Today’s question is about mixing Hammer Gel into water bottles with water or Nuun in there…

Coach I am wondering if it would be beneficial to mix NUUN tablets with Hammer Gel in my water bottles?

Mixin’ Mikie

Hi Mikie,

That’s an interesting idea. The mixture would give you calories from your preferred source (i.e. Hammer gel,) plus plenty of electrolytes from Nuun.

I’m not sure if you knew this already, but mixing Hammer Gel into water bottles (with plain water) is pretty popular. Since Hammer gel is thin, it mixes in easily, and it’s more convenient to get a little gel with each sip of water than to carry gel packets and take in all the calories at once.

I bet if you asked Hammer, they’d say to mix Endurolytes powder and Hammer Gel in your bottles. While I don’t want to fall into the “Hammer fanboy” category, this is one case where I’d just stick with Hammer’s stuff.

I look at it like this: I like Nuun for the flavor, but you can get flavor from the Hammer gel. The other reason I like Nuun is because there is no mixing required, but if I was already putting gel in the water bottle, I’d plan on giving it a shake.

So mixing Nuun with Hammer Gel takes away my favorite benefits of Nuun, but brings in the part I don’t like – the artificial sweetener. From a health standpoint, I’d just go with Hammer’s Endurolyte powder and Hammer Gel for those longer rides where you need extra electrolytes.

Anyway… yes, you could mix Nuun and Hammer gel together. I just don’t see myself doing it.

The only real problem I see is finding complementary flavors so you end up with a good tasting drink. But I’m sure it’s possible. Maybe berry Nuun with huckleberry Hammer gel?

Good luck if you do try it!

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