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Are you fairly new to cycling? Or perhaps you’ve been riding a while but you are thinking about doing your first race this season?

Then I might have found a good book for you. It’s called 50 Top Bike Racing Tips and it covers everything from planning your race season and setting goals to winning the sprint to the finish line. My complete review is below…

50 top bike racing tips ebook

At first glance, the book didn’t look like it would amount to much. I figured it would be basic racing and training advice, and I wasn’t that excited because the book was written by Bart Summers, a name I’d never heard before.

But I figured I’d check it out anyway. I’m glad I did, because it started with a bio – turns out Bart Summers spent 15 years racing from hopeless beginner to competing in national races before releasing this book in 2005.

Then it went through all 50 tips about bike racing, and each tip was packed with solid advice. The book is a total of 84 pages, so it’s not just a little list of tips. Rather, each tip is explained so you can actually put it into practice. The tips started with planning, then focused a lot on training and heart rate zones and all that, and then finished up with racing advice and tactics.

For someone new to racing, the racing tactics section is invaluable. Even extremely fit riders can lose a race to an unfit rider that knows how to race, so learning is your best chance for quick results. Trust me, I’ve lost plenty of races due to not knowing anything about tactics, despite numerous hours of training!

Believe it or not, a $20 book is going to improve your performance a lot more than a new $5000 bike. (Assuming you read and act on the book.)

The best part is that the book seems more like an experienced rider giving you advice after a race, as opposed to a book from a big publisher. It’s just ‘down and dirty’ advice, put on paper. It doesn’t sound like it’s written by some certified coach with a physiology degree. Rather, it’s much like the advice I’ve heard firsthand from former elite racers. They take the complex stuff and make it simple, skipping all the research studies and complicated graphs and replacing them with what worked for them in a real-life racing career.

So that’s the main book, what else do we have?

A bonus book called Indoor Trainer 101. It’s a shorter book with reasons to use an indoor trainer, plus workout advice and training plans. The various workout schedules, each designed for a specific result, will help you get in better shape and help prevent boredom from mindlessly slogging along on the trainer.

My final verdict is…

Overall, it’s a solid book I can recommend to beginners. If you’ve been racing a while or reading other training/racing books and magazines, you’ve most likely picked up on all these tips. But for new riders, this is the quickest way to improve.

Should I buy this or one of the hardcover racing books from Amazon.com?

Your choice. There are a number of good books out there that are packed with good advice, very long, and fun to read (if you like to read). But if you’re pressed for time, maybe this book is the better choice. See, it’s shorter and to the point, but still contains everything you need to know, in chronological order. You could order it the evening before a race, get it immediately, read it that night, and have a better race the next day. All without leaving your chair.

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  1. Is this ebook still considered up to date?

  2. @Donnie

    It looks like the ebook is no longer for sale, so I would look elsewhere. Amazon.com has quite a few books about riding.

    I highly recommend “Racing Tactics for Cyclists” – there’s a review of it here on CoachLevi.com.

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