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While the ski bike was hot last year (see my ski bike pictures,) this year there is a new sled in town. It’s called the Zipfy and it’s a freestyle mini luge.

I like to think of it as a perfect sport for the backyard Olympics! Other than looking insanely fun, it could be a great way to get off your bike during the off-season. Of course, stuff like this is a great way to get hurt, but we can worry about that later…

From the looks of it, you sit down on one end and stick your legs out front. Then you go flying downhill holding onto the handlebar (joystick maybe?) and drag your hands for turns.

The videos on their site make this look too cool to pass up. At $40, I’m definitely getting one if I get out in the snow this winter.

Maybe it would be a good Christmas gift for a downhill mountain biker? I’ve seen one list already where it’s one of the “Top 5 Recession-Buster Gifts.”

More details if you’re interested:

– Made of rugged, high-density, molded polyethylene plastic.
– Compact enough to fit in your trunk at 21 x 13 x 16 inches.
– Lightweight enough to carry around at just 3.5 pounds.
– Joystick handle design makes it easier to turn and maneuver than most sleds.
– Low center of gravity for stability.
– Rail design for easy carving on slopes.
– Weight limit: 250 pounds.

Company website:

Buy online: at

All “Product Previews” are simply products I have found that look really cool or interesting. The product has not yet been reviewed, so I’m not advising you to buy or not to buy the product.

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  1. i actually have one of these! they’re so much fun!! i remember using it the first time at big bear.. at first i didnt think much of it and i was kinda nervous to use it but when i started sledding down with it.. it was so much fun! it’s really easy to control too which is really convenient..

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