lb vest.

Luckily, I found the E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt before my homemade solution ripped apart. The E-Z Dip is a new style of dipping belt. It’s awesome!

What really sets the E-Z Dip apart is that it holds dumbbells rather than plates. Rather than wrapping a chain through a cast iron plate and hooking it up (as you do with every other dipping belt,) you simply stick a dumbbell into the hanger.

The dumbbells stick in there and don’t slip at all. (Standard dumbbells only though. Those adjustable dumbbells with the rubberized handles are too fat.)

If you want, you can also get a plate holder that hangs off the chain. It’s pretty cool because I don’t have a huge selection of dumbbells, but I do have some heavy plates.

Along with that, the E-Z Dip is very easy to load and unload. With dumbbells, you just lay it in or pull it out of the holder and put a new one in. It couldn’t be faster. No need for belt adjustments when switching dumbbells either.

This is great if you want to keep the belt on between sets, but don’t want the dumbbell weighing you down. You just take it in or out between sets since it only takes (literally) one second.

The plate holder isn’t nearly as slick as the dumbbell holder, but it’s useful to have around, especially if you don’t have a huge dumbbell collection. (The plate holder needs removed from the chain each time you want to change weights.)

Once loaded and you get working out, the E-Z Dip stays on your waist!

wearing my e-z dip belt

The belt stays on your waist because it has a big, thick belt around your hips and back, which balances nicely. Then there is an adjustable nylon strap on the front you tighten down like a regular belt. Every other dipping belt I’ve seen lacks this feature!

With my 32″ waist, I basically had it pulled as tight as possible. It didn’t need to be very tight to feel secure though.

Tightened down, the belt is comfortable.

It doesn’t dig into your sides. There are extra neoprene hip cushions underneath the belt for supreme comfort. Way better than a plain leather strap!

Also, you can adjust the chain length to whatever you want. Since it’s a linked chain and there are two hooks on the belt, just hook into whatever link you wish.

Comfort-wise, you can adjust it to fall into that sweet spot between your thighs, so you’re not banging weights off your knees or your family jewels.

using e-z dip belt with dumbbell

The belt and chain are also sturdy and secure.

I started out using the belt for chin ups and pull ups. I tested it with 5-45lb of weight, using both the plate holder and the dumbbell holder. All were secure for many, many pull-ups.

The max I’ve used was 90lb.

Supposedly this belt holds up to 300lb. Well, if you know anyone who can do pull ups with 300lb hanging off their waist, have them test this belt and let me know how it goes! 😉

I mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again since it has to do with safety – the belt actually tightens down on your waist and is held in place. It does not just balance on your hips, as most other dipping belts do.

The price is definitely at the high end – about $70 plus shipping ($81 total for the complete package.) That’s double what some other belts cost, but I think it’s worth it for the lack of hassle and increased comfort and safety!

My final verdict is…

The E-Z Dip works great. No complaints here. It is expensive, but if you want to do weighted pull-ups safely and without a lot of fumbling around, it’s worth the money.

Of course, if you can’t do more than 5 or 10 pull ups with nothing more than your body weight, you won’t need to invest in something like this for quite some time. But if you plan to spend the money on a dipping belt, I encourage you to look at the E-Z Dip.

Official website: www.Hold-Ons.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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