While most energy gels are practically the same thing, there are subtle differences with each one. Here is a quick comparison chart that shows nutrition facts from the top ten most popular energy gels:

Comparison Chart

  Serving Size Calories Carbs Protein Sodium Potassium Caffeine Price
Accel Gel 41g 100 20g 5g 100mg 50mg 0 $1.67
GU 32g 100 25g 0 55mg 45mg Yes $1.35
Power Gel 42g 110 27g 0 200mg 20mg 0 $1.25
Clif Shot 32g 100 25g 0 40mg 30mg 0 $1.00
Hammer Gel 36g 90 23g 0 25mg n/a 0 $1.25
Honey Stinger 37g 120 29g 0 50mg 85mg 0 $1.25
Carb Boom! 41g 110 27g 0 50mg 50mg 0 $1.25
Sharkies Chews 45g 140 36g 0 110mg 30mg 0 $1.50
Enervit 25ml (24g) 71 18g 0 n/a n/a 0 $1.89
e-Gel 55g 150 37g 0 220mg 80mg 0 $1.49

* Figures come from company websites as of 7/1/09. Values based on the vanilla flavor. (Except Honey Stinger, which is based on “Gold” flavor, and Sharkies, which is based on “Citrus.”)

More Details

You can find more information at the respective company websites:

I encourage you to visit these websites and check out the flavors, ingredients, and other information before buying. This was just a quick comparison chart; there is much more research to do.

Also note that most figures in the chart will apply to all flavors in the line of gels, but not always. Take caffeine for example. Most gels do offer some flavors with caffeine, even if the vanilla flavor (listed here) has no added caffeine.

Also, while most gels use maltodextrin and dextrose for the sugar, one gel listed here actually contains High Fructose Corn Syrup. Always read the ingredients before making a purchase!

The Best Energy Gels

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