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Here’s why.

“Eat Healthy and Exercise”

“Eat healthy and exercise.” That’s the secret to losing weight and getting fit, right?

I’m sure you’ve heard that before, whether it’s from a friend, trusted doctor, or maybe a celebrity fitness trainer.

As far as I know, yeah, it’s true. I’ve seen it work.

But if it’s so simple, why are so many people struggling? Because putting that advice into practice is incredibly difficult.

Has a Meal Plan Ever Worked For You Before?

Answer this honestly:

Have you ever made significant progress losing weight or improving your body composition just by following a meal plan?

If so, congratulations!

If not, don’t feel bad. Very few people do. Even fewer people have lasting success.

Why is that?

Meal Plans Just Add More Words

Meal plans just take the two words of advice – “eat healthy” – and add more words by listing out the healthy foods you’re allowed to eat.

By telling you what to eat, and when, you don’t have to make so many decisions. You have a plan to follow.

The concept is great.

It might even work. If you can eat these specific foods, in these amounts, at these times, like a robot, you’ll succeed!

Not a Robot? Then It’s Not That Simple.

The simplicity of a meal plan is deceiving.

What is not included in the meal plan is the immense amount of dedication and willpower required to follow the plan.

As soon as you start to follow a meal plan, you’ll discover that strict adherence to a rigid plan is incredibly difficult, even with sufficient motivation.

You probably have to make huge lifestyle changes, all at the same time, to accommodate your new way of eating. That’s tough.

And what about your personal situation and work schedule?

Do you have time to cook? Do you have the necessary equipment at home?

Do you have a refrigerator and/or microwave at work?

Do local stores even stock the required ingredients?!

It’s easy to see why most people don’t follow through.

Meal Plans Are Missing Key Ingredients

Even if you have the determination to succeed, it doesn’t mean that a meal plan is the best path to your goals.

Meal plans are missing two critical ingredients to success:

Meal plans are missing the ability to adapt.

Even if you begin with a meal plan that fits into your life, things change.

What if it’s a 12-week meal plan and you’re feeling awful at 6 weeks in:

  • Do you stick with it, trusting in the plan?
  • Or is it incompatible with your body and lifestyle and your health is actually deteriorating?
  • Can you exchange it for something different?

What if your schedule changes and you have to eat three meals per day instead of four?

Or one of your meals has to be take out because you’re working an off-site project?

What if you get sick? Do you put the meal plan on pause until you’re ready to begin again?

It’s the same thing with generic workout plans and training plans. They can’t adapt to what life throws at you.

Meal plans are missing a coach.

Even worse, meal plans don’t provide any type of support.

There’s no helping hand to get you started smoothly.

There’s no accountability partner to keep you on track.

There’s no coach to help you evaluate your progress.

The Solution

If you want to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life, you really need a coach to guide you.

Or at least, a guidebook and framework that you can follow, so you can self-coach.

(Personally I think self-coaching is the way to go because no one is going to care about your progress as much as you!)

I recommend the Precision Nutrition Level 1 course.

In the course you’ll learn all about choosing the right foods, eating the right foods at the right times, and how to use behavioral science to ensure you actually stick with it.

(In case you’re wondering, yes, I went through the course myself and earned my certification. It’s probably the best thing I ever did to improve my health and fitness. You can read all about my experience here.)

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